While I agree that their intentions are good it is very evident that there is no organization and drivers are over worked and underpaid. This lack of attention from upper management is carried down and negatively reflected on the customer. There is NO COMMUNICATION AT ALL. We are set up to ride routinely (same days, same time) for medical appointments. To make a long story short, customer is to be ready for pick up as much as 3 hours in...
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I liked
  • Concept
I didn't like
  • Lack of communication

ETHRA stands for East Tennessee Human Resource Agency. It used to be a *** good transportation business. They are cheaper than a taxi service. They would take people to different counties here in East Tennessee. They would take people to medical appointments or to go shopping. This came in handy because I'm unable to drive. They did a few things that irritated me but I was able to live with it. At first people had to give them only 24 hours...
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