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Mechanic worked on our car replacing a bad taillight bulb. Our car was working fine and all lights were verified good minus our rear brake lights upon entry to the shop. Upon having service done and leaving, our blinkers were mysteriously not working so we came back to the shop. "Mike" the mechanic told us he did not know what was wrong but could charge us a $90 fee to see what the problem is. We decide to take our car to our main mechanic to...
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Brought my car too express oil change in pell city al, at martin street south . For break repair had new breaks put on .then they pulled the car around back put a air hose in the power steering pump and put air in the power steering and then told me it had air bubbles in it and the powersteering would need replacing then i said no. I watched you put the air hose in the power steering and then he kept trying too lie his way out of it so i told...
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Express Oil Change And Tire Engineers Car Repair Review

Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga , the mechanics were real scammers. They wanted us to pay $699 for a $200 cylinder job. They also encouraged to open their credit card account, so they can bill you up to your credit limit to keep their scam going at 25% interest rate all without popping the hood of my car. They should be banned from this business and must be reported to the department of business regulations.