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Expert Plumbing Outrageous Estimates

I had two Mansfield toilets with problems; one just needed a new flap and the other was leaking from the flush valve. Expert Plumbing, New Lenox, Illinois considered both toilets "major rebuilds" and gave me these proposed choices; $615.25 each to rebuild toilets; $993.94 each to purchase two Power Flush toilets; $832.44 each to purchase two regular toilets, or $487.69 each to install two toilets I purchased myself. I certainly did not agree to any of these proposals. But I would get a slight break if I purchased their $99.95 Service Plan. What a rip off...
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Philadelphia? Why is it showing for Naperville, Illinois???? Not a reputable site I guess.


well they r a rip off , but mansfield toilets do not have a flapper unless they were allready rebuild :x

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Poor Business

Received an invoice that I being charged for services that did not happen. I called the office and spoke to a woman about my invoice and she could not answer as to why the charge was on there. I got a call back from Glen-he argued a bit- and he said that he would revise the bill to reflect the time and labor of two service men. I disputed the fact that I should have to pay $120 per hour for two people when only one did the work. My maintenance tech was with the plumber the whole time and only one of them was in the unit. The other was probably sitting in the truck. Who knows. Glen turned around and then charged me for everything. Basically to be spiteful and Nickeled and dimed me for charges that were not even on the initial invoice. Not to mention-I have never been treated so rudely. All because I was doing my job and noticed that Jett rodding was never performed and we were charged for it. His staff was not doing their job and we have to now pay for it. Horrible business and I will never refer anyone to Expert Plumbing.
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let i Swn
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Illegal and Fraudulent

Expert plumbing and electrical in naperville il. has a non licensed plumber installing water meters under city contract, thats not the problem, this person is not getting paid prevailing wage and is forging the signatures required after each meter install. I know this because he is making copies of each sheet and keeping them for a rainy day. well that day is come, i have spoken to many people with the state and county inspectors and now currently has this company under a watchful eye. So keep on steve fat *** brockman, get ready to loose your contract and enjoy paying back all due monies to these employees that you have been screwing them on to support your big home addition and pay all of your over-weight office staff and their un-deserving salary. You might think your untouchable but your not, your greedy and you scam and lie to the naperville citizens and we arent going to take it anymore!! You will be shut down one way or another, lets face it, there is proof on paper of forgery and cheating. you will not lie cheat and steal for your personal gain, maybe you should go back to plumbing school and learn a few things, cause you need it. oh and by the way, im sure the county and city inspector would love to know how darren wheeler does his work *** and with duct tape basically, and passes his r.p.z. certification forms!! another *** from expert!! taught by the best!! steve fatty brockman, oh yea, whens the last time you and that glen guy were able to see your feet or get into a car without tipping it over???? eat *** you scab !!
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someone sounds like they got laid off, mostly because of your attitude. perhaps if you concentrated on you and not worry about others, the only thing to be let known is that it really doesn't matter what they do.

So remember that you union monkey, you are the laziest pieces of garbage.

Remember this country was built on men that thought for themselves and built by the men who couldn't. Jack ***

Caelin Mpj
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Got robbed

Hey there, I too had Expert plumbing from naperville in my home a couple months ago and let me tell you something, they pulled out their "price book" and showed me their FLAT RATES. I am so disgusted at what i saw!!! It was a saturday afternoon and the price to just show up was 120.00!!!!!!! But by then it was too late, i mean i was already into them for the 120!!!! So they did the work which was just simply replace my toilet fill valve for 232.00 PLUS the show up fee of 120!!! So now im at 352.00!! That the price of a new toilet!! Never again would I use these bait and switch plumbers.
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Ha ha ha!! They got ya.

You should never use any company that uses a straight forward pricing book to price out their jobs. Companies like that do not have a personal touch to their customers and are only in it to rob you!!! Take this as a lesson learned, use a company that has good ratings and is not all about "up-selling" un wanted things to you. They are the text book definition of thieves and DO NOT care about you or the community.

Stay far away from this company and their *** loud mouth ads that drive you insane.

After all, why would anyone trust a fat blabber mouth like the owner? What a joke !!!!!


I heard they got the next job for the water meters, hope the city uses only trained guys to do this. When its my turn to have my meter replaced, I only will let a licensed plumber in my house.

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Marqueta Bnj
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Fraud and price gouging

Never use Expert Plumbing and heating in Naperville il. They are located on Fort Hill dr and they DO NOT USE LICENSED PLUMBERS!!!!!! State law says that a plumber has to or be able to prove that they are holding a valid state plumbers license. When their tech. showed up at my home, and i wont use his name, i'll just call him "J", he said that he didn't have a license and that he was still an apprentice !!! The problem that I have with that is he was there doing a meter replacement under CITY CONTRACT with Naperville and that is a violation with the contract terms, and i know this because i called and spoke to the city about it. Fraud and deception, this poor kid isn't even getting paid prevailing wage, which is also in the city contract !!! To top off the experience with this company, i had asked what it would cost to replace my sump pump and i was told around 750-800.00!!!! Are you serious Expert Plumbing!!!????? The owner i had later found out from doing some research on the company just got done with a 250,000.00 addition to his house!!!! It is amazing that the city of Naperville lets these thieves and *** artists get away with this and to top it off, they have a big dollar contract with the city!! Only if the city and the residents of Naperville Il. knew what Expert Plumbing and Heating were up to, I would imagine that a big dollar fine would follow along with state plumbing violations by the hundreds!!! Dont let these people into your house, unless you want untrained un-licensed plumbers doing your work. Spread the word people!!! Dont let these *** bags get away with this!!!!
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This is a lie from a competitor that we turned in to the state for not having a licence. So be careful if you want your plumbing "Perfect".


No !! wrong again fatso!!

you are not a state plumbing inspector!! you cant even pass the test ***!!


Not one of these complaints is real. No one has stepped up with a name.

This is the new terrorism. Your competitors writting lies in hope that someone will spread the rumor.

I am a state plumbing inspector and would love to know who is writing this. My guess is Justin from Perfect Air beacuse I turned him in to the State of Illinois for doing Illegal Plumbing work.


Was bilked for $930.00 total to Rod out our main sewer line twice in two weeks. The first visit on October 8th was $420.00.

Our line was still acting up and water coming back into our home. So we called them back out on the 25th to clean out the line again, (based on paperwork given for satisfaction guaranteed) as well as install our city replacement meter. In defense of the technicians, they did a great job with explaining our situation to us and installing our new meter, after it was said and done the city was brought in and the city could not resolve our sewer situation. I called back to ask Expert to come out and rod are line again to clear the line because the city found our clean-out valve and Glen spoke to me through his receptionist (how uncomfortable was that) and said they would come out for discounted $117.00 an hour instead of wanting to ensure I was satisfied with my work.

He then accused me, through the receptionist; I refused to pay for the last visit on the 25th. I was shocked! I instructed the receptionist to confirm my payment and she did.

I was disappointed with Glen's poor customer service skills and his not wanting to fulfill the company’s touted guarantee.

I was deeply disappointed that his technician’s have better customer skills that their boss and that their work is minimized by his professional immaturity. As far as their contract with the city of Naperville, IL this city is much more Clichy than your average city, if you’re in your in, no worse than Chicago I guess.


Being the store manager I sometimes check up on companies that we use to see what's being said about them. It is important to do this because they obviously won't tell you, but the public will.

About three months ago I hired Expert to test 5 of our kitchen RPZ valves for 150.00 a piece. So lets do the math, $750.00 !!! The tech that was here left in about twenty minutes. I will never use Expert Plumbing in Naperville EVER AGAIN, and suggest that you don't either.

Also for the record, the guy in the office, Glen I think his name is, go get some personality skills, believe me you need them. I will be using another plumbing company for now on and Expert needs to change their name to Expert Plumbing Price Gougers.


After reading this I wanted to scream!!! I am an inspector for another town and I would not let something like this happen on my watch.

It seems obvious that the company above has some sort of connection with the city, or the city is just plain corrupt!! I feel that proper action should be taken and a call to the state should be next. Someone needs to stand up and get the companies out of business that act like the above mentioned. As far as i'm concerned, pricing like that is just plain stealing and makes me sick.

Big shots, thats what I call them and they all stand to fall one day . One at a time.....

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