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She altered her postings, and slandered my family on the Find a Grave open forum and celebrated HER BOOK THAT IS ABOUT TO BE PUBLISHED based on the graves of my family, your family, all these families that she will get PAID FOR THEIR STORY ON! She gathered this information illegally and committed criminal tresspass doing it! I had a meeting with the cemetery committee, the state historical cemetery commission, a private investigator, as well as...
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Anonymous If you weren't a complete *** you would have simply read the website rules to find out how to get your father's memorial deleted. Would have taken you maybe 5 whole minutes to...


Anonymous The federal government has stated that if your love one is buried in a cemetery, then it is public domain! So are death certificates! If you do not want your loved ones mentio...

I didn't like
  • Grave whisperer
  • Lack of remorse
  • Tresspass on private property
Dates and names are frequently inaccurate. Other sources should be used. The DAR does not accept this website as a source.
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GrizzlyBar Like most crowd-sourced websites, the data presented is only as good as the source data. If the original source has incorrect data, the subsequent F.A.G. memorial will most li...

I LOVE FindaGrave.I rave about it all the time. The creator provided a great service to one and all. That said I've run into inactive memorial managers - no contact information at all or they simply don't answer request. In the past month or so I was able to get a memorial transferred to me. Now however I can't simply e-mail FindaGrave without jumping through hoops setting up accounts that I would never use for any reason. Why can't there simply...
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Sherri she might just be saying that to get the graves Michealle aka shelley aka rose york 101 aka michelle waston Harold Clark Findagrave is great its people like this one, i want m...


Anonymous Dealing with hoarders seems to be the worst problem!

I liked
  • Finding information in cemeteries
  • Photos of grave markers
  • Ability to search for a gravesite
I didn't like
  • Dealing with horders
  • Difficult to contact fg support
  • Inactive memorial manager