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It is not water proof at all they lied and we should be able to get every dime spent back. This is trash dont waste your money
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Stevi Qei

Pice of ***

I got two of these keyboards from Walmart and both of them never worked. And to top that now i cant get my money back because it was an only on tv item? I want a keyboard that was spill proof and not to break easy, not something that can't last a second with me and makes me frustrated. So please do not buy this item unless you want to have garbage sitting at your desk. Use a little more money to get a reliable spill proof, and big keys at best buy or staples that actually has value. This is *** that gets thrown out.
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Cleveland Fxu
map-marker Ogden, Utah


Do not waste your money. I ordered the two for one on Ez eyes keyboard. The first thing that happened they charged me full price for two keyboards. It was buy one get one free.I had to call them to fix that. Then within a month one of them stopped working. Both mouses stopped working. And within 5 months the second key board stopped working. *** is all they are. Save your self the trouble and money and buy a keyboard somewhere else, and pint large keys on it. At least it will work. Waste of money big time.
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My wife bought one of these. It worked well for about a month.

After which my PC started doing weird stuff. I took it into the shop and they cleaned and ran tests on it and could not replicate. They suggested it could be the wireless mouse I was using. I replaced the mouse.

No go.

They suggested a different keyboard. Bingo fixed it.

map-marker Halifax, Nova Scotia

EZ Eyes Keyboard

I watched the ad on tv over and over and decided to order ONE...just one for my Dad who has macular degeneration. I called and gave my information and naturally my credit card number and then the line went DEAD! At this point I don't know the status and there is absolutely NO WHERE on the Web to find a number to talk to a real live person!!!! I am calling my Visa card and making sure they cancel anything from this company! This is NOT good customer service and would be extremely difficult for a senior (target market) to call and jump through all the 'hoops' to actually order one of these!
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If you are getting no results from phoning, you should write a letter, which I did (see my comments/complaint above). They received it, as it was not returned and I received replacements for the defective one, plus a second one. So, you can do business with them. Here is an address as to where to write:

EZ Eyes

300 Returns Road

Wallingford, CT 06494

Good luck to you! I am sure your husband will like it.

map-marker Independence, Iowa


You've no doubt seen the ad for the EZ EYES keyboard, with the large yellow keys and bold black letters? DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT if you are thinking about it. It took about 3 month's to receive my order for two of these. After using one of them for less than ONE month, the black letters on the yellow keyboard started flaking off! Then, they are advertised as "water proof or spill proof", that if water or a liquid gets spilled on them, they will continue to work JUST FINE! Well, I proved that this afternoon. A glass of water was spilled near my keyboard and some entered the keyboard. I turned it upside down and shook out what would come out, then used a cloth to dry it off. Tried it....DID NOT WORK....completed dead! Therefore, where they demonstrate in their TV ad by pouring the water onto the keyboard and it continues to work is a complete BOLD FACED LIE.
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Strange, mine has worked after several spills, after 2.5 years a few letters are wearing off though.


Yes, I, too, love the keyboard and it does response to your touch very easily.....that was not my issue was in the advertisement for this product, there was a demonstration showing a person pouring water over the entire keyboard and making the statement that it was impervious to water and if you did spill water on it, it would keep on working, WELL, IT DOES NOT KEEP ON WORKING....if you want to prove this for yourself, then spill some water on it. Then wipe it off, or use a hair dryer on it.

Then try it,.....yup, SOME of the keys work, others don't. Well, that is just dandy if you want to go through life typing with missing letter/characters in what your typing. I don't care for that, it makes one look like a complete *** that is has zero knowledge of spelling or grammar. As for the keyboard letter designations flaking off, it could be that my fingernails are causing this.

Yes, putting some clear tape on each of the keys is a good suggestion in protecting them. However, that, too, in time will wear away and need to be redone.

The keyboard characters should be of a quality where they will not wear away. :)


this keyboard is the greatest--I would never use another kind of keyboard as long as I live.this phrase comes to mind = never look a gift horse in the mouth -- I hope desperately that people don't paint a nasty picture about this remarkable keyboard--they clearly have issues in their lives and it pores over into this keyboard -- l stick clear tape over the keys and the keys paint stays on forever.


It looks this was a business flop. The widespread (in Canada) "Giant Tiger" store chain has zillions of these keyboards for sale now at $3.00 each.

I guess they've just decided to dispose of these in the small market. That being said, you can see from what I've typed that it works just fine, though.


the Shift key doesn't work, so cannot log into anything!! Also the back key doesn't work.

has anyone found an address to contact the EZ Eyes office for these complaints? Nothing on the info sheet or the box.

This was a waste of money....


I have been using the Ez eyes keyboard for about 6 months and it works perfectly. I work from home and type 120 WPM and have had no issues with this keyboard.

I have spilled both water and pop on the keyboard and both times have it has run right though it.

in the case of the pop, I actually rinsed my keyboard under the tap ( and let it dry fully for a couple of hours before plugging in) and it worked fine.

I know what your thinking if im typing at 120wpm why do I need this keyboard?? well I don't but my father does and instead of changing out the keyboard and running that chance of ruining my usb port on my computer, I just use this keyboard.

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As with every product ever made, there are always some "lemons" and evidently, I was the lucky one that was sent the lemon.

I think my purchase was about 3 years ago now. I told that water spilled on it, I dried it out and many of the letters/characters would not function.

I still have the keyboard, don't use it.

I do check it ever now and then to see if it might have rehabilitated itself....but no go. I'm using it now as a paper's quite decorative.

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the number one thing you can count on from a post by anyone from new york? its a lie.

new yorkers cant help themselves, they lie about everything. this cartoon does not type 120 WPM. the cartoon is making it up. how do i know the cartoon is making it up?



I bought one for my dad and after about a month quite a few of the letters have rubbed off and he can't see them anymore


I have used the mouse more though the mouse felt like a gaming mouse which i like but the left mouse button has been starting to mess up to click i have to press hard on it and yesterday i broke my other mouse so i am forced to use it for the time being until i can buy a new one

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