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...i must share my experience of this company, explicitly the site in New Paltz, NY... ...they 0did not provide crucial and necessary information for the parking space i was to rent at their facility...after i called, made reservations online, and finalized arrangements with a member of the staff at the site, i was informed that to park my trailer at the facility, i only needed my license and proof of registration...this was repeated multiple...
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I liked
  • Rates
I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Company policies trump their own mistakes
  • Response to issue was basically hands up in the air
Twelve days later, no surveillance video has been referred to the police. Per Jasmine, it was the holidays and she had a business to run. I would think trying to identify the crook who obviously has access and ability to take an entire trailer should be a top priority and concern for a storage rental company. On Jan 2nd, she told me that she had reviewed from Dec 13-Dec 21st. When asked why she reviewed days we believe the trailer was there,...
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Anonymous If corporate sensed any liability they might have restaffed that location and "lost" any potential evidence. Also not the greatest payers and the employee on duty might have q...

I didn't like
  • Lies they told