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Its not the website but the person. There are many scammers on the web many are men pretending to be women. So many women are pushed to go to another country to support the family back home. How can you love someone until you have spent a lot of time together. I am one of the lucky few that has a good honest woman and life is great. I was on the website for over a year before I found someone who was honest. Its easy to tell when you are being... Read more

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I am sorry about your experience, it hurts to really care and the other person is scamming. I had 2 marriages to American women who did a fine job of scamming me out of most everything, heartless. Thank God they were. I found a great lady in Cebu. We talked on web cams for 9 month 3 hours a day. Knew her better than anyone could dating a local woman. We have been married 5 years July 2014. We have never had a fight, not ever, her relatives... Read more

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Horrible met a young girl her name was Florielle Amistoso Dungog from Cebu. Feel sorry for any man that gets himself involved with a young filipina woman who tells him that she loves him because of the money and things he can offer to her. Guess money does buy love? This girl tried to talk me into marriage for her to stay in the United States of course I declined. Now I am looking for love but not that way.Horrible met a young girl her name was... Read more

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I want to report this woman from filipinaheart named Rose-Ann Impoc from Taguig City Philippines for scamming money from me and other Caucasian men through the internet. I fall in love to her through online and she told me some sad story until she asked me for money... I trusted her until i found she's still talking to other white guy. We've been in relationship for 5 months and i often send her money because she has many reason why she... Read more

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My bride showed up and we got married only to find out 3 yrs. later she married another American 14 months earlier. so she got deported for fraud! Her excuse-she would have done anything to get into the United States! So I am out 9 yrs. of my life as well as over 15000$ justto get her here.What a terrible person Crisitna Barcarse is. I do intend to sue but amd out my time and do not know if i can recover my money. Are all filipina girls a scam?... Read more

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Most of the filipina seekers are all taking advantage of us who honestly live them like jourdan cunanan arcilla he borrow money and wreck his my life. He would feed of his misfortunes about his wife then his lost fortunes. He promised that he will bring you to usa and make him your wife. He is just making promises. He is just a user. He never respect the filipina women. He is forever lying to you. Dnt be decieve by him again. He is a chronic... Read more

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been married 5 years to the girl i met far so good, try again Oscar, maybe for you is better there are lots of women in the philippines looking for a good guy, this is the best way to meet them before you go there AND you do have to got there as a requirement of the US immigration if you really intend to find a wife there. Set up to meet a few girls , at least 2, and spend some time there, minimum 3 weeks, spend 1... Read more

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If you ever use you put yourself at the risk of abuse by a plethora of some of the most mentally unbalanced and conniving women on the planet. Cheerful first meetings soon are laced with an increasingly devious backdrop of some of the most devious sob stories, subliminal stalking, and skillful robbery anyone has ever had the misfortune to fall victim to. The connivers don't work alone, and instead conspire with others who... Read more

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