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Exede is a rip off they over charged me twice (I had to call and wait for a refund) and they steal data and make fake excuses for over limit data use.( like My windows update took 3GB) or I downloaded stuff at the wrong time) Both was a lie 2 months in a row they said that I went over my limit(when I was not even home) My time will be up in DEC and will leave them. I will go back using my cell hot spot Exede is a rip off they over charged me...
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I didn't like
  • Disappearing data
  • Rude customer service
Installer comes to the house and I again ask if they are connected with Hughes or Exede as the reviews have be horrible. I am assured "NO", we are independent. Installation complete and 2 days in speeds drop below .22 mb/s. I call 9 times, leave 4 voicemail and send an additional 3 emails to no response. I learn that this is actually Exede through a 3rd party installer. I contact Exede on multiple occassions and get the constant company...
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I didn't like
  • Rudeness of employees
  • Fraudulent product claims
  • Slow speed

I want out of my service with excede. We were lied to about numerous things and the data usage is unreal , 20% of data used during the first 2 days with no streaming of any kind. "You will never run out of data", (yet the contract states it will be extremely slow when you use your 10GB, and there is no time when you can download things with "free time". What kind of company has you sign something (I thought it for the work the technician had...
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Amberle You are 100% correct on the data use. I have a tracker in my router and it is showing 25% of what Exede claims. We average speeds in the 2 - 6 up and less than 1 down even whe...


ExedeBrad Hello,
I'm sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with the service. A lot of times things like background apps, system updates run in the background and can contribute to...

I liked
  • Lies
I didn't like
  • How fast data is used up
  • Being emailed a contract after service was installed
  • Receiving the contract by email after installation
I have been using Exede for a couple of months now and have had just about enough. I am on their liberty 10 plan. Their website and their Facebook page state that when you have used all of your priority data, your connection will slow down to 1-5 Mbps. I have speed tests that show it is running .04-.25 Mbps. Whenever I emailed their support, they sent back scripted messages that stated the connection will be slower after I have used up my...
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Anonymous Currently getting .01 Mbps down and .11 Mbps up with a latency of over 2000 ms. That isn't acceptable. Ever. Exede is the worst. I still have to pay over $80 a month for this ...


Anonymous I'm having the same issues! At no time EVER on the Liberty pass do I get above 0.24Mbps. I'm lucky to get 0.06 at most times, including 3:30am!! This company is a complete jok...

I have their Liberty 10 Plan. Consistently slow speeds, spinning wheels, waiting forever. Don't even try to watch any YouTube videos or have more than two wi-fi connected devices in your home or the Excede reps will tell you it's all your fault and that data caps are normal and here to stay. Well I have news for you Excede. I have had good Internet service where there were NO DATA CAPS, where we could hook up just about all the wi-fi connected...
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Suddenlink Help

Suddenlink Help Hi - Thanks for reaching out, and we certainly appreciate your feedback. If there is anything that we can assist with in the future, please feel free to email us at socialsupp...

I didn't like
  • Horrendously slow internet speeds