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2009 Mini Cooper S Car Review

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Very happy with my 2009 Mini Cooper S, purchased from Kam on last week. Thank for good deal!
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Stole my deposit!

I recently put down a $1,000 down payment for a SUV. We agreed on financing terms (charged me $2,500 fee for financing, SCAM KAM didn't disclose this to me), he also didnt add the $1,000 down payment to the purchase of the SUV. I called and ask him about my down payment and he said he forgot about it and would apply it to my account. Two months later, he still hasn't applied the $1,000 down and says I have never made a down payment. Also two days after i bought my SUV, the brakes failed. Within a week the engine light came one. Scam Kam also fixed a leak in the radiator with a cheap liquid stop leak, which caused $700 worth of damaged and only "fixed" the leak for a month. Listen to these reviews and stay away from SCAM KAM!
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Minor Uew
map-marker Bellevue, Washington


PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM THESE "EURO" SCAM ARTISTS!!! I recently purchased a used 07 chevy sedan and made the biggest mistake of my life by buying it from this neighborhood "wanna be" dealership. From the get go, I was greeted by no one , until i actually went around to look for someone who would give me the time of day, then appearing a lanky teenage looking kid with the most dumbfounded look on his face, i wanted more info on the car, considering it was a decent deal. I honestly should have read the reviews on this place first before even driving into the tiny lot they call a dealership. Needless to say I purchased the vehicle with the conclusion that the car was in running condition and had no known MAJOR issues. I was terribly wrong, as soon as I drove the car off not even 4 miles it would not turn on, the battery was no good. A day later, my engine light came on, furious, i called to try and get my money back and was directed to the so called "owner" of the business, KAM a completely unprofessional individual who make snide and unnecessary remarks about his "business", not being a Wal-Mart and was impossible for me to get my money back. Speaking to the finance company, they informed me that i was very well capable of getting my down payment back at the dealerships will to do so. Of course they wouldn't give me my 5k back for a *** car they were trying to get rid of! I felt completely duped and extremely taken advantage of, my only option was to have their so called mechanic take care of the issue, and a week later of unresponsive requests on updates for my car they gave it back with YET AGAIN the same issues. I took it to a real mechanic shop and found out the car had really worn out break shoes, one of the cylinders on the engine was shot, and to top it off my speakers wiring is completely jacked up. NEVER again will I step foot in a place like this. PLEASE GO TO A MAJOR DEALERSHIP, never trust anything that is too good to be true!!! I'm in on a *** car for more than 10 k plus the repairs they never handled for a car thats worth no more than 5k !!! OH! and good luck getting a response from these people if you have any issues. This is the most unprofessional , clueless dealership in the Houston area.
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Euromotor Sales are SCAM ARTIST, all they do is go around stealing, and taking peoples money. They sold my mother a car that was a lemon, two days later the car would'nt start.

They also stole her down payment money, They took advantage of her. Please do not buy a car from Euromotor Sales, they are SCAM ARTIST.

adam s Azn
map-marker Greensboro, North Carolina


Purchased a 2001 Honda Odyssey from these people. Claimed that the vehicle was completely inspected and serviced by their mechanic and that everything was fully functional. When I get the vehicle it is completely filthy, DVD player does not work, and immediately could tell that it needed brakes. As I am removing the break pads noticed that the calipers were leaking, I repaired all w/out saying anything. Drove the vehicle less that 200 miles and noticed that the transmission was slipping. Called Kam, he said that it was a used vehicle and I should expect some problems, but told me to verify that it was the transmission. Took it to the dealership and they verified. Called Kam and told him, he said that he would work on getting me a used transmission from a junk yard. What a jack leg. I told him that there was no way I am going to get a junk yard transmission for a vehicle I just purchased from him. He told me that he wanted to work w/ me and wanted to make things right, to have it repaired and fax him a copy of the receipt, so we did. $3207. 21 for a transmission from the Honda dealership. Faxed him a copy and he said that he would talk to the owner or person in charge to get us some help. Never heard from him again, called mulitple times and nothing. I am a pissed off person because we completely were lied to and made this purchase. Please do not buy anything from this company, KAM IS A SCAM, and if you buy from this person/company, I am afraid that you will be in the same situation. We have nothing to gain from this, nothing at all, but to hopefully save someone else from these people. Also, check with the BBB on them, they have other complaints there also.
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Eric G Xla
map-marker Bowling Green, Kentucky

Euromotorsales - Failed Disclosure of Issues

I wish I would have found this site sooner. Same story as many of the others. Kam had a car listed on ebay that I purchased that stated "all the options function accordingly" which proved to be an outright misrepresentation. First, the car came stripped (only one key/fob, missing spare, missing wheel lock wrench, missing floor mat, missing headphone/remote (DVD), etc, etc). Next, the sunroof leaked terribly (Upon seeing the water stains on the ceiling, I gave them the benefit of the doubt that it had been fixed), the heated seats didn't work, the power side door didn't work correctly (Nissan Quest), etc. I had called for a good description of the vehicle and specifically asked for all issues with the van prior to bidding and was told over the phone that everything was in good shape. He stated that it had been "certified." One of the rear tires came with a hideous plug at the curve of the side wall with tire sidewall failure (bubble). A real inspection at a Nissan dealer revealed extensive damage underneath as if the car had been in an accident (details omitted due to pending lawsuit). Facing $4000 plus in repairs, I asked for only $1000 (which I thought was fair) and they would only offer $500 which won't even touch the sunroof repair. They did offer to take the vehicle back. However, they wanted me to overnight them the title, let them pick up the van, and then they would issue me a check. Since they "own" the transport company, I said I would settle for them bringing payment when they picked it up (which wouldn't work for them). There is no way they are getting the vehicle and title without money in my hands. Here is what I wish I would have done prior to purchasing from them. First, I should have done a thorough internet search on their business (they've operated under two names...Euromotorsales and uptown motors)...that would have allowed me to find this site. I should have contacted the Houston Better Business Bureau who has 8 negative reports on file for them although they don't officially have an account. I should have Google mapped their address to see that the photos of the vehicles posted on ebay were taken off site...once you map their location, you'll see why. Finally, I should have not relied on Ebay's feedback. These guys have it down on having negative feedback removed from their account. If you've been wronged by this company...go the distance. I am.
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map-marker Davidson, North Carolina


I had 3 problems with EuroMotorSales of Houston,tx. shipping,proper representation of vehicle, and obtaining title. I purchased a Mercedes CL 500 coupe and expected it to be close to photos because I paid premium for it. I sent certified funds within 3 days fedex minus my deposit. It took 2 weeks for shipping,supposed to take three days. I had to call truck driver,he was broke down and needed a clutch.Car finally got here on a flat trailer with a pickup pulling it.It would not pass inspection,rear tires were cords,chrome missing on front grill,right front wheel had been bent and not finished repair,clock would not work along with odometer and no interior sunroof cover. I spent additional $1500 the first day. Poor representation by Kam,but he kept telling me he would fix it.Worst problem after all those lies ;it took 4 months to get title.It was never properly executed. This is a poor excuse for an auto dealer/ it is a flim-flam operation. Extremely discouraged , i have always had excellent results on E bay except this monstrosity. Robert Farmer,Charlotte,NC
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Trusting B
map-marker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fraud on the Internet

I have the same problem with Euromotorsales. I bought a Lincoln from them and when I got it, it was nothing like they said. The engine overheated, the air suspension had *** in the left side, air conditioning compressor is frozen, cruise control does not work, radiator fan draws high amps, seat motor does not work, battery holds charge for 3 days, cd player does not work. It is amazing how EBAY allows crooks to be on their web site. I wish EBAY had real people to contact to lodge a formal complaint against a company that practices fraud.
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I have had poor service and not gotten the title to the car I purchased from Euromotors in Houston. They do not keep their word or promises. I would not want anyone to buy from them.


I have had poor service and not gotten the title to the car I purchased from Euromotors in Houston. They do not keep their work or promises. I would not want anyone to buy from them.

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abcde Bpg
map-marker Calgary, Alberta

Sold me a truck that needed $3500 in motor repairs

I bought a 2000 dodge v10 that was listed as in mint condition. The ebay add said that it had been inspected and it also was all in working condition. I asked the sales man Kam how the motor ran and the transmission was. I was reasured that everything was in excellent running order. The vehicle was shipped to Montana were I picked it up. The moment I started it up I could tell it was running rough. The next day a mechanic found it was pushing exaust threw the air intake. I called Kam who had nothing to offer. Once i got home I had another mechanic check it out. The truck had 4 broken push rods as well as 4 broken rocker arms jammed lifters and worn injectors. The bill was $3500 dollar. The heater as well as the heated seat as well did not work witch were all listed as in working order. I called repeatedly to Kam who would not return my calls or answer his phone. He told me to deal with Ramin who had nothing to offer me saying I had bought a used vehicle. They listed the truck as inspected. No real mechanic would have let that engine pass inspection. Ramin would not answer my calls and questions in person. He would only send me short e-mails. To avoid having to deal with me in person. At one point I finally got him on the phone and he wouldn't tell me what he planed to do about the problem he kept telling me to read the e-mail. He offer me $500 I finally got $750 out of him.It was a painstaking process for not even close to half the cost I had to pay. A total rip off because they sell junk over the net because they can get away with it. They are not members of the better buissness beuro and still have a bad record with them because of unsolved problems.
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I fell for it as well. Purchased a 99 eldorado, said was perfect mechanical condition, when i received it, it needed head gasket repair, 2,600, water pump, and more.

Kahm was not up front about these facts. They have changed their name to Up Town motors


How much did you buy the truck for?

how expensive can a ten year old dodge truck be?

I mean are we talking about a 5k vehicle thats supposed to be in mint condition, if you fell for that, then, enough said.


This place sells their cars way overpriced anyway! Then to find out they are *** is even better. Dont buy a car from them anyone!!!


I am glad I read this before bidding on one of their cars on FleaBay.


I have a list that will be sent to the State Attorney Generals Office for fraud on the internet from these guys



Please contact me ASAP regarding your particulars with the truck transactions with Euromotorsales.

I have some friends that are interested in Kam and Ramin. They want to make them someone's *** in a federal facility.



The way I see it, you learned a lesson. It sucks but you should never buy a vehicle without at the very least seeing it and hearing it run in person first.

Do you leave your windows down, keys in the ignition and door unlocked while you're shopping? Probably not, why would you trust any salesman that way then?

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smasud M
map-marker Allentown, Pennsylvania

Car transaction fraud on EBay

I bought this Chevrolet corvette from EuroMotorSales from Mr. Ramin and Kamran in Houston, Texas off Ebay. I gave them $500 as down payment via PayPal. The seller promised that he will give me 30 days warranty with the car and that the car is in good working condition. The down payment was made on November 4 and on November 10 I flew to Houston from Pennsylvania to check out the car. I met Mr. Ramin and when checked the car, the driver side head light wouldn’t pop out, the driver seat had wear, there were scratches on and under the body that were not mentioned on the ad on Ebay. The total selling price was $18,500 including shipping. The Seller promised that he will fix all problems and then ship the car and that I should receive the car by November 15 and the title and warranty papers should arrive within a week. I have the promisery note from Mr. Ramin in black and white. After that I came back to PA and kept calling Mr. Ramin and Mr. Kam to inquire when the car going to be shipped. They kept telling me that it will be shipped within a few days because they are waiting for the headlight motor. Time went by and after calling then several times, the car was shipped and arrived in PA on December 2. I filed a complaint with PayPal about this delay and the seller warned me that if I didn’t take the complaint back, he will hold the car and won’t release. He had already got $18,290 in the form of bank loan check and $500 deposit money from my PayPal account. The car upon arrival, had deep underbody scratches and the headlight was not fixed. Additionally, the advertised mileage was 72,000 miles, upon arrival it had 73,000 miles. Upon inspection car had better tires but when it arrived, it had worn out tires and it can’t even pass the inspection. I called seller many times and left voice messages but he never returned my calls. I don’t have warranty papers, title and the car needs things fixed. I am pretty upset. I contacted Ebay motors many times and sent messages but didn’t get any help. When I was checking this vehicle on Ebay, it said clearly on the page that this vehicle is protected upto $20,000 by Ebay. But now Ebay is not helping to resolve this issue. I am going to report this issue to Better Business Burea and to Consumer Affairs. Please help and advise. Thank you, Shah (814) 329-**** Following is the link to this ad on Ebay, as proof.****53
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