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My dear little dog was brought to Krause for a broken toenail and 2 hours later was dead! His painful and frightening death was unnecessary and horrific. Krause was charged and convicted by the State of Florida for his death-this can be checked on the State website for Dept of Business and Professional Regulation. Do not take any animal here! Beware!
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User's recommendation: Stay far away from Krause.

Brigid Bre

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Veterinary Malpractice

Faithful Companion Veterinary Services - Veterinary Malpractice
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Please take the time out to read Chyna's story. There is also a group for her on Facebook and 2 petitions to read and sign and pass on to everyone you know. The name of her group on Facebook is Justice for Chyna- Our beloved basset hound and the 2 petitions are on and here are the links to both petitions. One is about the toxicity in metronidazole and the other is about the deadly combination of carprofen and prednisone in which Chyna was given at the same time. The links are as followed: Please read and sign the petitions and pass them on to your friends and family. Thank you so much. You can also follow her story on Twitter @doochies5 and Instagram babydoll71378. The link for the group on Facebook is as followed:****70318/ This is the story about our beloved basset hound Chyna and how she is a victim of veterinary malpractice. My husband and I want to Chyna's story so it doesn't happen to anyone else's pet and people are aware of this vet and medication. We used to take our dog to Dr. Alan Krause at Faithful Companion Veterinary in Lady Lake portion of The Villages and have taken our business elsewhere. There was another story posted in The Villages News in February 2019 about a dog named Tebow which is similar to our dog Chyna but different with the same vet. There was an updated story published on Tebow in January 2020 letting everyone know that he was found guilty by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations and what his sentence is. Our beloved dog Chyna was a fun, loving,upbeat, playful,and comedic dog that loved life, loved to go for car rides and walks and loved playing with everyone. She was given a medication metronidazole and was dead 5 days later. Please be aware of this vet and medication. There are links below for her group on Facebook for all to join and share and for everyone to read and sign the 2 petitions for Chyna. You can also follow her story on Instagram babydoll71378 and Twitter @doochies5. Thank you all so much for your support.****70318/ Our dog was having diarrhea for a couple of days and we were trying to control the diarrhea with a bland diet of chicken and rice like we were instructed many times to do with our pets before if they had diarrhea. We started to see blood in her stool the morning of January 8th, 2019. We called Dr. Alan Krause's office and brought her in that day. Dr. Alan Krause did some bloodwork on Chyna and also took a stool sample from her cause she would poop in the vets office from being nervous. We were given Metronidazole, a pro biotic and they gave her a shot which included B12, penicillin and centriane. We asked Dr. Alan Krause if there were any side effects from the medication and we were told no just an increase of water intake because of the dehydration from the diarrhea. So we left and paid our bill of $481.05 and started her on the medication that day. On January 9, 2019 she was still having diarrhea and we gave her the metronidazole and the pro biotic with her carprofen which she took for a herniated disk she had in September 2018 which Dr. Alan Krause had also done bloodwork at that visit which also showed her liver enzymes elevated which he wasn't to worried about. We continued giving her chicken and rice which she ate but not much and also was drinking alot of water and panting. Her stool was mushy but not watery that night. I recieved an email from the Dr. Alan Krause asking how Chyna was and to let us know her stool sample came back negative for parasites and told us her bloodwork showed elevated liver enzymes again just like at her September 2018 visit which he told us goes along with liver problems and pancreatitis which he never tested her for. I called and left a message for Dr. Alan Krause to call back because we wanted to know it was ok to still give her the carprofen. Dr. Alan Krause emailed me back and said to stop it cause it can cause diarrhea. So we did. On January 10, 2019 she was having a hard time walking, she was eating chicken and rice and was lethargic. She continued to drink a lot of water and was still panting. Her urine was also dark and her poop was mushy in the morning and was back to diarrhea by the evening. On January 11, 2019 we gave her the carprofen again because she was having a hard time walking which Dr. Alan Krause was made aware of, she still had diarrhea and her urine was still dark and she was lethargic and panting. We were still giving her chicken and rice which she was eating but not much. She was still drinking alot and gave her some cranberry juice mixed with water which she drank but not much of. She started grunting as she drank. I called Dr. Alan Krause's office and spoke to Hanna at the office to let her know how Chyna was doing and what she was going through and she told me to give the medication a chance to work and if there is no change by Monday to bring her in. On January 12, 2019 her urine was still dark, she was still having diarrhea, lethargic, panting, drinking water and gave her chicken and rice but she didn't really eat much. She also had a small piece of a plain cookie which she ate. And she was still grunting when she drank and her labored breathing started. Sunday morning January 13, 2019 Chyna was still acting the same and she also threw up. I sent Dr. Alan Krause an email explaing what was going on with Chyna thinking he would check his messages on the weekend. I also called the emergency vet and told them what was going on. They told me to bring her in. I had my husband's credit card because he was at work and they told me that he had to be present in order for me to use it. We had to call to get me added to the card to use it. My brother in law picked me up with Chyna and as we were driving to the emergency vet she was having a hard time keeping her head up and her breathing was getting less and less. I was holding her head and talking to her and looking at her telling her to hold on. We pulled up in front of the vet and she passed away. We then took Chyna back home and layed her on her bed in our living room so her loved ones could come and spend time with her and pay their respects before she was cremated. And Dr. Alan Krause never answered my email until later that evening when she was gone. I have read that metronidazole is TOXIC to animals. I have also read that if your pet has any liver problems or pancreatitis or if they have any elevation in liver enzymes they should not be given metronidazole. I had also read that carprofen should never be given with prednisone which Chyna was in her September 2018 visit to Dr. Alan Krause. NSAIDS should not be used in conjunction with corticosteroid hormones such as prednisone, dexamethasone, etc. and to allow at least one week between prednisone and carprofen. If carprofen is used concurrently with phenobarbital, it is especially important that appropriate liver monitoring be performed and Chyna's never were monitored. Chyna's enzymes were elevated and Dr. Alan Krause knew that so why keep her on the metronidazole? This is malpractice and our dog is gone because of this. Our beloved dog Chyna was a fun, loving,upbeat, playful,and comedic dog that loved life, loved to go for car rides and walks and loved playing with everyone. We have pictures and videos of her before all of this and pictures and videos of her during the last 6 days of her life after she started this medication. My husband and I went into talk to Dr. Alan Krause on January 14, 2019 the day after Chyna passed away and he told us not to email him on the weekends because he said he doesnt check his emails and that is what the emergency vet is there for. He asked us what he could do for us and we said we want our money back. He had refunded our money from the office visit on January 8, 2019 without hesitation which shows guilt right there and he didn't like how I kept questioning him on the metronidazole and how I told him that metronidazole isn't even approved by the FDA. Dr. Alan Krause then told us that the FDA gives veterinarians the right to "extra or off lable" medications that are used for humans to use on animals which I dont agree with at all and find disgusting and disturbing. Every medication that we give our pets should be and needs to be approved by the FDA. Dr. Alan Krause also kept begging us to stay at his practice and how he just wants to be friends with us and how he doesnt want to receive papers from a lawyer saying hes being sued 3 months down the line (another sign of guilt). We left with our money refunded and our dogs records and have taken our business elsewhere since then. I believe medications for animals should have side effect lables on them which they don't and I believe it should be mandatory for a veterinarian to warn us of potential side effects to medications and have pamphlets on the medication to hand out to us "pet parents" because not everyone has internet access, this way we can be given the option if we want our pet on it or not. We were robbed of that and never given that option because if we were we would have never given Chyna that medication and she would still be here with us. I have contacted 72 lawyers and they all say they don't do any malpractice cases on animals because the turn out isn't great and the state of Florida looks at animals as a piece of property not a family member which I find disturbing and disgusting as well. I've sent paperwork in to the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations and it was not successful even though we prayed and crossed our fingers we were not victorious in it and that's what the Department does. They protect their vets for all of the bad that is done to our animals and that needs to change. Even though we were not successful with this part we will be successful in other areas to get justice for Chyna. Chyna's life was taken too soon from her and we are NOT done and NEVER will be done fighting for our beloved Chyna and we will not stop until justice is served. So please help us in getting her story and her fight out there because Dr. Alan Krause needs to have his license taken away. I have also reported what happened to her to Pfizer who is the manufacturer of metronidazole and the FDA. Thank you for taking the time out to read Chyna's story.
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My dog is a victim of veterinary malpractice by Dr. Alan Krause

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Carprofen killed your dog.

Brigid Bre
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No carprofen did not kill my dog. Metronidazole killed my dog and many others that have taken it also.

I was present with what my dog went through no you or anyone else. This is malpractice by Dr. Alan Krause.

When a comment is left here try to leave a name and not an anonymous. Thank you.

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