Darolyn Mwu
map-marker Perth, Western Australia

FieldOne is a complete rip off company, customer service a farce

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My Air conditioning service company has been a customer of FieldOne for four years. The general performance of the software is very good, but the customer support is nothing short of disgusting. I have been subject to intentional lies and attemnpts at extortion to a point where I just wished we were in America so that I could sue Fieldone for their corrupt activities. Following a dispute about the inability of the software to display critical fields on standards forms, my frustrations were elevated by the fact FieldOne support officers repeatedly roughly scanned my requests and responded with a generic, pre-written response that actually did not address my request. Because I am in Australia, each time this would take 24 hours before I viewed the response. In every case I did not actually get my request rerad and addressed properly until after I threatened formal complaints. Then FieldOne declared that the new support subscription was to have limiktations on support time. I asked if my monthly allowance would be debited for responsed that were unrelated tomy request and guess what? The response did not address that question!! I refused to keep paying support subscription for support that was a complete farce and FieldOne stated they were therefore withdrawing support. 2 years later I enquired about resolution of our differences, as I wanted to add field tablets to our system and was deciding whether to give FieldOne another go, (seeing as I had already paid for it) or buy another package. Doug Verona, DIRECTOR OF CUSTOMER CARE, offered 20% discount on the new subscription, but I had to PAY FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS subscriptions retrospectively, even though support had been denied for those two years. and here's the clincher: I had already got a price from Geoff Laplace, which had no discouint and was cheaper than Doug's discounted quote. Doug Verona ballooned out the standard price in order to apply 20% discount. I refused, stating that I will pay a genuine 20% discounted subscription, including the past 2 years, if FieldOne first fixed up the shortfalls in the software I had been complaining about for 4 years. Doug Verona agreed, but it has now been many months and the problems not fixed. Every time I complain about the time being taken, Geoff Laplace gives me the excuses and says it will all be fixed in a week. Then a tiny little bit of work is done on the problem and they stopp again until I complain again. You could be forgiven for thinking this is extortion, Doug Verona promising great customer support if I just pay for the past two years subscription, plus a year in advance, all at his pretend discount, so that they will fix the problems. (Which are actually shortfalls in the design and should be fixed for free anyway) Naturally FieldOne tells me that I must have a customer support subscription before they will authorise me to set up field access for tablets. In my opinion, this is the most disgusting example of customer service that I have ever witnessed or heard of. The blatant lies set up make you believe you get a discount when you actually pay more, the empty promises to fix their generic design flaws, with the absolute failure of support staff to actually resolve your requests and coupled with their system to limit your support time (after which you pay an exorbitant rate) add up to one of the worst service providers on this earth.
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  • General operation of the software
  • Blatant lies
  • Limitation on support
  • Extortionate practices
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund

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I am also a F1 user based in Australia. Would like the opportunity to speak with this pissed customer.

If willing please forward you contact details to david@***.com.au. Cheers.

map-marker San Antonio, Texas

UNRELIABLE FieldOne Software

We have the same problem with the software that we feel is a glitch in the system. If we have a computer update or loose power to a computer the software does not work and we have to try and get tech support to fix it. It IS THE SAME PROBLEM every single time. We were not informed at the time of purchasing the software about an annual update and tech support fee! Now they have since implemented a limited hours for tech support. Field one is also trying to back charge for services not rendered or provided to us!
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Richard S Hqm
map-marker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Field One Systems the worst company ever

We heard about Field One at an industry expo. Unfortunately, everything that they promise at the sales presentation is not true.It is impossible to receive any tech support or training in a one on one situation, even though it was promised as part of our contract. Also they make you sign an "all sales are final" contract so there is no way to dispute their charge when they don't follow through on their pitch. No one ever got back to us whenever we requested support. We called and left messages, we emailed, finally we had to email the salesman and complain to get a return phone call. This is not the way we can afford to run our business! When you run your entire business with this software, you cannot afford to be down for the days it takes them to get back to you. I would strongly advise to avoid doing business with Field One or Pioneer Interactive at all costs. There are less complicated programs with better support out there. Of course they are not willing to give you anything back no matter what. I wish we had seen this website before we dealt with them, it would have saved us a few thousand dollars.
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I agree. You are right!



I recommend looking at ServiceCEO. It is a great product and they offer unlmited support.

They also have a large support (always have actually) I am sure they can help you.

They really are the leader for field service software. :)

Todd Wqf

Dirtyducts, has your situation improved at all? I am looking for a new dispatching system. Any recommendations?

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Erika C Pjt
map-marker Orlando, Florida


This company used to be called Pioneer Interactive. I contacted this company back in Oct/09. I spoke with a salesman who was very nice and assured me if our company used their system as our new scheduling software he can assure me the transition would be smooth. "BOY WAS HE WRONG!" I advised him I was looking to change systems and be up and running by January 1st because our license expired on Dec 31, 2009. He said not a problem we had enough time because it was over 2 months before our old system would go down. I purchased the system and licenses from them in Oct/09 when they wee Pioneer Interactive. I was told and in writing I would have the first year of total support for free. They would help to get any of our company needs to get the system up and running and whatever else was needed, including reports. "THAT WAS AN ABSOLUTE UNTRUE STATEMENT IN WRITTING AND VERBALLY!" I asked their support department (whom never answers the phone, only can leave a message) to help me since the 1st of Dec/09. They have prolonged this and to this day the reports are not done(such as invoice and work order reports) so I can use this system we've had since Oct/09. They received their money and I have received horrible customer service. I have begged them to please get these done (because they are really difficult to create) so we can stop scheduling our jobs manually on paper and use this system I purchased. I can tell you the reports are difficult because they want you to pay them $165 an hour to create them. The only reason they are working on them is due to their promise but they are prolonging the finish results. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I WENT FROM SERVICE CEO TO THIS COMPANY AND I REGRET IT TO THE UP MOST. SERVICE CEO MADE SURE WE WERE UP AND RUNNING AND I NEVER HAD TO CALL THEM, THEY ALWAYS CALLED OUR OFFICE TO MAKE SURE WE WERE OKAY. THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE. THEIR SOFTWARE DOES GREAT THINGS BUT THEY HAVE HIDDEN COST TO MAKE THIS SOFTWARE VERY EXPENSIVE. I HOPT NO ONE ELSE HAS TO EXPERIENCE THIS. THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER HAD. IT'S GOING ON 6 MONTHS SINCE I PURCHASED THIS SOFTWARE AND HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO USE IT ONCE. I PURCHASED 4 LICENSE TO START AND NEED MORE BUT I REFUSE TO DO SO. THE LICENSE WILL BE UP FOR RENEWAL IN 6 MONTHS. NOW WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU??????
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ecarter1 you got off easy. We paid over $13,000 for this software in 2011. The mobile part of it did not work and was unavailable for 9 months. We must pay an additional $2500 a year for "support". The support is really non -existent. It has gotten a little better but Field One knows little about Quickbooks and that is their big selling point that it integrates with Quickbooks.

There is no training other than Webinars which for some employees is difficult to learn from and Time Consuming. If you have one little question you then need to sit through a webinar to find the answer. The PDF How To is completely out of date and calling the support frustrating and annoying.

There are some good features but overall we would not have purchased it had we known all the problems.

It's difficult to get sales reports and particularly difficult to customize the forms unless you are a software programmer.

There are far better dispatch softwares out now and for pennies compared to what we pay.

I would not recommend this software.




I furnish software/hardware support for small to medium businesses in Utah. I have a refrigeration company that needed good solid dispatch and billing software for their fast growing company.

I researched over 30 companies and decided FieldOne was the best fit for them. That was almost 4 years ago. Since that time the refrigeration company has grown to 4 times the number of trucks in the field and a half dozen inside users. I see a complaint like the one above and think they must be talking about another company.

These people have NEVER failed to jump on a problem until they get to the bottom of it. Sure there have been little problems here and there but they NEVER fail to get them solved promptly even working online with me at night and on weekends so we wouldn't kick the users offline. I redid the invoices and work orders to suit the company with their logo etc. and had no problem at all.

There has only been one report I couldn't get on my own so I paid them to write it. They are programmers. That's what they do and they are GREAT at it. I deal with a lot of software companies and I have to say I can NEVER get a response from the majors like I do from FieldOne.

If anyone thinks this is a fake comment call FieldOne and get the number of the guy in Utah. I'll be happy to talk to anyone about them.


i am trying to learn the truth about these different software company's and i have some of the good commets are written by anonymous names, abviously the good comments sound like field one management sales people, and other's sound like competitors comments lying bout it, if the comments are from legitimate purchasers of the software they should not be afraid to put theyre real names and what business they have, so where is the truth probably the middle, slow cust support, and we will have to do lots of our own work to figure it out, as always, these software geeks make this stuff skipping obvious pieces of the puzzle that we have to figure out on our own, field one good price, slow cust service, probably ok for a small business with only 2 techs but i would be scared to migrate over with a 15 tech business, or would do so without cancelling other software till this one is perfected, be logical people, this software looks impressive,but the learning curve will be slow, and as always all company's seem to lie and say it's no problem and make it sound so easy, it's never easy unless you pay 4000- ****. for proffesional co with migration cost, we get what we pay for , always!


I own and operate small home services business (M.A. Stevens Services) and began using the FieldOne software (then Pioneer) about 3 years ago.

There is a depth and utility to this software that others didn't match. I'll admit that the learning curve was a bit high for me, since I had no formal business or finance training. But through the software I've learned alot about the correct way to manage a business.

I've also found their support to be very good. Overall, my own experience with the software has been a very good one.

Todd Wqf

Ecarter1, you said you went from Service CEO to this company and made nice comments about Service CEO. Why did you leave Service CEO if they were so good?

I am looking for a dispatch system. Has your situation improved with FieldOne?


My name is Ilan Slasky and I am the CEO of FieldOne Systems. I was recently told about some of the comments on this website and wanted to comment on them directly and correct some posted mischaracterizations.

While it pains me to read any negative feedback about our company - even if some are from anonymous sources - I fully recognize that we are not perfect, and appreciate the opportunity to identify and improve our efforts with our customers. To those customers who have been disappointed, I apologize, and we commit to doing better.

We are very proud to have the most feature rich, flexible, scalable and user friendly Field Service Management software on the market. We have been working at this for almost a decade, and strive to have the best application available to the field service industry. As a result, we have seen our user base grow dramatically during the past couple of years, especially throughout the last year. We have always been known to have provided a very responsive and an incredibly personal support experience to our users over the years. In fact many of them have raved about the level of support and assistance we have provided them over the many years.

By the same token, we realized that due to our rapid growth, our support team was, at times and too often, overwhelmed. We understand and recognize the importance of our support organization to our customers and pledge to always strive to improve how we can service and satisfy our customers. While we recognize that each customer is unique, and that while it is inevitable that we won’t be able to please every client personality all the time, our mission is to make every effort to do so.

We have made considerable efforts to expand our client support group during these past months. In doing so, we specifically did not want to hire off-shore support personnel as many of our competitors do in order to save on costs. Rather we are focused on providing the best quality support. And though it took us a longer than we had wished to hire and effectively train new members of the support team, I am pleased to say that we have added a considerable number of people in our client support group. In addition we have expanded support coverage hours, and client support is now available from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST Monday thru Thursday and from 9:00 AM – 7:30 PM EST on Friday. We are also anticipating adding additional foreign language support to support our international clients.

I also would like to point out that many of our competitors charge a fee for support and we are one of the very few companies in our industry that provides unlimited support for all clients under a maintenance contract.

Our support department is now sufficiently staffed to be able to answer support calls and emails and service clients as the need arises. In fact, during the past couple of months, 92% of incoming calls were answered live within 40 seconds, and 85% of the support issues were resolved on that initial call. As our customers will attest, this is a dramatic improvement from prior months and we are striving to do even better. When calling, we commit that you will get a knowledgeable person and, in the vast majority of instances, support questions will be resolved during your initial call. We will continue to invest considerable resources in ensuring clients have direct and the most responsive support.


as others have noted I’m also shocked to see the comments by others in this group because my experience with the FieldOne product has been absolutely phenomenal. It is extremely intuitiive and flexible and I demo'd dozens of products.

There was a strretch where support was a bit yough to reach, although they always responded within the day, however in the past few weeks I have begun to hear new voices answering phones and response time has dramatically increased with 1 hour being the longest it took for someone to respond, and now I almost always speak to a support guy on the first call. If I had to guess, they were overextended because they grew fast, but they are now hiring additional staff.

I hope this helps!! They are a good company with an incredible product, and always have the right answers, and if the response time continues to improve as it has, it would be the perfect software company.


I commented earlier in Feb 2011 about FieldOne customer support concerning a few issues I had. I am glad to say that they worked out a solution to eliminate the long wait.

They hired additional Tech support staff and they are now able to respond much faster. I called last week and within an HOUR I recieved a phone call from Tech Support and they were able to help me on my issue. I was very impressed with the response time and the quality of help. Hats off to the crew and knowing that they fixed the waiting time, I highly recommend this product.

It is a great software. I suggest getting onto their archives and watch the many related topics so you can learn about the software before doing the demo. You will understand it better and be able to decide. FieldOne works great for us, our tech are equipped with Laptops in the field and their paperwork in minimal.

Now they come to the office to turn in checks instead of old invoices.

Great software and great support. :) :) :)


I just bought 4 license with Field One. Yes their customer service support is terrible.

I had several issues and they will always take more than 24hours to call back. Running a business and having an issue during all of this means you need to wait for a day or 2 to get the support you need. Never do they answer the phone immediately. Previous editor was right, the salesman was great.

He call back immediately with answers and demo and promises great tech support, but once you paid for it- good luck in getting help. I am struggling and reading a lot, watching their video as they suggest but lots of times you ahve a question and can't find the answer and when you call- you need to wait 24 hrs before you can solve it. With their help they actuall merge my QuickBooks to Field One, however they download it twice.

I now have my 3000+ customers in Fieldone TWICE. I have to deleit each duplicate, I called,emailed and ask for help but no luck.

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