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According to some that I am reading, there was nothing positive in 2015.Have they turned around for 2016? Please give me some feedback before I make a mistake. I am currently with Ally.....DONT go there ! Essex is telling me 4.29 @ 15 yrs. Are there hidden charges they are not telling me? The interest is simple. BUT Ally is simple. The last $950. that I sent to Ally went all to finance. Mind you, my payments are not late. The guy Jay with Essex...
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Anonymous When did you apply? We applied last week. No word yet. I called today and they said they are backed up?

They wont call me back.They won't tell me why. Left 4 messages. Their email said they would send a letter. It has been a week now and the only thing I have gotten in the mail is my credit score 849. I did not know having great credit was a reason to be denied a loan. I have been in the financial business for 25 years and if I treated my customers like this I would have been fired along time ago. This company should go out of business. Good sam's...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • That rates are a come-on
  • Deplorable customer service