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Praxis is a scam! They take your money for a test and once you have signed up you can not change the date unless you pay them $40. It doesn't matter what type of emergency you have!.
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Poor customer service- hidden fees- good for ETS-Bad for consumer I took my test on 8.3.16. My scores have yet to post. THAT isn't objectionable, but asking me to pay $50 for every state I wish to send the scores to is very much so! I know that you are a business, but it should be transparent at the time of the test that you intend on charging that exorbitant price so that a person can make an informed choice about forwarding those scores. I...
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I had taken my PRAXIS test on July 16, 2016 scheduled for 2:00pm. I made it on time and presented the test proctor with my identification. I told her that my last name was different on my driver’s license (Browne). I had my marriage certificate, job I.D. from the school district with Parker as my last name and my passport. The young lady said that it was okay for me to proceed with the test. I received a letter on Friday dated August 2,...
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I didn't like
  • Runaround by customer service representatives
  • Threw away my test scores without compassion
  • Attitude and customer service