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Best Dental Office and Dentist in town.Excellent experience and their dental care is the best. Great Staff. Recommend to anybody! Will be back definitely with all my family and friends. Dentist is the best practitioner and clinical expert that I ever seen. Spent extra time to explain my problems in details and gave many good useful advises. Also took my wisdom teeth without any discomfort or pain. Have provided the best dental care I have ever...
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Anonymous I complained to the Virginia Board of Dentistry that Dr. Soyfer's Ph.D. is not real. He does not list which academic institute issued his Ph.D. A Ph.D. is a doctoral degree.....


Anonymous On October 3, 2016, I reported Dr. Soyfer to the Department of Health and Human Services for not responding to my attorney's request for my medical records.

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Fairfax Smiles is an Endodontic Nightmare
I had an unfortunate incident with Dr. Soyfer while he was performing a root canal procedure on me. He either didn't know he was supposed to be using a dental dam, or he neglected to use on, either way what I am getting at is that he failed to to follow the recommended standard-of-care guidelines established by the ADA and dropped an endofile down my throat. I had to go to the ER and have the file retrieved via endoscope. In addition, all of...
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Anonymous 1. Respondeat Superior (Let the master answer)
a. What are the elements necessary to establish liability under a theory of Respondeat Superior?
The doctrine of resp...


Anonymous http://www.nyu.edu/dental/careers/students/startingyourdentalpractice/chapter10.pdf
Make sure all of your entries are objective in nature. Only record what happened; not wh...

Vladimir Soyfer at Fairfax Smiles. When Dr. Soyfer found out that I filed many, many, complaints with the Virginia Board of Health Professions regarding his improper dental practices, he decided to go down to the local district court and petition the court for a protective order based on a photo of me he stole of my Facebook page. He and his dental assistant is also named in the complaints (for fraudulent misrepresentation of a medical...
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