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Transmission unit case

I always maintain my vehicle well a week before. Xmas eve I drove my vehicle to the bank and on the way to my sisters home I heard. A thimp thump noise I thought I had a flat customers it was through loud, I stopped the vehicle and ran to the passenger. Side where the noise was coming from and looked and no flat no low tires. I got bck into my vehicle and started to drive again and there was a loud knocking noise with the thump thump I barely. Made it to my sisters to park it. It was determined by a garage through it was the CVT but now the dealer is saying it is the transmission. But not really. They told me its the transmission. Transfer case and it is separate will cost almost 5000.00. The vehicle is under 84000 miles ugggh i asked the dealer if this was a common. Problem customers through is unlikely. For a Nissan and I have had another Nissan before this vehicle he gave me the run around saying you. May want to get another vehicle the dealer wants me to foot the bill of the repair and there is a warranty. I googled this problem and found out that this is a known defect in the design of the Nissan CVT transmission and Nissan refuses to recall this problem. So sad and the warranty. Is going to end date soon.
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