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My YOUTUBE video entitled: Emilio Estefan-Estefan Enterprises explains briefly. So far, Mr. Estefan has not made a public statement. Those are the conditions for me to cease all legal action against Mr. Estefan including future lawsuits. The opportunity to end this is being handed to Mr. Estefan on a silver platter. The clock is ticking however and soon the offer is off the table. I am asking that Emilio Estefan make a public statement with his counsel if he needs that and give me closure. This can put our longstanding legal issues to rest. I want everyone reading this to understand that if he did nothing wrong and his executive staff are responsible all he has to do if offer a simple public apology and I promise to cease ALL legal action past, present, future. It's up to Emilio Estefan now. The hourglass is running.
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A Open Plea To Emilio Estefan

Mr. Estefan, I spent many, many years attempting to have you resolve the issues that have caused my life to be turned upside down. Take a moment to reach into your inner soul and although you have never personaly issued a comment on OUR situation, deep down you know I have been absolutely truthful about all the issues I encountered with your company. Having been passed through different departments in your company for 7 years with everyone of those department heads relaying my dealings with them and the promises they made on YOUR BEHALF after they had spoken directly WITH YOU, there is no denying that you were aware of me, knew of the promises, and agreed to them. Even your personal assistant went and sit up a date for you and I to meet, and without your approval she could not have done this, only to cancel the meeting she referred to as "etched in stone". This was done after she agreed to accept my validation package that would show you that those 7 years and the company promises were real, actually occured and that I had a history with your company's A and R Department. What happened when you received the package of veryfying documentation that your personal assistant said would be "hand delivered" to your mansion on Star Island? Did you realize that I did everything your company asked of me for 7 years and you were obligated by promissary estoppel to back my project? Your personal assistant cancelled the meeting and was only "following instructions". Whose instructions...yours? And why would your own in house counsel agree to resolve my consumer services complaint after speaking to you and then not follow through? Your General Counsel "strung along" consumer services with the resolution promise and then cut off all communication. The string along went on for over 12 months total. Now, the legal system claims I was over the statute of limitations when I was left with no other alternative, when in fact I was under. Furthermore, I would have had more time on my side had your in house counsel not delayed matters by making promises with no honorable intention to keep. You must realize that ultimately your company and it's respinsibilities fall on your shoulders Emilio. Not Frank, not Janet, Laura, Jairo, and not Jesse. This experience has take a severe toll on my health. To have to go through this when I did nothing wrong and lose my mother during the process promising her a better quality of life in South Florida based on the promises of your company, think about how that would affect you. I mean I even felt Gloria's loss when her mother passed recently. My prayers were with your family Emilio. There is nothing personal here. I have always and still continue to admire your accomplishments. But, right is right...wrong is wrong. The truth only bends one way and it has never been on your side Emilio. For all of your well published humanatarian efforts to your community, society, and veterans I have yet to receive so much as the courtesy of simple communication. Communication that could serve to bring this issue to it's finality. I served so that others, like you could reach the "american dream". When I took my "leap of faith" in 1999 and stepped through the doors of 420 Jefferson I was looking to acheive my small part of the american dream. Through the 7 years of being asked to fly back to your company for meetings I thought that it was going to happen. After all, I went in with the beliving that you were a honorable man who not only helped others who aspired to make it but who would uphold anything and everything promised by your company. I am asking you to do the honorable thing Emilio, make it right once and for all.
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He's a jerk!I've read every thing on the net regarding this issue between Estefan and the individual sueing him.These Miami millionaires, Estefan in particular don't give a rats behind about some nobody that he and his people screwed over.How pathetic!!!


Emilio Estefan has got to answer to this or it doesn't look good for him.

Some poor *** begging him...sad!

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Plausible Deniability

My name is John Jacobs and I am a Vietnam Veteran with a physical disability. Emilio Estefan has continued with the "I never heard of you or your project" story which is a blantant lie. As I continue to seek justice litigating my claim, I have attempted to get at the truth by filing motions asking that Mr. Estefan and his counsel agree to a hearing or oral argument. The response has been, "given the factual issues raised Mr. Estefan believes that oral argument is unnecessary". If Emilio Estefan and counsel are telling the absolute truth and nothing but, why decline? I have been more than willing to argue the legitimacy and facts of my case as a pro se litigant, yet highly qualified counsel and Estefan won't set foot in court. The truth only bends one way and it's definately not on their side. This matter could have been best served through oral argument or a hearing. They have wasted the courts valuable time by their preferred method, filing paperwork. My story has been truthful and consistent throughout the years. Emilio Estefan's General Counsel lied to consumer services. Their pattern of delay, ignore, and deny has continued throughout. Emilio Estefan has refused to accept the cold hard facts. Knowing full well that I have a valid claim he would rather spend $$$$ retaining counsel for years than offer a solution to a problem his company caused and he choose to ignore and deny. His wife's father was a Vietnam Veteran. I wonder how he or she would feel if someone had done something simliar to him.
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Senor Estefan,

Do the right thing.

The veterans deserve our respect.

This veteran deserves yours.


While researching on the net I came across numerous articles and comments pertaining to this case.

Seeing that this seems to be the most recent, I've decided to offer my personal opinion and advice to all of you involved in litigating this matter.

My cousin whom I will not mention worked for the Estefan family at one of their many businesses.

Their position allowed them to crossed paths with both Emilio and Gloria on many occasions.

I was told that several times they actually had conversations with Emilio and that he seemed cordial.

While the rumors claim that he is not well liked by some, there are many more that have had nothing but praise for the Estefans. It certainly looks like this case has been going on for years and still no end in sight.

My message to Emilio Estefan and John Jacobs is to "bury the hatchet" and iron this out like human beings. Jacobs claims Emilio has not spoken about this and that shows guilt. Emilio through his legal defense has only made one public comment years ago. Any intelligent person looking at this has to ask why would Jacobs continue if something didn't happen?

On the other side, we would all have to question why Emilio Estefan would not have done something to bring this to an end. There comes a time when you have to sit down and iron out a problem without the legal systems help. Emilio Estefan and John Jacobs should communicate like human beings. Emilio is known as a humanitarian and John is a disabled member of the armed services.

That in itself should be enough motivation for these gentlemen to set aside their differences and come to some sort of resolution. After so many years of having this hanging over their heads wouldn't 2017 be a perfect year for them to lay their issues to rest?



Thank you for your service!

You are truly an inspiration for standing up for your rights against a very wealthy individual like Emilio Estefan.

I cannot believe or understand why Emilio Estefan would not have resolved this by now.

From what I hear from friends that live in Florida not only are the Estefan's approachable and down to earth, they do a lot of very good and humanitarian things.

I don't know why Emilio Estefan would put you through all that you have been forced to endure.

It's probably been hard on Emilio also.

It's not easy getting sued and than from someone who served his country. I'll pray for you and Emilio Estefan so that God Blesses you both and guides this issue to a positive closure.


Bull!They have ignored this for decades.It's all a huge lump ofThe Estefans do not care about this person.If they did it would have been resolved.Shame on you Estefan

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Fame and Fortune Prevails Over The Truth, Where's My Justice?

First, I tried to get resolution through the chain of command at this company, all the way up to it's famous CEO. All I received along the way were excuses with deny and delay tactics. I then took my concerns through the legal system, and have not been my day in court where I would be able to argue my case and EARN my justice. They "get over" by using TIME as their only way out. But, time was never on their side because I was under the statute of limitations. Where do we go from here? "They" continue to make millions, and go from Miami to Broadway with their "rags to riches" life story. I wonder if part of their Broadway play will include what their company put me through from 1999 through the present.
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Estefan Enterprises, Miami Beach-Liars!

Estefan Enterprises lied to me for 7 years. After the A/R Department classified my project as "excellent" they went on to tell me that Emilio Estefan loved it and was going to help me get it done. I was asked to fly from New Jersey to Miami for meetings with Emilio Estefan. Meetings that were always cancelled at the last minute. I was always told not to worry that Emilio Estefan was interested in my project and would help produce it...that I should continue being patient. After five years with the A/R Department I was turned over to Media Relations, then to Emilio Estefan's assistant. All these individuals were in constant and direct communication with Emilio Estefan. After seven years of waiting on Emilio Estefan to follow through on the promises of his company I was advised by Frank Amadeo, President of Estefan Enterprises that Emilio Estefan had never heard of me or my project. I attempted to get answers as to how and why this could have happened and have been pretty much ignored. Estefan Enterprises forced me to file a complaint with consumer service Florida. Jesse Abad, General counsel received a copy and advised consumer service that she would get me my answer but that she needed time because Emilio and Gloria Estefan were out of town. Abad was given a courtesy extension but failed to respond in a timely manner so consumer service made additional communication with Abad. Abad requested and was given numerous extensions because she kept promising consumer service that a response to my complaint was forthcoming. This went on for nine months and Abad never followed through on her promise. Estefan General Counsel pretty much "strung" consumer service along and continued the misleading practices that I had been put through for seven years. The the case was filed "unsatisfactory" because Estefan Enterprises failed to comply...this is on the record. Estefan Enterprises cannot answer simple questions. If Emilio Estefan never heard of me after seven years of my dealing with key employees in his company who stated time and again that they were communicating with him on my behalf and about my project, then they all lied and I want to know why. I believed everything this company promised and as CEO it is the responsibility of Emilio Estefan to "fix the problem" by responding to my concerns. My project was held up based on their promise. A/R always told me that when Emilio and I had our "face to face" meeting that the "paperwork" would be signed because I had an excellent project that Emilio loved and was willing to help produce. I waited ten years total for Emilio Estefan to "do the right thing". Upon contacting Emilio Estefan's outside attorney, a well known entertainment lawyer located in Miami, FL I was told that he could not make Emilio answer me and that the "office" was handling this. So far the "office" has done a pretty lousy job. Up to now the only individual associated with Emilio Estefan who has not avoided me, taken my calls and shown me professional courtesy has been his outside entertainment him I say "thank you". At every turn, the "office" at 420 Jefferson Avenue has ignored me and refused to follow through on anything that would help resolve this matter. Estefan Enterprises is pretty much forcing me to go public with something that could have been handled quietly. As a disabled vet who served proudly, comes from an honorable family and whose father was a decorated war hero(purple heart)I would have expected EmiliO Estefan to have the decency to treat me fairly, truthfully, and with some respect. So far it has not happened.
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I have followed this matter for years.

The Estefan company and it's head honcho Emilio forced a disabled military veteran to seek justice legally.

Instead of showing compassion Estefan got his lawyer on the situation.

What person would fight, "tooth and nail" for their justice going on a decade if they were not 100% truthful and had an absolute solid claim?

Estefan is a reprehensible person for not helping our veteran with the legal mess he and his company started.

Emilio "get on YOUR feet" and be a man!

Give this poor guy his long deserved peace of mind and resolve this matter. If the veteran filed a bogus claim and you and your company are not guilty of the accusations why haven't YOU sued HIM?


Perhaps Estafan lacks the decency r time to acknowledge the sacrafices that others have made for America. Maybe they're too concerned with Cuba.

If so, respect the embargo and go home. :roll


This is terrible!

Thank you for your service.

Why wouldn't Estefan show a veteran some compassion

if it is true that his staff did this?

If this person can prove what he is publishing, looks real bad for Mr. Estefan and company:(

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Estefan Enterprises, Miami Beach-Liars!

Estefan Enterprises lied to me for 7 years. Emilio Estefan refuses to acknowledge this and has avoided answering simple questions. His outside attorney told me simply, "I can't make him answer you" but at least I can say that this has been the only individual associated with Emilio that has not avoided me and treated me with professionalism and respect. His inside counsel(works at the office on Jefferson Avenue)is another story. She continued the 7 year lie by "stringing along" consumer service Florida for 9 months. After promising to get me a truthful answer, Abad asked for numerous extensions and finally just never followed through on her promise. Lie after lie, phone messages never get returned, and a complete lack of professional conduct by employees at Estefan Enterprises. This company has forced me to list them here...Estefan Enterprises Shame on you! Shame on Estefan Enterprises!
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It looks like this matter is in the system.

If Mr. and Mrs. Estefans want to do what is right by a person who

has served with a proud lineage(the guy's father was a hero who earned

the PURPLE HEART)they should consider making good.

No one would go to these lengths and publicize this unless it were true.

Mr. and Mrs. Estefan if you respect our Military and the many sacrifices our

Veterans have made help make this right.

You both owe it to yourselves to prove you truly are good, decent humanitarians.

Show the World that you did what was right.

This man is crying his heart out, literally begging for you to fix the injustices caused

by what may have been a lack of communication within your company.

Hopefully Mr. and Mrs. Estefans will be guided by their faith in God and realize that this man deserves a chance to make it in life, and has missed out due to this issue.


Take them all to court and then get every newspaper involved.

This is big time story.

From what I have heard from people in Miami the Estefan's think they can do what they want and get away with it.


Emilio and Gloria Estefan regard themselves as humanitarians and yet they do absolutely 0 to help a veteran?

All veterans and veterans groups should stand behind this brother and boycott anything the Estefans are involved in.

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Feb 3, 2020

Can’t verify your identity via Andrew Stettner, an unemployment expert, comments on how the verification process works and the privacy risks involved. Learn how one consumer resolved his issue.

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Andrew Stettner is a senior fellow at TheCenturyFoundation and a non-profit leader who shares expert opinion on unemployment benefits and insurance reform.

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