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Will never have anything financed through them again had a truck through them for two years now never missed a payment now all of a sudden I'm three months behind they say and repoed my truck on December 7th the same day the December payment is due and had been paid they are trying to say I owe over 3,000 to get the truck back now keep in mind I'm not behind on it I got no phone calls from them nothing in the mail from them and when I call them...
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Gman I had the same exact experience with them. Wife had a stroke. missed a payment. They call me to tell me they are going to repo my car for being 2 months behind. 2 months? Appa...

This bank ruined my credit after I successfully paid off my car in six years.I took a allowed hardship deferral a few years prior to paying it off. At the last minute, literally at the 11th hour, I was informed by letter that I owed this bank an additional six hundred dollars. Reason. Not accrued interest but accrued principal from when I did this hardship referral. I just lost my job. I was shocked. I could not afford to pay it. Why wasn't I...
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I didn't like
  • Bank practices
Don't even think of using Fifth Third bank for a private party auto loan. They simply can't do it. You will not leave with the ability to get your car registered. Expect a long delay until you receive the necessary documentation (5 days and I don't have yet). Legally I could not even get the car home and still can't drive it. I have another car but God help if you don't Costumer service is the worst I have ever experienced, nobody to call...
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My husband and I both went thru serious surgeries and health issues We have struggled financially We were late on our car payments 5th third of course had repo company tow our car We got payments caught up paid an additional fee A number of months later I had a serious surgery and almost died My husband wasn't focusing on anything but me On Memorial Day weekend they of course towed car again as we got behind on TWO payments They would only allow...
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