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Yeah bro they dishonest especially psychiatrists. Mine will not do anything except medical pain management. That's all she thinks her job is. Fritters away 2/3 of appointment time on admin details. I ask her when do we actually talk? She acts like we don't have to. And purposely ridiculously trifling and mean. If they are recording our conversation I would say she is the one who is ill and purposely stressing patient out. This will be low income clinic...
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Randall J Qrg

Avoidance of Responsibility

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Updated by user Dec 26, 2021

FHCSD blames it on The Provider. However Dr Erbe is still listed in their employment?

It continues to be a case of abandoning hundreds of people seeking mental health treatment in San Diego County. Not so much as an apology has been issued by FHCSD or the elusive Dr Erbe.

Original review Nov 26, 2021
I've been a Patient for many years. Diagnosed with severe depression and chronic Deppresion. These folks let me go a full year with no medication and no substitute Doctor when my Physchiatrist walked out on them. They deny any responsibility and recieve their funding primarily from Federal Funds. They basically play a numbers game catering by to low income people like myself. My life fell apart that year and I've never recovered from the damage. They put me through *** Then they schedule me for three days of testing and put me right back in the same meds they yanked me off of cold turkey for a year. Never one word if regret or remorse! It's a despicable way to treat another human being!
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Josue Fdo

Colluded to deny proper medication and refused medical care San Diego, Chula Vista CA

According to my former clinic, Family Health Centers of San Diego, if I needed meds for anxiety they had to be prescribed by a psychiatrist. Thus began my two-year, hell-on-earth abuse by das führer, Claudio Cabrejos. I was seeing a psychiatrist at UCSD until my GP, who also happened to be a psychiatrist, suggested I switch to her for all my medical needs. I did as she recommended, but within a year she left the clinic. I was then assigned to a lovely woman who was so easygoing and never anything but kind; she made our appointments a pleasure. I was really disappointed when she announced that, she too, was moving on to start her own practice. When she left in June of 2016 I was assigned to a belligerent, arrogant misogynist: Claudio Cabrejos. One can have a perfect rapport with a doctor, and then through no control or decision of theirs, be assigned an oppressive dictator. His first act was to unilaterally reduce my meds by one-third, not the best way to earn a patient’s respect or trust, and he never got it. It only got progressively worse until I grew to loathe him. One must never have any expectations of even the slightest bit of privacy at this clinic. If you are treated by multiple providers they violate what you take for granted is a confidential conversation. Do not confide in anyone there because their best interests are all that matter and you have zero rights. It’s an *** immoral environment; anything you say in “privacy” can and will be used against you, and it was by Claudio Cabrejos and his minion: Tomonori Fukui. The psychiatrists at this clinic read confidential conversations between a patient and their therapist/physician, etc., manipulate their comments and regurgitate them back to the patients as thought out reasoning for refusing treatment. Even a minuscule dose of a pain med after a biopsy will be considered a suicide attempt if you are taking benzodiazepines. It’s nonsensical to accuse a person of wanting to off themselves over any short-term use of small amounts of medication, be it for pain or crippling migraines, but they collude to fabricate excuses for denying patients proper treatment if they do. One of the doctors at FHCSD is familiar with Cabrejos’ “work.” Said doctor was surprised by his current attitude because he was known as the benzodiazepine candyman for years; doling them out freely to patients. And said doctor laughed then weighed in on the ridiculous comment Cabrejos made claiming that one could kill themselves with migraine meds: “if you wanted to kill yourself there are a lot easier ways,” she retorted. Two and a half years of his *** and I had it with being maligned constantly. He literally tried to replace anxiety meds with anti-depressants at every visit simply because ONE of their mind-numbing extensively long list of side-effects is they may make one drowsy. *** they can also cause suicidal thoughts and worse depression, but who cares? Let’s force-feed patients poison because it saves our necks. On a subsequent visit he said: here, I want you to try an antihistamine for anxiety. I was already taking three, so it couldn't possibly have been wise to add a fourth, but Cabrejos doesn't care about the patients health or treatment, his only goal is to get people off benzos so nothing can reflect poorly on him. My breaking point was when he wanted me to try yet another med and when I repeatedly asked him its name he literally said: I’m reluctant to tell you because you’ll go home and google it then come back and tell me you have the side effects.” The *** does not listen, not once in over two years, so I requested a different psychiatrist. However, once the change is made the patient will be forced to remain with the individual since only one transfer is allowed, ever. Bear in mind, I never asked for Cabrejos, he was forced upon me. See how “fair” this practice is? Well I should have known, after all Cabrejos is the *** of Psychiatry, so Tomonori Fukui echoed the entire spiel I’d heard at every visit with Cabrejos. The “consult” was no different than speaking to Cabrejos; Fukui and Cabreos either communicated before my visit or they were separated at birth. Fukui went back years in my chart, read my therapist’s notes and spat out my confidential conversations as an excuse to refuse medical care. He actually asked me what I discussed with my therapist, clearly desensitized as to how inappropriate that was. Now it was Benadryl I was being told to take. Yes, sure, that’ll put me out like a light, said no one with anxiety issues ever. On he went with the anti-depressant sales pitch until he settled on seroquel, an antipsychotic drug used to treat schizophrena, bipolar disorder and depression, in spite of the fact I have none of those disorders. Seroquel causes a physical dependence over time and withdrawal symptoms if one doesn't taper off the drug. Way to go Fukui, you bested your boss in asinine moves. I told him I wasn't going to be his human guinea pig. I was completely sickened with their concerted efforts to oust me, but I was mentally out the door anyway, yet not before I asked for a one month refill of my anxiety meds until I found another doctor. He was unwavering, as expected, but here’s the rub: one cannot abruptly be taken off benzos or the side effects can be detrimental, but that’s precisely what they did. In their arrogance they believe they resolved a situation they were never going to control, so they eliminated it by stubbornly refusing to listen or to treat a patient impartially and properly. Being reduced to having to refute you’re not a liar when a “doctor” accuses you of either being one, or a drunk, or suicidal is pure evil and reeks of the smug superiority that is rampant in the medical industry. But this abuse is epidemic in clinics where they treat the impoverished, undocumented, homeless and minorities who either are afraid to stand up to a doctor, or actually think these people know more than they do about their own bodies. Well I don’t, never did and they're living proof MDs are indeed fallible. Should they ever, deservedly, get sued for malpractice or ethics violations I would readily and gleefully come forward to testify against them. It would be an honor and my duty to shed light on these two corrupt “doctors.”
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