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Debt Collection

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Thank you for your efforts it was much appreciated.
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FBCS - Robo Caller Deceptive Calling Practices

FBCS, aka "Federal Bond Collection Services" or "Consumer Contact Solutions" uses automated Robo Callers which change the caller ID phone number repeatedly. This is a very deceptive practice. Maybe they are calling on a legitimate debt but they are doing it in an illegitimate way. I will not negotiate with a company that uses deceptive nor manipulative means for anything. T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Cricket, Verizon - hey guys, if you want to *** off a consumer so much that you will never get them back then continue to use these piranhas to strip every bit of goodwill that you spend so heavily to build in the first place.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Remove my phone number from your auto dialer


FBCS - Debt Collection Review

I also received an call from them 2 today's ago for collecting an debt and the lady on the phone gave the right address right place but said the wrong debt to me. How i figued this out was that i recevied an letter from them with an different debt then what the lady said and an diffent amount of payment from what the lady said. She had all my info but said to me the wrong debt. This place needs to be looked at and bought down because this seems like there scamming people. The statement letter it self that was sent to me also looks funny and does not look like an real statement letter. P.s. for people reading thos happen 2 days ago in waterbury ct 06519 on Dec 7, 2016
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised
Sgt R
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FBCS messed with the wrong amigo

(Please read about another complaint in ref to FBCS in 2008) FBCS Inc. - 5 years of fartin around... Sep 15, 2008 ... I am a member of Baily's Fitness...have been since 1984. while i was living in CO i received a request for payment from them about a debt ... Now my complaint against FBCS in 2011!!! Beware of FBCS maybe they are a legitimate collection agency in Hatboro PA. But FBCS erred greatly when they called themselves collecting a debt from me on behalf of a banking institution in my town called BB&T. The worse part is that instead of asking for me or my wife they asked for our child. Now if they really were collecting for and representing BB&T they would have known that though my child had that bank account opended in their name I was the custodian. I defaulted on the account and the real BB&T called me and not my child. They still do which I have no problem with. But I do have great heart burn with these idiots, lame-brains, dunder-heads, shizza-kaupts and add your own colorful adjectives to describe and define FBCS. BB&T has never heard of FBCS and the President of BB&T and the collections depratment of BB&T has never heard of FBCS. In fact I called them several months ago to ask them why they were calling me and asking for my child again. They had no idea what I was talking about. Then I asked them about FBCS. The silence on the phone line was deafening. They explained on record that they don't or have ever used a company called FBCS out of Hatboro PA at 2200 Byberry Rd,suite #120,Hatboro,PA 19040. At 1-87*-304-**** or (215)675-****. In fact BB&T tried to call them from Columbia SC and their phone lines were out of order. But when I called them they started working again. So I have done the following in order to shut-them down and put them under investigation to find out how many others are being scammed like me. As of today June 23rd 2011. I filed a complaint with the Richland County Sheriffs dept. here in Columbia for harassment and for fraud of misrepresenting BB&T to collect a debt. from me in the name of BB&T. My case # is in the sheriffs dept. #110682**** a deputy Jones badge #1255 took my complaint. It is now under investigation. Also I have sent my complaint via email and will mail it also to the Pennsylvania Attorney Generals office and I called them again today. I have also on-line complained to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs and the BBB here in Columbia South Carolina and the State Solicitor is aware of this situation. If needs be FBCS be warned I am prepared to take you to court and collect financial damages and have you charged with criminal penalties and activites. If you have any info. to add to my case pls contact me through this site. Also call these people and ask them to have shut-down operation yesterday. What do I want at the least a written apology from this company and removal aand deletion of any privacy info. on me or my child. At the most for them to pack up and leave the country.
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If a company wants to collect a debt they have to show proof of the debt and right to collect on that debt . They have to send it within a certain amount of time .

If they do not have that ., they cannot collect . Also , if it’s not reported on your credit , there is no statute of limitations and they probably don’t have the right to collect .


THey still collect for BB&T so clearly they are legit on the other hand don't pay your bills sir.

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And you are just an ignorant ***


They called here all RUDE AF and wanted my credit card and checking info b4 they told me why. When I said I didn't owe it he got PISSED.

I recorded the call. Better not call again.


My elderly mother has now received the second letter from them, stating an outstanding debt, we know nothing about. They sent a letter about a year ago, I contacted them and asked them what this debt was in relation to...ask the letter doesn't tell you, just listed some bank, we had never heard of.

I wrote them as requested that we had no knowledge of a debt and what is the source of this debt. They stated that within 30 days, if we did not hear back, the case was closed. Now a year later, another letter from them. My mother has Alzheimer's, I have enough to contend with.

She has always paid her bills. etc. This is so disturbing.

I will take measures as you have. Thank you for your posting!


Sometimes but not often information can get mixed up in the transmission from the original creditor to the agency. Beyond that your local branch will likely not know who the collection agencies that work for them are, even if they are a first party outsourced agency.

This is partly because of the multitude of agencies primary creditors typically use as well they may work through an outsourcing agency that serves the paper directly to the collection agencies to simplify the collection process for the original creditor. Given this situation it seems like a simple mix up on the end of BB&T in which the primary on the account, in this case a child, shows up in the primary section despite not being the person who manages the account. It's likely the result of an oversight due to the rarity that parents mismanage their children's accounts to the point that they end up in a second or third party agency. Sounds like whoever received this did not know how to react to their poorly distributed information, but a more experienced team could easily sort it out.

This takes patience from both parties however and the worst thing one can do is to scream scam like a lunatic and tell other people who might have similar issues to ignore the problem. If you do not wish to pay your debt or just cannot afford to you can simply tell agencies you do not wish to be contacted, they have to stop. Additionally you can write down the name to make sure they don't call back.

This will not end the problem, the debt still exists and the original creditor can still send it to agencies you haven't told to cease calling. It isn't the agencies at fault in these circumstances it's the creditor.

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Indeed. Ever noticed how it tends to be the deadbeats who owe money that huff and puff the loudest on sites such as this one?

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No it is NOT just deadbeats.... and some people just like you to talk ***.

I owe nothing, can prove it, but they sent me a letter saying I do.

Shocked the comlany they say the debt is owed to. So obviously you do NOT know what you are talking about

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This is a lot of dancing around baloney. I got a letter from them for collection of a debt I do NOT owe.

The company they say I owe it to has never heard of them and does NOT have me owing them 1 red cent. In process of getting all this in writing and taking to an attorney to stop this scam.


I have been receiving many calls from them lately asking me to settle a debt that I have no clue where it came from. I asked them many times to send me a written bill for what I owe and what is was for.

I got this generic *** paper typed probably by a child just saying the amount, no prof stamp no return envelope no nothing.

Is this a scam company because when I looked them up I saw this. Either way they are not getting any money from me!!

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5 years of fartin around...

I am a member of Baily's Fitness...have been since 1984. while i was living in CO i received a request for payment from them about a debt from a yomso who used my last name and address to do his dirty work. i am not concerned about this linking to my creditability BUT....i have called Bally's those years ago and explained that someone has scammed them and they said they would take care of it. my last name is a very unusual and uncommon name and its frequency is very rare. Ballys stopped sending notices to me after I moved to AZ. Now I am still receiving notices from a collection agency for this jerk who used my last name and address. I kindly notified them several times of the situation and another notice yesterday...i am not worried about credit fraud as it relates to me, but this jerk is using my last name....that is important to me! also, i always feel responsible to follow through on things hanging out. i called FBCS (the collection agency) 2200 Bayberry Rd. #120, Hatboro PA 19040, 186******** to explain AGAIN!! in my final attempt at clearing MY matter up with them. i first talked to their representative just to explain and put the matter to rest?? again! (i do not want to get any more notices for patrick!!!) i was trying to explain why i was calling and she told me not to worry and just hung up. that upset me!! (this has been an issue for 5 years!!)...i called back 186******** and told Adrian i had been hung up on earlier and we were both determined to make our points....i lost and she hung up.... i called back again and talked with Omar B. who was more civil (although i was loosing patience but at no time was irrational). I told Omar that I had been hung up on twice and needed to talk with the manager of the company. I then called (the mgr?) at 180******** x 3273. I tried to explain the situation and he started an argument and that 'derogatory' attitude of voice. He would not listen and was rude (i was firm but not rude)...he couldn't see why i was calling him and wouldn't listen....just jab and gab. i could see that as manager? why his company had little or no company service. after all of this effort on my part he let me know that it was my privilege that he had taken me off the mailing list for his debt notices. (how do i know?? why should he be trusted? i have made several earlier requests and why is it still such a problem with them? he tried to be smart with me with no success. after this i reminded him that he was in the wrong business and that an apology was in order. his apology was 'thank you' in a sarcastic tone and then hung up on me (3rd time).
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Out of business and into JAIL!!!! Shysters nothing less!!!!


Update on their 800 number. It is out of service now, and no new number shows up on the billing statement from my deceased father's bank. Reckon they'll go *** when I close the account out?


I've been receiving calls from these people. I've had this mobile phone (and number) for a year, and I finally got tired of them calling.

I called them today at 1-80*-***-**** and asked them to remove my number. I got the name of one of the managers there and threatened to report them, so hopefully they won't call anymore.


The same exact thing happened to me today. The manager used uncouth and ill-mannered tone while screaming at me!!

I was in shock...

I think the FTC should shut them down. Their hardball tactics went a little too far.

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