I am not sure what to say.....

Let me just say this first, I am not a client. I don't want anyone to sue me :-) My brother is going through a horrible divorce. It is pretty bad. We have gone through 3 dependency attorneys... 2 of them was the worse... the 3rd one came on while the dependency was being terminated upon family law orders..CPS can be evil... Anyways we are in Family Court now.... I am helping my bro, and need to educate myself... LET ME JUST SAY THIS: I have learned so much from this attorney's articles on his website... I have been reading and reading and reading. I can't thank you enough... Thank you!!!
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map-marker Huntington Beach, California

Worst lawyer ever

Robert Farzad is tries to milks away those with money. He spends all retainer fees without doing any work and ask to hire other attorney to do the works. He looks he know what he is doing but he keeps trying to turn you around circle and back to square one. His communication is soooo bad that when you ask a question he gives unclear answer so leaves you even with more question and of course getting more billed. Not only his lack of profession and efficiency cause lost of money but it caused a stressful situation. I ended up hiring another attorney and paying another retainer fee to work on my case.
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I this clown still in business? Just curious.

I checked with public records, and Farzad does move his office around: Garden Grove, Orange, Santa Ana.

Is this to avoid detection? Or is it to take more money from clients (victims?)

It seems very interesting that no one comes to Mr Farzad's defense. Is that because no one supports him? Or he has no friends or professionals on his side?

Or that the statements are true?

I tend to think the later. There are simply too many disgruntled clients, court records and postings that show this lawyer is not fit to practice law.

Please help this website by posting further comments of public interest.


Recently I had the unfortuate situation of having to deal with attorney Farzad on a family law matter. It was a total disappointment.

Robert Farzad was totally disorganized and mostly seemed interested in the money in my pocket and how soon it could be transfered to him.

Luckily, after reading these comments I did not hire him and choice a professional firm in the area.

I am a single mom and cannot afford to hire the wrong lawyer. These complaints are true and I have personally heard confirmation from others including reputable members of the local bar associations.


I had the same thing happen to me. Just took my $ 10,000 retainer, never got any result except a bill for more money. how can anyone burn through 10 grand just to review my file and send a 3 page form to the court. farzad is a total loser, a fast talker who just wants to make big money and does not care anything about helping people. he talks like a hot-shot and fires only blanks.

He never looks you straight in the eyes, cause if he did his lies would appear on his face.


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mary h Yok
map-marker Mission Viejo, California

Robert farzad lawyer: liar, cheat, corrupt,***

I am a single mom trying to get help to collect my child support from my ex-boyfriend who is the father of my 6 year old daughter. I went to see robert farzad at his office in orange california. I thought he was a nice person at first and i gave him a check for $1500 to start the child support cases. He then filed the wrong forms so it got kicked out. then he got to court and the judge told us he still did not file the forms right so we had to go back in 2 months. Turns out he did not get the proof of service right and my ex did not get served. Now my ex is out of state working in new york and cannot be found. so i am SOL and out 15oo dollars and 10 hours if waiting in court 3 times. what an incompetent bozo. i would never again hire a disorganized dimwit who cannot get his records straight. then he calls me later not to appolagize but to ask me out. what a nerve. i only trusted him cause he has a daughter same age as me. now he says he is seperated and dating again. so no refund just a liar and cheater. cheating on his wife and his clients. i will not even say the words he told me on the phone it is to demeaning to women to mentions.
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Is this scheister attorney still in business? I wonder how?

Maybe he just gets scummy clients with a personality like himself. So he can go to court and hussle a few bucks while he is running up a huge bill for basically incompetant services.

I did notice Farzad has a tendency to move around a lot. To new digs.

Maybe he is trying to dodge the process server trying to serve lawsuits on him from the disgruntled clients he has. And the number keeps growing!


I had the unfortunate bad luck of dealing with Mr Farzad on a divorce case. I found him very unprofessional and not trustworthy.

His reputation is very bad, and for good reason.

Seems like the only clients he gets are ones not savy enough to look up his internet posting. Please post recent contacts with him, so the public is better informed.


So Mr Farzad, why don't you file a slander or libel complaint in the court? Or are you afraid to confront the witnesses against you?

Would several women you burned be there to testify against you?

As you should know: TRUTH is an absolute defense to any claims of slander. So bring it on!


Is this *** attorney still in business or what? I know he recently moved his office and I think it was due to the situation with his past partners not putting up with his lazyness and hassles with female clients and staffers.

Just wish Farzad would pack up and move out of the area.

The whole Orange County would be a safer and better place for women, particularly women with family law issues. This *** needs to be put away for a long time.


Yes, I believe it. My friend hired him after a consultation that orally detailed the money she would probably spend, after going over 3x the amount without any compications just regular work, my friend had to fire him and represent themselves.

He was quite unprofessional when questioned on charges. It's difficult to see people go to so-called professionals for help then end up even more screwed by these type of lawyers, greedy and those that have lost a conscious somewhere down the road of so-called success.


I am not afraid of you Robert Farzad. As an attorney you should know that TRUTH is an absolute defense to a defamation lawsuit.

I can hardly wait for a public trial so you will be exposed for your corrupt practices and the way you treat your clients. See you soon!!


This is a legal notice pursuant to’s subpoena policy, which requires us to give notice here. A subpoena has already been served on in New York.

Plaintiff, identified below, is seeking the IP address and all other identifying information on the individuals who, by pretending to be clients of the firm, posted defamatory comments here. This includes the initial post by the person who used the fictitious name, Mary Hanley, as well as the fictitious names Melody Harris and the first comment on March 14 that uses the plaintiff’s name but was not written by the plaintiff. The firm has already filed a lawsuit for libel and libel per se against the individual(s) as the postings are all false and malicious, state a completely fictional set of facts that never occurred and the individual(s) posting the comments have never been a client of the plaintiff nor of the firm.

Name and index number of the case:  Robert Farzad v. Does 1 through 50, Case Number:  30-2012-****1346

Jurisdiction: Orange County, California

Name of the attorney: Tawny Mazarei


unfortunately I hired MR FARZAD several years ago and had a similar set of events take place. Not only was he rude and abusive to me and my new spouse but he demanded all his fees up front.

After paying over ten thousand dollars - nothing was done. Not even typing up the order to get custody of our son.

We ended up firing FARZAD and hiring a decent attorney who handled the case promptly. I would NOT recomend hiring Mr FARZAD for any family law matters.

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Robert Farzad took my divorce case, and got me nothing, he charged way more than what we agreed on, at court he had an attorney staff who had my case was not able to defend me and i did not get the fair share on alimony and none on expenses that was promised to me , sad part is that my husband did not even had an attorney! Mr farzad told me that i better have more money when i asked him why this price is going up and he had every time i questioned him heard different excuses, since he was asking for more money i asked him to stop his service, top of that he has a bad temper,rude, and angry and unfair and only think about money, he doesn't care about individual what so ever!

this is true i have all the emails and conversations, i hope that someday a brave person comes along and stand up at court and everyone will be able to see what kind of attorney he is!!

Bill Nuv

This is BS, he is great lawyer. He got me out of six figure case with my X and Farzad got her to pay my legal bills.

Also he is not cheap $1500 that would not cover enough time to work a case.

This has to be from someone X that Farzad tore new one. If you got big dough to lose he is the guy.

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