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Fair Deal Auto Scamming People On the Internet Through Uship

Fair Deal Auto has a long history of stealing from consumers in Colorado. Now they've moved to UShip pretending to be Loveland Automotive Investments or Loveland Auto Transport. They bid on Uship to deliver cars, pick them up from unsuspecting consumers, never deliver them and then extort money from customers to get their cars back. Some customers have complained that they are trying to resell these cars before the unsuspecting original owner gets wind, wreck the cars for insurance, total them out for parts. When customers catch up with them weeks later, the car is gone, Loveland Auto Transport doesn't answer the phone, changes their name, etc. The company will give you a name and address of Loveland Auto Transport when they pick up your car. But the address on the bill of lading is a residential address belonging to the owner, John Pipe. (not his real name). The owner is a kiwi who apparently has a dodgy history back home and in Australia. Various addresses they use are; 616 McKenzie Loveland Colorado 6503 East County Road 14 Loveland Colorado 2400 North Lincoln Avenue Loveland Colorado 1505 South Lincoln Loveland Colorado. Various business names are Loveland Automotive Investments, Loveland Auto Transport, Fair Deal, Berthoud Fair Deal, Berthoud Auto Transport, etc. The company has 9 complaints with the BBB in colorado in the last few months alone. They frequently change their name to avoid anyone catching up to them. If there is any delay in delivering your car, they've probably started the scam on you. It's best to contact the Larimer County Sheriff Department, The Loveland Police Department, and the Larimer County District Attorney's office. You can file on-line with the BBB, but it will be for informational purposes for other consumers only. This guy doesn't care about complaints or even judgments against him. He's a scam artist that knows what he's doing. In any case, these are the kind of scam artists Uship is exposing you to!
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I had a vehicle shipped for Texas to Canada and not only was it late, it came damaged in transport. The total damage was over 2ooo.oo.

We tried to get Berthoud Auto to pay for the damages and got the run around for several months, he even gave us a credit card number which he had blocked, then refused to answer phone calls. At the end of it all, we were able to get the original shipping money back, however we had to pay out of pocket for the damages to get fixed.

The person I was dealing with went by the name of "Bob". DO NOT USE THIS SHIPPER!!!!!


Sarah is right. Loveland Auto Transport only leased part of the lot from Berthoud Fair Deal to park their trucks.

I guess they left the property due to fuel, tie downs and spare tires going missing from their trucks. Doesn't surprise me, I bought a car from Bob the owner of Berthoud a few years back and the guy is just a total *** I never had them haul a car, but I bought one, as did some of my friends.....

just a really scary company to do business with. Beware of Berthoud Fair Deal.


Just wanted to post that Berthoud Fair Deal and Berthoud Auto Transport is not associated with Loveland Automotive Investments and Loveland Auto Transport. They were leasing part of the land, but is owned by a totally different person. So please make sure if you make a complaint that you at least know the facts.

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I purchased a 1998 Infiniti Q45t with 117,000 miles from Fair Deal on 5/19/08 and paid a total of $6412 cash. The owner Mohammed, the salesman Steven (who is no longer there and the brother in law of Mohammed) and others there told me over and over what a good car it was. They were just finishing putting on new timing chains and it would be like new they all assured me. I am generally a bright consumer, but between the promises on their website and the time I spent with them, they won my trust. When I asked for the 3 or 6 month warranty per their website, they said it is a verbal agreement and they stand behind their cars--if there was anything wrong for 3-6 months, they guaranteed me they would fix it. Instead they try to sell you a 5 year warranty for $1200-with almost no literature to tell you about the warranty. I bought the car in as-is condition, but believed their promises. The air bag light was on the day before I picked it up. They said they would fix it before I picked it up. When I went to get it, the light was still on. They said to bring it back the next day and they would fix it. The next day, I took it to my mechanic, a long time friend who I trust and who I always take a car to before I buy it. He said it was a bad car and to take it back immediately and get my money back. He provided me a list showing the needed repairs equaling thousands of dollars to fix. On my way home from my mechanics, the car stalled and would not do a thing. Mechanics working nearby tried to help but could not do a thing. The next day, Mohammed had it towed back and said he would not give me a refund and guaranteed me in front of witnesses that he stood behind his cars and he was going to make it perfect. He promised me this over and over. I called Mohammed (the owner) every few days and it took about 2 weeks and he said it was perfect and to come pick it up. I live in Madeira Beach and he is in Tampa, near USF so each trip is about 45 minutes to 1 hour each way. I picked up the car and it seemed better but the air bag light was still on and a few smaller things he said would be fixed, were not. About 30 minutes into my trip home, the car started banging, clunking, steaming, it overheated suddenly and the car lost all power, and I pulled off an exit and rolled onto a shoulder. I called Mohammed and he said he would have it towed back again. Again he was sorry and promised he would get it perfect. I should mention that before deciding on the Q45 I test drove a Sebring convertible from Fair Deal. About 10 minutes into the drive I was on I 75 and the car did the exact thing my Q45 did. Started banging and overheating. My salesman Steven came with gas (just in case) and a machine to jump the battery. It would not drive (it was not gas) and they had to drive me back to the lot and have that car towed. It is now on sale on their lot. Mohammed now had my car until 6/29/08, about 4 weeks and this is when he began back peddling on his promises. He said the car would be perfect, but gave me a song and dance about finding something wrong with the muffler and they lost a part when they took it apart. They had to take it to a nearby muffler shop to get that fixed. He found out it could cost as much as $750 to fix the air bag light and started telling me he may not fix that. I called him every several days and he kept telling me they were just trying to get it perfect for me. A few days before I picked up the car--he called me and told me the car was perfect, but I would have to pay about $500. I had never agreed to pay anything! He tried and tried to get money from me and I refused. Then on Sunday 6/29, Steven called me and said Mohammed told him to call me and pick up my car at no charge. I went to get it and while I was there, Mohammed called Steven and told him to get the money from me. I refused, Steven agreed, and I left. The air bag light was still on, a headlight was out, there were new scratches on it, and it was FILTHY inside and out. Dirt and leaves were piled thick on the car. Once again, about 20 minutes on my way home, the car did the same thing, banging and clunking and died on I-275 downtown Tampa. I rolled off an exit and there was a gas station. I could not get a hold of anyone with Fair Deal (I have Mohammed’s' cell #). The station allowed me to leave the car there until morning. The next day, I got a hold of Mohammed and he refused to do anything. I paid $126.50 to have it towed to my mechanic who told me the engine was destroyed (the lower half) and needed to be replaced at about $5000. It took me weeks to get Mohammed to agree to do anything. I had to pay another $125 to have it towed to the mechanic next door to Fair Deal, Professional Auto and Air and they confirmed what my mechanic had said--it needs a new engine. Now remember, I have only had the car run for less than 1 day in nearly 3 months! I then did what I should have done long ago and ran a Carfax. I was SHOCKED to find that the car had been bought and sold at auction twice shortly before Mohammed got it. Whoever bought it two owners prior to Mohammed had rolled the odometer back from 237,000 miles to the 117,000 I thought it had. I would never buy a car with that many miles on it. Now all this trouble made since. The car looked very nice when I got it with little wear on the inside and a few scratches on the outside. But since the car is over 10 years old, it is EXEMPT from laws regarding odometer fraud. I have the title and where the odometer reading should be, it reads EXEMPT. Who has ever heard about this law? This needs to be changed!! Any dealer can buy a 10 year old car, roll the odometer back and sell it as a good car. It has now sat at the mechanics next door to Fair Deal for several weeks while Mohammed and Daniel do nothing. They are now trying to get me to pay $600-$700 to this mechanic and they say they have found an engine to put in the car and that they will pay for that--if I will take all future problems to ***, the owner of Professional Auto and Air. Mohammed will not fix the air bag light or anything and wants me to sign a contract that all future dealings with the car be done with ***. I do not trust Mohammed in any way for obvious reasons. He still cannot be pinned down on anything and puts everything off for days. I am awaiting disability and took the money I got from the sale of my last car and put it on this car. I have nothing left to give them. I have been cheated and lied to in every way one can be. I have filed a report with the BBB. They have contacted me to let me know they have received no rebuttal from Mohammed. I wish I had checked with them first, as Fair Deal has an UNSATISFACTORY RECORD with them with 13 complaints. I have also filed complaints with the DMV, the Consumer Protection Agency and Yahoo Reviews, where they have many complaints. I have contacted attorneys, but do not have the money to pursue this in court. If I were to go to small claims court, I could only get $5000. And they will have made $1412 on me. I have been through *** over this and have had to make 15 to 20 trips to Fair Deal. I feel that something needs to be done to keep this from happening to other people. They have another Q45t on the lot that is 1 year newer and has 18,000 miles fewer that mine was supposed to have. If this car is in good condition, (I have run a Carfax and that looks good) I feel this would be a good even trade considering all I have been through. But they say this would cost me another $3000-$4000 more. Even thought this car is marked $7999 - only $1600 more that I paid for mine. Yesterday Mohammed told my roommate "we both know the car is worth nothing". He said he would give me a car on the lot worth about $3000-$4000 as an even exchange. He said we would complete this deal with *** yesterday, and in spite of all our attempts to do something, we still have nothing.
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twice they have come to reposses a vehical we have a payment schedual on. once we were blackmailed by the "collections manager" and not only had to make our payment in cash but fork over an additional 200 cash that mark simply pocketed. Mind you we were 11 days behind and thats how all these places operate a curtiousy call seems a bit more appropriate.

Having learned from the error of making late payments since that date we have not made a payment after the 3rd of the month in which that payment is due. i woke up and went out to go to work this vehical ...they repossed the vehical and our payment i not even due until the first. They agreed that they've made a mistake but it will be several hours before i can drive 1 and half hours to go reclaim my car and i have to meet some guy at a walgreens where he is going to leave and come back with the truck. Are we running a business or selling drugs?

On-Top of all this one of the first things Mohommad says to me is the bank has repoed all his cars and that hes got nothing left. Seems to me like they are trying to collect any assets they can and run. So anyone with a payment plan with them hide your cars i wouldnt wish what i've had to go through on my enimies.


this dealer is agood dealer they sell alot of good cars and they say it upfront that the car as is and offer warranty for all coustomer id they need it is not fair for them that coustomer didnot understand what it mean buying used car !


They ought to be referred to as 'Up Yours Dhimmi' auto sales. Car i bought from them on its first trip did not even make it to my mechanic, who will testify in in court that it had a blown headgasket masked by enough Check-Leak to make it glow in the dark.

Having said that, the sales guy, Paul Gamelin, i take for an hones and decent man. i truly believe he did not know what he was selling me, but he may want to reconsider the company he keeps.


I wanted to write a sincere Thank You to Alex, Amy, Sammi, and Dennis over at Fair Deal Auto Sales. I researched for 5 weeks before finding a 98\' GS400 with reasonable mileage in great shape.

For the test drive it didn\'t start first time we got in - we all laughed and they replaced the battery for me. It had a bad vibration at 55mph, they said no problem and gave me 150 bucks credit towards a rotation and balance. They showed me what they paid for the car and gave me a more than fair trade in for my old Lexus and I was happy. I know from my research I did not pay too much for this car.

After a week of loving my new ride, I went to replace the battery in the keyless remote and didn\'t realize that I accidentally triggered the car alarm. Went to start it the next evening and she wouldn\'t start. I was furious and had it towed for free (AAA) to Fair Deal. They didn\'t complain, they bent over backwards to help me.

They spent five days checking the entire ignition/starter/fuel/alarm system piece by piece until they nailed down the problem, reprogrammed the computer alarm system, and fixed the keyless remote - five days! and they didn\'t charge me a dime! They are friendly, professional, and they do what they say they are going to do. I recommend them to everyone I know and want to thank them again for their hard work making my new (used) car a great deal!

They went above and beyond what I would reasonably expect from a car dealer and they fixed the problem with no charge at all to me.

A fair deal, friendly service, professional people. I\'m pleased!


I am the owner of Pursuit Electronics of Tampa Bay and was contacted by Rob Petrovich, whom at the time, was a salesman with Fair Deals. He told me he had a customer that is purchasing a BMW SUV and she wanted dual DVD players for her vehicle for her daughters.

I was told by Rob that she was adimant that she wanted separate DVD players for her daughters as one DVD player and two monitors was not what she wanted. So I searched for days to find what she needed and wanted. I found a pair of already built in DVD players, with two game controllers and wireless headsets for $280.00. I would then charge $85.00 per headset to install them.

I was told by Rob that "it was a go" and to go ahead and buy them. I took this maggots word that he would make everything right and when the job was done, I would get paid...just like any other good buyer would do in this world. The DVD players come in and I call the customer to install them. The customer lives in Ocala, which is two hours north of Tampa.

I agreed to drive to Ocala and make the customers ordeal as easy as possible. No wkeep in mind, during the delivery period of the DVD players, Rob called me and told me that the dealership was screwing the customer over and that she was already mad so we needed to make her as happy as possible and that he had her wrapped around his fingers and she was going to buy more cars from him for her daughters. *** When I get to the customers house in Ocala, on time mind you, we start with small talk and when I bring out the DVD players, she says how nice they look. I said "yeah, not bad for $280.00".

She looked at me like I had 6 heads and she said "how much were they"? I told her that they were $280.00. She then told me that Rob charged her $900.00 at first and then a week later, he called her again and told her that they would be coming from overseas and that they were custom designed. Additionally, he told her that they would be an additional $300.00, so she sent it to him.

When she first purchased the vehicle, she paid $10,000 in cash, an additional $800.00 for a warranty and then the money for the DVD players. She has NO paperwork for her warranty and no receipts for the DVD players except for what I gave her. Of course, she was extremely upset when I told her the news about the DVD prices, so innstead of waiting until I got paid to call him, she calls him immediately and blasts him. So, of course, now he has been checked on his theivery, so now not only is the customer out quite a bit of money, I am alsso out $500.00 for my DVD players that I have installed and my time and mileage to Ocala and back.

I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER do business with Fair Dealss Auto in Tampa, florida. They are legally bound to pay me since it was one of their customers, regardless of what the salesman did. They refuse to pay me and thats wrong. Not t o mention, there are so many things wrong with her BMW SUV, to the tune of her mirror falling off at 60 miles an hour down the interstate and the bumper not fitting right.

She paid cash for this vehicle and they should be kissing her rear end.



These men are cheaters. They are blacklisted at manheim auto auctions and are known to buy cars that have unibody/frame damage. carfax will not show this.


Don't give these guys any CASH! They will certainly not live up to their word & you'll be out of your money.

Trust me! It's not worth buying from them. There are really too many honest car salesmen around Tampa Bay.

You can find many A+ used car sales dealerships on the Better Business Bureau's web site. I'm begging you to stay away from Fair Deals!!!!


Stay away from Fair Deals Auto...You're just asking to be ripped off if you go there. They give used car salesmen a bad name.

Fair Deals? No! Raw Deals?

Yes! Please heed all the complaints you find about these guys..and check out their "F" rating on the Better Business Bureau's Web site.


well next time trust yo' mechanic friend's word.. always go on a test drive ST8 to a mechanic so they can tell you the real deal.. but thanks for sharing cause i was online from Kuwait looking on this lot for a used car...

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