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Folks... My advise: There is a big difference in buying a Ferrari, Bentley, or Toyota directly from the authorized dealer, that purchase from independent auto dealers. simple as that !
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Boca Raton, Florida

Excell Auto are scam artists

I had the worst experience in my life with Scott Zankl and Excell Auto in Boca Raton. They misrepresent their products, they are unresponsive, aloof, disrespectful and just plain crooked. Car dealers by their nature are bad. Excell is the worst. Caveat Emptor. There are too many alternatives out there to do business with such a shoddy and dishonest outfit. I wouldn't buy a bicycle from them let alone an expensive automobile. The word on the street that these are bad folks. Typical night move shadies. You should have no confidence that you will get the benefit of your bargain. A word to the wise when they shake your hand, count your fingers
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I agree. Bad deals.

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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A positive experience with Excell

Don't rely on the complainers on this site, contact people who have actually had long term dealings with Excell. I have over 3 years buying cars, selling them to Excell, trading cars and turning to Excell for service, roadside assistance and repairs: both minor (body work) and mechanical. I came to Excell from others (2 others) who have been Excell customers (they have bought/traded/borrowed, etc over 10 cars). I have owned exotics (Ferraris' and SLS Benzs) and own 4 cars. I'm also a "local" as I live in Boca Raton. All of my experiences with Excell have been fine: never a problem with them. I never heard the work "NO" and they have been called at night, weekends, they have been called to help on what turned out to be nonsense complaints by me. Excell has been patient, provided everything asked for, never turned me away and never failed to answer calls, even at night. I've stopped using new car dealers and start with Excell when I'm in the market for a new car for myself and for my employees: I can get low cost "driver" cars from Excell for those on low budgets ($10,000 to $30,000 cars). I have no idea why the others on this page complain about Excell: the only thing that I can see from those complainers on this site is that either they have unreasonable expectations about the realities of car buying and selling or they are impossible people....having been a Boca Raton resident since the 1980s I can say that we have a surplus of complainers in this town. I can tell you, the reader, not to hesitate to contact Excell and talk to others who have had long term dealings with them and you will find that my experience with them is the norm.
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oleg, is that you?


Scott doesn't return phone calls

I will summarize our purchase if / when the car arrives

Why do people post POSITIVE comments anonymously ? Because they're not valid


There is a big difference in buying a Ferrari, Bentley, or Toyota directly from the authorized dealer, and purchase from independent auto dealers. simple as that !

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West Palm Beach, Florida
New Reviewer

Excell Auto Group - SCAM EXPERIENCE

Person who I dealt with: Scott Zankl - BUYERS BEWARE. Excell Auto GroupContact Information:scott zanklToll-Free: 561-756-****Phone: 561-756-****Mobile:561-756-****Fax: 561-998-****Email: scott@***.com Excell Auto Group990 SOUTH ROGERS CIRCLE #4 Boca Raton, FL 33487 I actually am having a very hard time dealing with a specific dealer. I actually put the deposit down on the car I wanted and it ALL went downhill from there. I contacted someone from Excell Auto Group. I explained that I'm getting my loan from BofA and they only deal with AUTHORIZED dealer. So the guy was like no problem... I'm FRIENDS with Lamborghini Miami and we can sell you the car through them. So, a day later when I emailed him about a PPI with my mechanic, he insisted that I use Lamborghini Miami. I said NO, I want to use my own. Why would I get a PPI from your FRIEND when I'm buying the car from you. He was persistent and told me that he may not be able to sell me the car if I Don't get an inspection by Lamborghini Miami because they are not going to sell me the car through their AUTHORIZED dealership if they don't know anything about the car. So I suggested, I will do the PPI with them AND my own guy. He said yes... I paid for the PPI with Lamborghini Miami ($550) and it came back ok. Once again, he insisted that this PPI was enough and that the buy process is taking too long. I insisted for the second PPI. He said other people want the car. So, I put a deposit down ($500)... Day 1 - I arranged the PPI and all day of naggin him, he tells me the flatbed truck broke down on the way to the mechanic. Day 2 - He said he had some personal problems and was not at the office. Day 3 - He told me the car will be at the mechanic at 12pm. I called at 2pm to tell him the car is still not there. He told me... It should have been there...I called the mechanic to double check and nothing... I called back and he didn't answer. Tried again and no answer. Day 4 - Didn't return my calls or emails. Day 5 - Called his dealership and his assistant told me that he JUST stepped out. Left a message and call back number. Never called back. He wont answer my emails or my calls. He made me waste $550 on the PPI and has my $500 deposit. All I want is my car I'm pretty sure the buying process shouldn't be this excruciating. While browsing the forum, I already found other people who had similar experiences. It is quiet obvious that this dealer doesn't care about his reputation... Quote:Erik_06_Gallardo States:Thanks for taking the time to tell your story. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. It sounds like the same type of treatment I received from Scott Zankl at Excell Auto Group in Boca Raton, FL in purchasing a car. He won't respond to my calls or emails anymore either so I know how frustrating it is to deal with companies like these.More... Quote:I purchased a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo from Excell Auto Group in August 2009 and dealt directly with the owner Scott Zankl. Scott Zankl is very cordial and comes off as someone you can trust when you meet him, but he certainly has not treated me well. When I purchased the car, I trusted him because he seemed like such a nice guy and did not engage in high pressure sales tactics. Multiple times during the sales process he made the point of saying that he always takes care of his customers after the sale. However, he won't return my phone calls or respond to my emails despite many attempts to contact him. When I purchased the car, one of the wheels was missing a center cap and Scott said he would get it to me within a few days, and I have a document stating that he owes me this. It has been over 4 months now and he has ignored the requests and I have now given up asking for the missing part. The amazing fact is that the center cap is an inexpensive item and he is willing to upset a customer over something that costs so little. In terms of the car itself, the Egear pump was going bad when he sold the car to me as it occasionally refused to shift and would not shift multiple gears at one time. Since this was the only Gallardo I had ever driven, I did not realize anything was wrong with the car but rather thought it was typical of an Egear. The Egear pump failed shortly after I purchased the car leaving the car inoperable. The mileage recorded on the title from when Excell Auto Group received the car to when they sold it to me indicates they put a few hundred miles on the car while they had it so they would have almost certainly experienced the malfunctioning Egear as well. Although I can't be certain, I would be lead to believe that Excell Auto knew about the problem that existed but sold me the car anyway. The car had no warranty when I purchased it so Excell Auto was not obligated to fix the car, and I didn't even try to contact them about this issue seeing as how Scott ignored my previous attempts to contact him. I wish I did my research BEFORE... Another lesson learned.. Other Pissed Customers: Quote:Jerry Fry from FerrariChat.com states:Be careful guys, make sure you get a ppi inspection, my partner and I just purchased 2 cars from Scott last month. 2006 f430 4 quarts low on motor oil and no fluid in the f1pump, no manual and no second set of keys. Was told car has been serviced ready to go with 65 percent left on the clutch. 2007 gallardo, Wrong manual with car and check engine light on. I have them both at Midwestern Auto Group being repaired 95 percent on the clutch for the ferrari and exhaust ports plugged on the gallardo.There is so much more that needs told, But i think you all get the point!What a shame, I really like Scott but he really misrepresented his company! Adding to the flame... Quote:Pro2cer from FerrariChat.com states:Excell Auto - STAY AWAY! Jack Jr. has left to Ft. Lauderdale Ferrari, Jack and Scott were freind's of mine or so I thought. The truth is Jack is a stand up guy and Scott is an absolute compulsive liar who convinces himself that he tells the truth. I bought a 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha from an individual in California, Jack being my friend and neighbor arranged for shipping of the vehicle. Scott was supposed to arrange financing, a straight loan, but convinced me to use elegante leasing because it was 6.5% tax deductable and no penalties for early termination. ALL LIES! with the exception of tax deductable. The day I signed the lease I ran the payment numbers and the true interest rate was 9.75% so I told him to terminate the deal and I would pay cash, which after 2 weeks of him stalling and making up stories is what I did. This transaction cost me $5,500.00 for 2 weeks of his B.S. deal of which $1400 went directly in Scott's pocket. Don't trust him.
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I am a dealer in California and dealt with these people on several transactions, they are nothing but thieves don't trust them especially Scott Zankle who is the owner and an employee of his who is no longer working with him by the name of Jack Jr.

I sold them a Rolls Royce Phantom and they refused to pay me after they picked up the car, because of them I had to fly to Florida three times and go to court while the car was impounded with the Sheriffs department in West Palm Beach.

Don't trust and don't even get close to this dealership, they are nothing but crooks.


Oh bye the way who won that court case ?


Do you know any buy back programs on the west coat for luxury cars similiar to Excell's?

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New York, New York

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