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When my husband first moved to his house, the bill used to come $70 then it started getting higher and higher.Back then my husband used to live with 5 roommates. When I moved in we decided to live alone. Then the price changed to $120, so I was alone all day, he still works 12hours a day. I never do laundry home, Im allergic to deteregents, my mom takes them to laundry every week. The month my daughter was born the electric bill went even higher...
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h.kitchener We keep our thermostat set at 66 all the time, so 72 degrees seems rather high and is certainly not freezing. You need to look at your bills---you have been keeping them, have...

In 17 years of living here and having PSNH I never had any of the issues that we have had to deal with with eversource in a matter of months. The very first bill we received was over $400 for a month and we knew something was seriously wrong. It took repeated phone calls before they admitted they had "misread the meter" and rectified the situation. About a year ago, they again overcharged us $30. and a lady on the phone admitted we did not owe...
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I didn't like
  • Anything about this terrible company
They cut off my *** electricity by an "accident" like how you make a mistake or accident like that people have things to do got food in the frig.And they cut it off then say they'll bring someone to cut it Bck on. I'm home from work it's still not on. Ever source WORST *** COMPANY EVER DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO BE YOUR ELECTRICITY COMPANY IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE AVOID THIS COMPANY.They suck and oh yea they like making up numbers and jst...
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