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map-marker La Place, Louisiana

Ripped off by Exact

Ripped off by Exact

I ordered a watch from this company and never received it. Can someone help me find them?

I worked patiently with them until, one day I went to the site to discover it was closed. However, a message was displayed saying that the will honor all past orders. Yea right, I haven't heard anything to this day. I'd like to kn ow just how many of us they got rich off of.

Web stores should be held accountable for their actions just as any other stores are.

How are they allowed to just take advantage of people? Scam.

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i bought one from them and it broke. they said to send it back and they would replace it.

i sent it back and in the mean time they closed. guess i did get to wear it for a few months. they suck and god will get them at the pearly gates.

the funny thing is when it is TIME for them to reach heaven, god will ask them if it is the right time and not let them in cause their watch doesnt work. *** you to ***


:grin I purchased two watches from and recieved both of them. They both came from over seas but work great. So i don;t know they actually supplie me and screwed you guys!!


I'm suprized you actually expected them to send your watch to you. Counterfit watches are illegal.

Anyone selling them is breaking the law. You cannot expect a crook to be honest.


Hey all you folks out there be careful of web stores they seam to be able to rip people off because no one can catches up with them. As soon as they discover someone's on to them, they just close it.

If I were not a good person I could get rich off of innocent folks to. There should be something people can do.


Hope you get them bastards

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map-marker Ashburn, Virginia watches ads on this website

While searching your website for experiences with a replica watch website called, and seeing quite a number of complaints about being scammed by them, I noticed that 1 of the 3 ads under your banner at the top of the web page was for replica watches at

How is it that you have selected as one of your supporting advertisers an obvious scam company with very many complaints? Aren't you supposed to be helping peole to protect themselves against such scam sites rather than promoting them?

Do you vet your advertising supporters before you accept their ads to feature prominently on your website?

How curious.

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Idaly Qrf
map-marker Seattle, Washington never sent my watch! Scam!

Last month, I ordered a "Swiss Made" Ladies Rolex Replica watch from Exact Replicas - . I paid $398 online with a credit card.

The website stated that the watch would take 3-5 days to be delivered. I received an email order confirmation, but after 5 days still no watch. After a week, I called "customer service" 1.800.423.9228, The agent I spoke with informed me that they moved their shipping facility, and my watch was now being shipped from China! My order was in Que and I would receive email shipping confirmation within 8-10 days, then another 20-25 to receive the watch!

It's been 16 days now and still no word. I finally contacted them today and the agent told me it was still on order, but would take another couple of weeks before it shipped. I smelled B.S., and SCAM. I immediately contacted my credit card company about this purchase.

They told me I was covered and they would reimburse me. I was lucky...

Please- if you decide to purchase a replica watch from this or ANY company, make sure you use a credit card, and make copies of all your correspondence. it's the only way you can protect yourself from these crooks.

Now I just wish I could find a legitimate replica company...

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There is a site called WISH! I purchased a smart watch and it only worked for 2 weeks and wont take a charge or power up. Bottom line you get what you pay for.


I bought the rolex sub and the crystal fell out!no help from them at all


i was interested in a watch from you but this whole thing smells of a scam...........


This is a follow up on my previous post.

About a month after receiving my watch, the watch band broke. It was mostly cosmetic. The small crown on the clasp part where the band locks shut snapped off leaving the grey pot metal showing. I contacted the company about a repair or replacement and was told I needed to send the complete watch back. I told the customer service agent that I just wanted a replacement part, and if needed I could send the broken part to him, but he refused telling me to send back the whole watch. Of course I refused. I offered to purchase the part, but I was told that they do not sell parts.

The thing is, if you send this watch back to the company, you will most likely never see it or your money again. Your credit card company will not protect you as the original product has already been delivered, and since the company is located in China, it would be nearly impossible to bring a legal claim against it.

The whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Personally, I would never do business with this company again, because once you have the watch, you are basically on your own.

I would advise anyone thinking of doing business with them, to do a search on Google and read up on the multitude of complaints against this company, and if you decide to make a purchase anyway, be sure you use a credit card to protect yourself.


Just thought I'd let you guys know that I paid for my watch on exact replicas website and this morning got a nice call from my bank telling me that my card details have been used by a suspicious source - turns out their high end online security is not so high-end after all! I have cancelled all payments and my card and luckily nothing has been lost apart from a few days without a usable bank card!

BE WARNED! If this site is or isn't a scam is just a small question you need to ask yourself!

Net safety is a huge concern here as they insist on only having your account address. Be careful!


:zzz ,omg.

i got my watch,and it is working great

maybe i m so luck


Contacting your card company seems to help. Surprisingly, the watch seems to magically "show up" after the card company gets involved.

Too bad the item you receive is probably junk though.

The watch I received was worn only a few times before the tiny crown on the band broke off. I contacted the company and they answered telling me to either send it back to CHINA at my expense, or If I would accept a 20% refund, I could try to have it repaired locally. Thing is, I know about this company. Once you send your watch back, you'll never see it, or your money again.

If you try to accept the 20% refund, they will simply ignore you.

In the end, you get nothing but false promises and Junk!

I would recommend people STAY AWAY from EXACT REPLICAS! If you must give them a try, make sure you use a credit card, that way you'll be protected.


I have the same issues as those made previously. My emails aren't accepted- phone calls not returned.

No person ever answers the phone. The watch received was not at all as advertised-no automatic movement, no water proof, cotter pins falling out in the band, no jewel top stem, etc.


Exact Replica's "customer service" finally contacted me with a follow up letter telling me I could either have a partial refund, or I could send the watch back for a water proof model. Thing is, all their watches state that they are waterproof.

If that is true, then how did I get one that was not, and how could they guarantee the one I received was? After reading reports by people that sent their watches back only to never see the watch again, or even hear from the company, I decided to opt for the partial refund. They offered me 20%, but their watches are always on sale for 20% off, so I told them I would accept a 50% refund, and keep the watch. I never heard from them again.

When I email them, I get a message that my message cannot be delivered.

I believe they filtered my email address so my messages would be rejected. At this point, I believe the only recourse I have is to contact my credit card company and initiate a chargeback.

Good luck to all who try to do business with this company… You’ll need it!


I ordered a watch from ExactReplicas as well, they shipped one, that was 10 minutes behind in about one hour, contacted them, and they would either replace it, or give me a refund?!?!? I decided to ship the watch back, for a replacement, to China, to the address given by Exactreplicas.

That was over 3 months ago! No watch, several excuses, stating that the shipment was delayed, and finally, not even a response back anymore. I only get the automated acknowledge emails, that the complaint has been received and that I will get a response back within one business day, but, nope, nada, nothing.

So "Martin" or whatever your name is, your statement 'we strive to provide the best possible customer service' is nothing more than a statement, in my opinioun.

Care to comment on that? Or even better: make sure I get the watch I ordered really really soon now !

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