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When we first purchase a Festiva timeshare if was for a week every other year, then we upgraded to two weeks every year. This worked well for a while, than we were convinced to upgrade to points, they gave us an extra 6,ooo as a bonus along with the 10,000 we purchased. This worked ok for a few years, but in the past 4 to current years it has not. We try to make reservations using our points but there is nothing available in any of the resorts... Read more

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I had written in many occations to Festiva Resorts because I was victim of fraud in a Time Share purchase , as I was sold a time share in Green Mountains Cabins and have not been allowed to enjoy it, as they make sure I don't get a decent time nor place. Festiva won't respond to my concerns, nor return my money, but continues charging management fees for maintenance and for something I can't use. I wrote a letter to the CEO and have tried to... Read more

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They called sold me a trip to Charleston, SC . The person kept offering me incentives when I told him I wasn't interested. He put me on hold, talked to 'management' and offered me The Harbor View Inn. I finally said okay. They charged me $249 for the trip then called back four months later to say the person that sold me the package no longer works for the company and they cannot offer the package! They said he offered something they couldn't... Read more

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My husband and I always pay our yearly dues of approximately $750.00 on time each year. As it was explained to us when we became "owners", we are supposed to receive priority when making a reservation. However, when "owners" purchase their timeshare through Church Street Inn, they find out after the fact that it is nearly impossible to get a reservation because the resort has only 30 rooms. Exchanging (USING) a vacation week is founded upon the... Read more

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These people use high pressure sales tactics, promise you the moon and stars, and then *** over in a single breath. My advice - RUN!!! Don't fall for it!! Don't be one of their victims. When their customer service representative continued to talk over me, that was the final straw. When I was finally able to get a manager, I was criticized (basically called dumb). The problem started when I wanted to deposit points into their "sister" company... Read more

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We are staying at The Shores and talked to the front desk for availability of a unit for an additional week. The office ibfirmed me they have a room available but I have to go through Festiva to reserve with points. Called Festiva and they have no room available and refuse to call the facility to confirm availability. They do have a roo. I cap PAY for but it is not available for points usage. Its December and ther are 26 cars in the parking lot... Read more

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We rolled over points into RTX to save them up for a larger family trip. I am a plus member and suppose to get four years of rollover. When I opened my account this year the points had expired. I was then told that the year you have to use the points with Festiva count. So really you only get three years. This is about the fifth time I've either been deceived or straight out lied to by Festiva or RTX. The sad thing is that the people at the... Read more

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  • Oct 18, 2016
  • by anonymous
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Do not, do not buy anything frim Festive. LIES, LIES, LIES!!! CANT EVER BOOK WHE YOU WANT TO TRAVEL.

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I've been trying to book my 3 night 4 day vacation for about a month now & everytime I do they're not available. My contact person sold me the presentation & promised me that I would be staying in an ocean front room with free breakfast & after attending the presentation that I would receive a $100 dining card. Well after settling for a room at the LaQuinta & less 1 night & day, they said that I couldn't attend the presentation or make the trip... Read more

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We had a $100 gift card given to us and we can not activate it and no one will call us back on it. We were only suppose to be there 90 minutes and it went on for over 3 1/2 hours. They kept bringing someone else in to try and get us to buy-they would not take no for an answer. Bye the time they got done talking we were almost late for our show that we had already booked. This happened in Branson, MO. When we bought the trip we were told that... Read more

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