Ishani Pef
map-marker Fort Wayne, Indiana

Liars, no stablwal, broken drain pipes. No gravel, no pit. No cleanup

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Everdry Waterproofing Of Northern Indiana - Liars, no stablwal, broken drain pipes. No gravel, no...
Everdry Waterproofing Of Northern Indiana - Liars, no stablwal, broken drain pipes. No... - Image 2
Everdry Waterproofing Of Northern Indiana - Liars, no stablwal, broken drain pipes. No... - Image 3
Everdry Waterproofing Of Northern Indiana - Liars, no stablwal, broken drain pipes. No... - Image 4
DO NOT HAVE THIS COMPANY WORK ON YOUR HOME. Everdry, Fort Wayne, Indiana THEY ARE LATE WITH ALL OF THEIR WORK. NOTHING IN THE CONTRACT IS COMPLETED. The only part of the contract that they actually completed was putting in the easy breath. And pump with battery backup. They dug up the outside around my house but did not put in the system that was in the sales brochure or the contract. They put the dirt back in and hid the broken pipe the drain pipe from the gutter system. So all that water was coming into the basement under the slab of the basement. They did not install the stable wall because they had none in stock. They put in beans. They put in fewer beams then the competition's bid that was $5000.00 less. No gravel in the outside drainage system. No buried pipes as agreed. Drained onto the sidewalk. Not in a pit. The bean was placed behind a gas line. Anyone with common sense would not put a beam behind the gas line. If the wall craters in you'll have gas in the home. Total contract was broken by them. Judgement against me. My credit. They lied to the judge. They lied to everyone. AVOID THIS COMPANY.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality
map-marker Fort Wayne, Indiana

Money Hungry!

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We had some very heavy rains in Fort Wayne and I was interested in getting my basement water proofed. I contacted EverDry and they said that they would come out and do a free inspection. An appointment was made and they arrived at the house within a few days. The salesman was polite. I indeed wanted waterproofing, but wanted to look around more. I was pressured into signing up because I would lose out on "this great price" and the damage in my basement was so horrible. The humungous price tag is well over $12000. With that price tag I have no other choice but to be financed in order to make monthly payments. When going through the process, the salesman will let you know that you can cancel your contract within 3 days, they don't tell you what will happen if you need to cancel outside of that range. A few weeks later I was contacted with a start date for the project. It has been scheduled for mid August. Now, it is the beginning of July, life has happened and I have had some unexpected expenses come up that need to be dealt with immediately making the monthly payments unrealistic. I called EverDry to cancel. They sent the same salesman out to my house to "sign cancellation papers". When he arrived, he said that the situation made him very uncomfortable and that I should contact the owner. The next day I called EverDry again and was directed to the finance manager. She told me that I would have to pay 33% of the cost of the project ($4000+) to cancel the services! This was not reviewed with me when signing the contract initially, it is on the back of the portion that you sign and dummy me, was listening to the salesman talk when I should have been combing through this contract. Apparently, the materials for the project have been bought a month and a half in advance for my specific project. I told her that this was deceiving, she told me that I would need to speak with the owner, and that she would have him call me. Several hours go by and no phone call. I call EverDry again and a different woman answers the phone. I tell her that I have been directed to call the owner about my issue. She says that I can't talk to him and she can handle my issues. I told her that I have already spoken to a few different people and I keep getting told to speak with the owner. Still not allowing me to speak with the owner. She starts to get extremely rude with me. I tell her that I feel that I have been deceived. I was not told about the 33% cancellation fee and she told me that I should have read the contract better. I tried to explain that I just want to talk this out with someone. That I can't afford the payments. No one has been to my house to start the project, it's not scheduled for another month and a half, so why should I have to pay for services that I don't want? I asked her if I should contact my attorney, and she told me that I could if I want but it won't change anything. So all in all, it looks like I will have to pay more than $4000 for literally NOTHING.
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Reason of review:
Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy

Preferred solution: I want to be released from my contract free of charge.


There's a huge pressure to sign immediately. $20000 Is a huge amount.

My basement isn't a tenth as bad as the inspector lead me to believe. I sent him on my way and getting many more opinions and estimates.


Their contract is not legally binding . I had an contract lawyer review mine .

She said it would never be binding in court . Yes Everdry Waterproof ing is a scam operation .

It is actually owned by 2 felons . They just use the name to hide behind .

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They tried telling us that another company was owned by scam artists. These guys have been to our house pressuring us every month even though we wanted to cancel.

What lawyer can you recommend?

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What lawyer do you recommend in Indiana ? Anyone want to start a class action suit ???

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map-marker Fort Wayne, Indiana

Bad service

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Called 3 times have somebody come out change pump i have warrenty told me bave somebody out 3 30 waited 4 30 no body called then said dont have me in system dont waste your time do your pumps yourself!!!!
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Jearldine Mlp
map-marker Fort Wayne, Indiana

Agree with the above!

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Totally agree! EverDry is great at the sales pitch and horrid at the follow-up service. Can't get anyone to return your calls. Need a service call right now (since Aug 18) first available date Oct 20. What happens if I get a bunch of water in my basement in the next 2 months? Isn't 2 months excessive for a routine service request? I've asked repeatedly to speak with the owner. He won't do it. Their equipment (sump pumps, EZ Breathe) are all cheap low grade equipment that won't hold up and then it's not covered under their "warranty".
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Fort Wayne, Indiana

Bad company

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Lucky for me I didn't buy into their sales gimmicks because I use to be in sales and spotted the scam immediately. First they said it would cost $15,000 to fix my basement, which I thought seemed far excessive for 5 days worth of work. Then they told me they would need to waterproof the walls and the floor but the floor wasn't having any issues at all and if I removed the floor it would only save me $1,500. When I asked if they repainted the walls they said no they simply cover it with some sort of thick plastic sheet but would not patch the walls at all, and that plastic was extra. Then they would install 2 sump pumps even though I've never had any standing water anywhere in the basement. When I declined the offer about 3 days later they called back and offered the same repair for 40% less! This really pissed me off because they should have offered their best price on the first visit, so now I knew for sure that $15,000 was WAY overpriced and they would still be making a great profit at $9,000 for a weeks worth of work. But it gets better, I called a mason, and all he said was needed was waterproof cement to be spread onto the walls then painted with a waterproof paint, the cost...$4,000. Guess which route we went with? No I didn't get ripped off, but felt I should tell this story to warn others BEFORE they sign up and do get ripped off.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

I had the same thing happen to me too. I didn't get the product.

but I can tell you that this company had called me every so often over the last couple years. I almost think someone came out 2 years ago possibly a more honest guy from the same company or maybe someone from a different company. not sure. but I am guessing they got my name and number from a local festival.

anyway, 2 years ago, and I am pretty sure it was a waterproofing guy, he asked me what signs there was, I said none. he went in the basement, looked around quickly and said he didn't really need to be there, but just to say he was there so that they knew he was there. He did say they wasted his time sending them out to my house if I told them I didn't see anything. this time however, for sure, a guy came out.

I only did this because it was a free inspection. I go down in the basement a few times a weekt o run for 30-60 minutes on the treadmill. I have never noticed anything that made me concerned about anything. I have never seen water on the floor.

ever. so this guy comes and I tell him that. he told me he is only an inspector and not a salesman. and in fact, if there was some things I can do myself instead of having them come out, he would even tell me how to do it, tell me what materials to buy and tell me how I can do it if it saves me money.

this guy is clearly slick/sly is he not? so than he goes around telling me and showing me all these signs, and keeps making sure to get me to agree doing stuff on the outside is far better than the inside. he than shows me things and even asks where I thin I am on a scale. I was between 1 and 2 based on the things he told me to look for and I do have an engineering degree and ver detailed in what I look at.

he said, no no, it is like a 3-4 level and said I have problems at all three levels. he kept telling me how spiders are a sign of moisture. of course 80 percent of my walls are covered with paneling that my father did for the house 30 years ago. then he was trying to scare me into thinking there could be mold in the insulation .

he used some moisture meter, didn't really explain how it worked, and made the numbers sound high. again, not one iota of water ever coming into the basement . in fact earlier in May we had 7 inches of rain in 2 weeks. and there was no water in my basement on the floor.

I would tend to think I am probably ok. was there cracks. a couple here and there. but very minor looking.

he than said he was going to have to leave in 25 minutes as he was going to anohether house. told me the reason was they were on stand by and going to negotiate something with them. then 3 mintues later , after having shown me 3 extordinarily high pricing options, he said, "oh you know what? looks like that house I was going to go to, so I will offer it to you if you do it today.

I can knock $3000 off if you are willing to stand by and be available if someone cancels oh btw, he slipped up and said something about how his boss was concerned that 2 of his sales had people that were not ready so he himself came up with this program. ah ha. he IS a salesmen than , he just admitted it. same guy who came in at the beginning saying he was not a salesman, only an inspector.

also took pictures. one of the outside showed tar on the outside that as almost gone. so yesterday in daylight I went around the house. there was one very minor spot like that, the rest of the house looked solid.

by the way, I work with a long time appraiser who knows a lot of stuff. listen to this. if you have a house of 40 years old like mine for example, and you don't see water on floors or anything like that, well, all old houses will eventually get some moisture, and cracks but unless there is something clearly obvious , it is not necessary to get a system like that. sure the sytem looked amazing, but I don't have the money, not even for montly payments, and I sure as heck don't like the idea of moving everything in my basement 5 feet and having a mess.

forget it.

than of course, the company has called me 3-5 times a day since last week. I never pick up the hone though.


I thought the same thing that I was getting ripped off over 10 years ago when I signed up for the whole package...but guess what? While every home within a 1 mile radius of my home flooded during the "unprecedented" storms, I drew a sigh of relief when I hurried home from work to make sure my basement wasn't flooded too, and it was dry. Then $10,000 investment has now paid for itself over and over again.


Im sorry but if you had a mason come and seal cracks in your basement with water proof cement and converd that with waterproof paint for $4000 then you sir got ripped off and just had a bandaid fix done.

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Patrick J Rnn
map-marker Auburn, Indiana

Resolved: Everdry Watterproofing of Fort Wayne Are Dishonest

Our experience with Everdry started back in late July when a door to door salesperson came to our house wondering if we wanted someone to inspect our foundation for free with no strings attached. This guy, Stuart Mutzfeld, came out and inspected our foundation then proceeded to hard sell us for 4 hrs. on their line of waterproofing product. I did not have a job at the time and we were not sure if we would be able to afford there services, so we asked for some time to think about it. They had a form that they told us would hold the price they offered us but would not bind us to any services for 3 days. 2 days later we decided we did not want the service and declined it. Stuart came back to our house under the guise of needing to be there in person to cancel the deal and when he showed up he had another salesperson with him and they proceeded to hard sell us again. Again we thought about it for a day and called the next day and declined the service. We thought this was the end of it. A couple of months later a sales man called from Everdry to try to rejoin but I declined and told him we did not feel comfortable with there hard selling tactics, he did not even mention they still had us on some list to have the work done. Time passed again and in December they called us to tell us it was time to do the work, a little annoyed by this time we told them to please stop calling us and take us off any list they may have. A few days later we got a bill for $3,795 for services and/or supplies that never happened. I went in to talk to them and all they had to say were lies about what was said and the verbal deal their salesman offered us. If they come to your door do not let them in and by all means do not sign anything, even if they say it is safe and unbinding.
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Do not use ''N''everdry. Your basement will not be fixed.

They cut corners, are inept, incompetent, negligent, and they lie. They have went out of business 3 or 4 times and start up again. How?..I do not know, but their work is horrible. I've been nearly 6 months dealing with them and my basement is just as wet as it was before they came to work on it.

Enough is enough. It's lawsuit time for me against Everdry. Or Neverdry I should say. My story is way to long to put here, but you can read what I filed with the Better Business Bureau about a week ago.

I ran out of characters and I had 4000 letters available to me.




To DC3,

If you saw the horrible workmanship, negligence, incompetence, non caring and screwups Everdry has done for me you wouldn't say what you said in your blog. Everdry has faced a number of lawsuits going back as far as 17 years ago...

Maybe longer. I just talked with a man about his ordeal with Everdry. He won his lawsuit. I will win mine for certain.

I am surprised their still in business. My story is a horror story like none other.

I will post full details when I find the time, as it's going to be a long blog, and detailed with dates. Five months and I'm still wet when significant rain comes.

For all I know you affiliated with Everdry and put your blog on here with the intention of saving the business.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1011479

I just had work done by Everdry a week ago. My basement has flooded twice since that time.

I am thinking of taking them to court. I live in Mishawaka Ind.

I would appreciate attorney info if any of you have had success with your case. You can reach me at choughton75@***.com.


Do not use Everdry to waterproof your basement. I'm in the process of filing a lawsuit against Mr Brent Oribello.

There will be more...much more to come when I get the time to type a major blog about their incompetence and negligence. L.G.


This site cracks me up.

Anyone can say anything about any business on here, with no apparent ramifications.

Really, people? Here is where you come to justify in your mind that you're doing the right (or wrong) thing?

In this day and age, companies that don't perform don't survive. There are plenty of LEGITIMATE avenues available to consumers to right wrongs, including Arbitration (which is free, and available to Everdry consumers), as well as Everdry's longstanding policy of taking very little down and agreeing to do work based strictly on a promise of being paid upon completion if the work passes inspection of both the local building department and the client themselves.

I smell a whole lot of attempts by sour grapes competitors to bash here.


:grin Sorry to hear about the few bad experiences with Everdry. No complaints here, the guys in Fort Wayne were honest, thoughtful, and worked extremely hard! Have and will recommend Everdry!

Brett F Rkw

Well I can say I've had nothing but positive experiences with the Everdry salesman that came to our home. It's certainly disheartening to hear stories like this one, but I'm sure the experience isn't shared by everyone.

As a matter of fact I've got a few friends with the Everdry system, one of them actually the one who referred me to Everdry, and they're all happy.

I think the end justifies the means. Yes I'm sure I paid more than other local waterproofing companies, and maybe the salesman tried to scare me a little with health concerns (which is true on its own anyway), but my basement is dry. At the end of the day, that's what matters to me.

I'd recommend Everdry based on my positive experience.


I worked at 2 different locations for everdry.I personally fixed many attorney general complaints,bbb complaints,Traveled to indy to work on nightmarish jobs left wide open.It all starts with the corporate office cleveland (ohio state home services)The owner and creator Nick Dicello is an *** and a crook.None of these everdrys care about the customer,just their own financial gain.The salesmen are crooks but,they are trained to be.If your a smart person do not do buissness with this company.And Brent from northern indiana is the biggest crook out there.I have ceased all contact from this place which i was employed for almost 10 years and now do road construction.People don't fall for the scare tactics.And yes if you have a basement leak you DO NOT have to waterproof the entire basement to fix your problems.Just a money issue the more work they do the more money they make.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-271247

Jay, I would like to speak w/you as I had a terrible experience w/ED and will be seeking legal action.


Nick Qqm

I just wanted to say, dealing with Everdry has been the worst nightmare you could ever possibly imagine for me. They have been out to my home over 30 times in the last 2 years and no matter what they do it never seems to fix my water problems. I have had the people from this company lie to me, swear at me on the phone, never show up for appointments, show up for an appointment late, show up for an appointment without tools or anything to do the job with. And the list goes on and on.

It is now to the point where they won't even come out to service my home anymore. I have given up, I have a second mortgage on my home to pay for a basement repair that was done improperly and honestly nobody will do anything to help me about it. I have contacted the Better Buisness Bureau, The Department of Consumer protection, and even the Federal Trade Commission. They all tell me the same thing. They can't get involved in personal disputes with a company, and that the only thing they can do is document it so that other consumers don't have the same problems.

Guess what I see alot of people who have similar problems. I just hope your are all complaining to these places as well. The number for the Federal Trade Commision is 1-87*-***-****. Please make a phone call if you have a complaint. This company needs to be stopped. From what I have read there have been 13 lawsuits against this company for sexual harrassment against women, numberous complaints to the BBB. I know there is currently 6 in the state of Wisconsin.

The Federal Trade Commission tells me that they need to establish a pattern of complaints before they will do anything. Guess what every phone call they get makes a difference. Please speak up make a call if you have had a problem with Everdry.

I have tried seeking legal action but I am having a hard time finding a lawyer to represent me with out giving them thousands of dollars down and most lawyers don't even seem to want to represent me. I even have proof that they system they installed is failing. I have had multiple other contracters come look at my basement. I even had a company come out and use infrared technology to show where the water was coming through behind the walls since I couldn't see through the plastic they installed. They also told me I had a ton of mold from my basement being so damp still. After all this and its still not enough proof according to the few lawyers I have spoken too.

I am disgusted that this company is still allowed to practice buisness, and that nobody is doing a thing to stop them. They need to be seen for what they are before more people like myself are made to suffer.

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