Yes I've actually been avoiding the store because I've had several incidents where I have felt targeted and discriminated against honestly because I've gone in there several times and each time there's the manager and then another lady who always give me the hardest time about using coupons which and I never intentionally give them a hard time until these past few times they have been really ugly I don't misuse the coupon if I can't use it I just keep going and they are not trained properly on the usage or their wording so they just say oh I'm not going to accept it and I've tried to like okay like this is what this means I mean it's the policy in your stores that they aren't aware of and she verbatim said" see that's why my manager doesn't like for you to come in because you always want to get stuff free. " Which honestly is not the case I actually very rarely even go in there in the past few times because I did use coupons and they don't want to deal with it they've been really ugly and this last time I went in there I actually running in to get birthday bags and I didn't use coupons I didn't even about like three things which none of them had coupons and they didn't greet me not hello not goodbye how's your day not is this everything you need anything else I went to the register and it was complete silence I got cash back and the lady handed me a $50 bill and I asked her man do you have the little marker so that you can mark this bill for me to make sure that it wasn't a fake bill because I actually gotten a fake bill before so I just asked her if she could mark it with the counterfeit pen or to break it down for me and the other cashier on duty not sure her name she's got an accent Hispanic woman and she said "see you always come in here and it's got to be some kind of problem I don't know what your problem is you always want to ruin our day"I don't know your policy on counterfeit money but I know most stores usually have the pen that marks the money and when she handed me the 50 there was no markings on it so that's why I asked her to check it for me I didn't see the big problem in that I even apologize and let her know that wasn't my intention but she continued to be extremely loud as she was ugly as I was heading towards the door and again I apologized. The manager herself has given me a hard time on multiple occasions I've actually tried to call twice before but I can never seem to get in touch with anyone from corporate if you could please give me a phone call regarding this and all the other matters I'd appreciate it I didn't take this further than reaching out to your company but I was really prepared to reach out to our local pd, newspaper and or social media but I did no such thing as I wanted to reach out once again regarding these matters I think they just seriously need to be addressed my contact information is 361-336-**** and I am available at any time my name is Mandy thank you for your time and response

User's recommendation: As of there I would tell them to not shop there honestly untill they learn company policy and basic manners.

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Aransas Pass, Texas

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Deceitful Practices

First and Foremost, if you still decide to do business with Family Pool Fun, even after reading all these horrible reviews AND researching the BBB and seeing their over 200 complaints against them, Please, Please, Please DO NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEIR 4% DISCOUNT AND PAY THEM WITH AN ELECTRONIC CHECK! They are not doing you any favors, they are using that payment method, so you have no recourse when they scam you in some way other than suing them, which could take a while. I learned this the hard way, if I paid with a credit card, my summer would not have been ruined and me being out thousands of dollars. I purchased a $5,700 pool from them in April with the assurance that the pool will arrive in the middle of June. On June 16th, an email from Jay (the owner and a very rude and deceptive person) telling me my pool was on back order, and it wouldn't arrive until the 3rd week in July. In the email, there was an option to cancel the order which, at the time, I didn't want to take because by June, pools were all sold out. It wasn't until I received another email from Jay saying the pool is now on back order until the end of July that I was afraid I would receive the pool sometime in August. I decided to fix my old, decrepit pool, which needed a new liner and rust repair. My little boy waited years for a pool because I didn't have the funds to either fix or replace our pool. This year, I was blessed with a good job and wanted to give my son a fun summer. I purchased a liner for $900, padding and floor matting for another $200, a filter for $300 and finally the labor for $500. I waited until I received all the materials before canceling the order so to make sure I have what I needed. I cancelled the order on June 30th at 8:02am via email to Jay, the same day the guy came to fix my pool. It wasn't until the next morning that I saw an email from Family Pool Fun saying my pool (the one on back order until the end of July) has shipped at 6:54pm the same day. I was devastated. I called the company and had the misfortune of speaking to that same older woman from a previous call on June 16th, who told me to, "get used to disappointment" with regard to the pool on back order. This time, I was prepared and recorded the conversation. I explained to her that I cancelled the order per the email from Jay, she screamed back, "BEFORE IT SHIPS!!!!". I wrote Jay two emails that were unanswered. It wasn't until my third email, detailing what I would do should he not stop shipment of the pool (e.g.: contacting the BBB, contacting the DA in his state, suing him, etc.). I did get a response to that email which basically said, "bring it on". He also informed me that should I refuse the pool, I would be charged a 25% restocking fee and also shipping back and forth. This would have amounted to thousands of dollars. Even after forwarding him my cancellation email, it didn't matter. My family advised me to take the pool and try to sell it. This has been a MASSIVE ordeal for me. I am a single mom who only wanted to make my son happy, but instead he saw me so stressed out this summer, I fell so bad. Please, take this to heart. This company is still in business because they get away with doing this to people. Granted, not everyone has had this type of experience with them. But do we really want a company like this to continue operating and doing deceitful practices when they know they can get away with it. There was another pool company which I wished I did business with that day in April. They are ProPools. I spoke to this guy at length that day, and he was so very nice. The only problem was that his pool ETA was June/July. I spoke to him when I received the first back order email from Jay, hoping I could get a pool from him. He was so kind and sorry because all of his pools were sold out AND delivered to his customers. If I only stop one person from getting scammed by Family Pool Fun, I am happy.Please

User's recommendation: Please, Please, Please BEWARE and only pay with credit card!

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Preferred solution
I was forced by the company to accept a pool I CANCELLED BEFORE Shipping. Was told if I didn't accept delivery I would charged over $2K. If they are at all decent, they would accept my cancellation and come pick up this pool with 100% refund back to me.

Very upset

Ordered our pool on 4/30/21. They charged our visa on 5/4/21. Pool arrived on 5/17/21 butno liner, ladder, instructions or cover. Called them immediately.We were told the missing parts would arrive mid June. Its 6/29/21 still no liner. No response on its ETA.

User's recommendation: Buy from a different company.

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I just want to let you know that I wasn't so lucky as you. I spent over $5K on a pool that Family Pool Fun promised to arrive by 3rd week in June.

They now backordered the pool until end of July. I cancelled the pool this week and they are refusing to refund any of my money. I am in the process of contact the MN District Attorney. Please truly stay away.

There are no words to describe the unethical practices of this company. I hope the DA takes my complaint and the over 200 complaints on the BBB seriously.

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Old Town, Florida

Pissed off Customer

I am not going into detail since it spans many many mionths. Plain and simple, buyers beware. Do your research when looking to purchase a pool. The FamilyPoolFun companies customer service is horrible at best. It is pretty much non-existent. Once they have your money,...
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