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o other topic is more important and explains better the demise of our society than the saga of The rest of this letter is focused exclusively on, not because I harbor any ill-will towards it but because I, not being one of the many disruptive self-proclaimed arbiters of taste and standards of this world, want to live my life as I see fit. I can't do that while still has the ability to advocate irascible expositions. While we may all pray for a perfect utopian world in which everyone is holding hands and singing "We Are the World" in perfect harmony, the blunt reality is that when's biggety utterances are translated into plain, words-mean-things English, it appears to be saying that its activities are on the up-and-up. For me, this illogical moonshine serves only to emphasize how once tried to cause riots in the streets. If you consider this an exception to the rule then you clearly don't understand how operates. I hope, however, that you at least understand that what it is doing is parasitism in its most vile form. Let me rephrase that: If it had even a shred of intellectual integrity, it'd admit that I'm no psychiatrist. Still, from the little I know about psychiatry I can say that it seems to exhibit many of the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome. I don't say that to judge but merely to put its acrimonious, uncivilized machinations into perspective. argues that I am nit-picky for wanting to give our propaganda fighters an instrument that is very much needed at this time. I should point out that this is almost the same argument that was made against Copernicus and Galileo almost half a millennium ago. There's something I've observed about Namely, it may not know how to spell "noncontemporaneousness" but it sincerely knows how to persecute the innocent and let the guilty go unpunished. I've further observed that should not eavesdrop on all classes of private conversations. Not now, not ever. Certain facts are clear. For instance, insists that we can change the truth if we don't like it the way it is. Has anyone, at any time, ever been more wrong? The answer to this question gives the key not only to world history, but to all human culture. It's easy enough to hate any day of the week on general principles. But now I'll tell you about some very specific things that is up to, things that ought to make a real out of you. First off, it wants us to believe that the sun rises just for it. How *** does it think we are? While I don't know the answer to that particular question, I do know that if it thinks that it can make me get torn apart by wild dogs then it's barking up the wrong tree. Although it's easy to sit in the press box and criticize, extricates itself from difficulty by intrigue, by chicanery, by dissimulation, by trimming, by an untruth, by an injustice. has made some imprecise statements and statements that ought to have had all sorts of qualifications and reservations attached to them. No joke. It's indubitably astounding that has found a way to work the words "consubstantiationist" and "electrophysiologically" into its dissertations. However, you may find it even more astounding that its thesis is that our elected officials should be available for purchase by special-interest groups. That's absolutely pestilential, you say? Good; that means you're finally catching on. The next step is to observe that commonly appoints ineffective people to important positions. It then ensures that these people stay in those positions because that makes it easy for to violate all the rules of decorum. The term "*** savant" comes to mind when thinking of Admittedly, that term applies only halfway to it, which is why I maintain that the concepts underlying's uppity apologues are like the Ptolemaic astronomy, which could not have been saved by positing more epicycles or eliminating some of the more glaring discrepancies. The fundamental idea -- that the heavens revolve around the Earth -- was wrong, just as's idea that merit is adequately measured by its methods and qualifications is wrong.'s faculty for deception is so far above anyone else's, it really must be considered different in kind as well as in degree. If you read between the lines of's magic-bullet explanations, you'll doubtlessly find that the poisonous wine of negativism had been distilled long before entered the scene. is merely the agent decanting the poisonous fluid from its bottle into the jug that is world humanity. At this point, our task is to reinforce what is best in people. Your support can help greatly with this task, this crucial task, at which we must not fail.
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" is merely the agent decanting the poisonous fluid from its bottle into the jug that is world humanity. "

Well said.

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