Fraud Lottery Scam

Mr Joseph Von Jalan has struck again, sorry to say this fraud scam needs to be dismantal and all who are involve with this scam. If your in touch or has been in the past dealt with this scam master please broadcast the information about this fraud company under Jupiter ( Joseph Von Jalan or Soraya) analysis experts. Believe this has made me very disappointed with Physic's. More people exposed them the better this world will be. Our hard earn dollars are not be used for what we are lead to believe for the purposes. This is a trouble person who has no morale's or feeling for individuals needs should be brought to justice.
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Scammer, theif, lier, harass seniors, bogus

Attention: Joseph Von Jalan, Zeena Von Jalan or Jupiter's managers Subject: Harassment letters I have been polite to send you a reply to stop with these harassing letters of a bogus bill and company. I have been speaking to Police Detective Carla Chendak of New Brunswick, New Jersey Police Department investigator regarding these annoying collection notices. I have been advice to give you the opportunity to stop sending these pestering notices and if they are not discontinue legal process will follow and you will be investigate. I hope in the best interest, that you will stop sending me these collection notices. Next I will be contacting the District Attorney office. If you do not believe me search on the internet under Julie Soutullo and Yolanda Alvarado, I have been posting comments regarding this person who sell sick puppies and have help the District Attorney Nicole Johnson prosecutor (Miami Beach, Florida) with information against this individual. Search web site COMPLAINST AND YOU WILL SEE I FILE A COMPLAINT ON THE WEB SITE. I will not stop in you case either. I am a very persistence individual and will do everything in my power to have you prosecute for harassing a senior citizen and operating under a bogus illegal company. I will be posting on the web site Rip Off and Complaints' and contacting the district attorney in you area. I have search the web site and learn you have a habit of harassing senior citizens. ESO WORLD, PEGASUS SERVICES, Joseph Von Jalan, C/o Lotus Esoteric C/O Jupiter Misrepresentation of Service - Offers free services and requests money to be sent. Highest form of cheating. Targets older people. New Brunswick, New Jersey ESO WORLD, PEGASUS SERVICES, Joseph Von Jalan, C/o Lotus Esoteric PO Box 16002 New Brunswick New Jersey 08906 United States of America Phone: Not provided Web Address: Not provided Category: Outrageous & Popular Rip-Off Submitted: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Last posting: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 This is a Psychic Scam. I did refer to about this guy. Cindy's Psychic Forum and raven Forum also gives information about this guy. You can see to yourself how many people are affected by this guy. Mostly Senior Citizens targeted with fraud mail. Initially he sends a letter saying that you are going to win a big some of money in the Lottery. Asks you to sign a magic voucher and he will send an analysis. In his letter he mentions that whatever information he is sending is completely free of charge and without any obligations whatsoever! And he shall not request a single penny from you. Not today, not tomorrow, never! (This is where he hooks the people. Due to curiosity people sign the voucher and send it. And unfortunately I was one of the victims). In the 2nd letter he encloses the analysis and two envelopes and a big grotesque photograph of himself. One of the envelopes contains a small envelope with a silver strip. At the end of the analysis he requests $24 because he made use of the services of another psychic named Soraya. Once the money is sent Soraya will activate a magic link so that the lottery Nos will appear on the silver strip of the magic envelope and the dates to play the lottery. Once played you will win Millions of Dollars. (This is real cheating and misrepresentation of service). Anyway I did not send the money and returned everything with a letter saying that it is a Scam. Now they are sending bills for $24 plus late payment fee. The last bill they sent was $39. I noticed the Letter originates from New Brunswick NJ USA. For payment Business reply envelope is provided. The address: JUPITER, PO Box 661, Ridgeway Ontario, L0S 1N0. Bills posted from: PO Box 1051, Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A 6C7. Finally if you don't pay the bills they threaten to send it for collection and warn the consumers that their credit rating would be damaged. This is a real Fraud (International network of Racketeers Targeting Old Retired people). They should be caught and punished and Justice should prevail. Something should be done to put these ruthless people out of business and maximum punishment to be given. If anyone needs they can contact me for further help and information. Ripoff Reports on ESO WORLD Report: #449663 Report: CALYSSA, CARMEN, RAHEL, ESO WORLD, PEGASUS SERVICES Reported By: (napa California) CALYSSA, CARMEN, RAHEL, ESO WORLD, PEGASUS SERVICES PSYCHIC, WITCH, RIP-OFF NEW BRUNSWICK, New Jersey ... Same as aBove 2Author 0Consumer 0Employee Respond to this report! What's This? Are you an owner, employee or ex-employee with either negative or positive information about the company or individual, or can you provide "insider information" on this company? Victim of this person/company? What's This? Are you also a victim of the same company or individual? Want Justice? File a Rip-off Report, help other consumers to be educated and don't let them get away with it! CALYSSA, CARMEN, RAHEL, ESO WORLD, PEGASUS SERVICES New Brunswick New Jersey U.S.A. Phone: Web Address: Category: psychic fortune tellers Submitted: Thursday, May 07, 2009 Last posting: Monday, June 15, 2009 I was contacted by a person named Calyssa. Having always been interested in the spiritual, I bit : It was Free. But of course she had to employ some one else for help or buy something from the witchcraft store or consult another in her group. Then the names changed and I was, every other letter, sending money from 25.00 to 45.00. I just recieved another so I will win mega millions 0n July 3, 2009. Can't hardly wait, but first have to send her 29.00 so I'm sure to pick the right numbers. Also, there are some spells and other incantations that sound a bit like jibberish and I have never heard of them. Either have some REAL people I know. Could this be a new rip from Maria Duval or one of those others. who knows. I want my money back Catherine napa, California U.S.A. Click Here to read other Ripoff Reports on CALYSSA, CARMEN Search for additional reports If you would like to see more Rip-off Reports on this company/individual, search here: Search Tips Search Tips In order to assure the best results in your search: Keep the name short & simple, and try different variations of the name. Do not include ".com", "S", "Inc.", "Corp", or "LLC" at the end of the Company name. Use only the first/main part of a name to get best results. Only search one name at a time if Company has many AKA's. Respond to this report! What's This? Are you an owner, employee or ex-employee with either negative or positive information about the company or individual, or can you provide "insider information" on this company? Victim of this person/company? What's This? Are you also a victim of the same company or individual? Want Justice? File a Rip-off Report, help other consumers to be educated and don't let them get away with it!
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They are still at it.April 2015.

replied to the FREE solicitation from Joseph V.J.(as he now calls himself) and got a letter back that he had to pay a "Soraya" $24 "On my behalf".

I threw the letter in the trash,,only to receive a BILL,with a Late Fee added,claiming I OWED them for some analysis.

I am really surprised they have not been shut down yet.I am not going to pay, since he promised all would be free.Scam.They now call themselves American Esoteric Society,Po Box 16002,new Brunswick,NJ 08906


i was scammed by Joseph Von Jalan saying he wanted to help me and would never ask for a fee.then i got another letter saying he enlisted the help of soraya enclosed was two envelopes one with a silver strip that numbers would appear when i paid $45 i don't work and havn't got money so i ignored the letter since then i have recieved two mor letters with a late fee attached and now i owe $60 if i don't pay he has threatned me with a collection agency.Can somebody please help me get him to stop bothering me.I pray he can be stopped


i too made the mistake of accepting this mans help in winning money,was told there was no charge,i then recieved another letter telling me he had to enlist the help of soraya and now i owe $45.00 i can't afford this so i ignored the letter,now he sent me another proving with apiece of paper showing when this ceremony was done and demanding i pay the money,and then he tells me that the envelope with the silver strip won't be activated til said money is paid,i'm sending the whole thing back.i wish i hadn't trusted this man,i'm a christian and should have known better why can't he be prosecuted?


Hi there. I am complaining ,specifically addressing my complaint to the Better business Bureau of New Jersey, about the Logia Recondita, an "esoteric" organization who contacted me by mail last April. I innocently (naive - yes, I guess so!) accepted their cordial invitation to join and received documents by mail including a membership card. they also invited me to buy a Logia Recondita Stone Amulet and enclosed a picture of it with my welcome package. I ordered and expected their "blacksmith" to send it to me. Well guess what? It has never arrived here and they (the Logia Recondita) have sent 3 payment "past due" notices to me since the summer (July, I believe). After I sent a cheque for $29.00 to join on 6/9/11, I have received 3 "past due" yellow coloured notices from them.

Continuing on, I sent a large envelope back to them on 9/24/2011 which contained their aforementioned documents and membership card thus telling them I terminate my membership because of their continued harrassment of me for the requested payment for "the stone amulet which has never arrived"! I think they should contact their "blacksmith", don't you?

Anyway, I got another pink "past due" notice in today's (10/18/11) mail asking me to pay $31.50 now and threatening me with "legal action" by saying they have served me my final notice and pass my account on to their collection agency. They say my "account is grossly overdue for payment.

Their harrassment of myself for a payment I will never pay is unjust and totally undeserved. I want them stopped and, preferably closed down please. Those people do not deserve to be in business because of totally dishonest and unwarranted business practises. I can see other persons' complaiints also on this page and now I know I am not alone in my complaint with the Logia Recondita.

I am going to the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey right now to get them off my

back for good (literally!)


I have also received letter from Jupiter Joseph Von valen P0 box 16002 New Brunswick NJ 08906-**** free lotter number no money free now threatening to turn into collection should be caught and punished


Are their any legal action being taken against Joseph von Jalen for fraud? Any class action suits?

I have been scammed by this man claiming that his services were free. Only later did I learn that he wanted to be reimbursed 24.00 for using a psychic to give me the winning numbers in which I could win a lot of money. He keeps on sending me threatening letters, adding penalties to the bill. He is threatening me with a collection agency.

What can be done to stop this man? He needs to be prosecuted for fraud using the mail services. Anyone that can help me get rid of this guy I sure would appreciate it.

Is he being investigated or is nothing happening? Thanks.


I too have been bugged by this company. I am now being threatened that a collection agency will be next.

I have NO idea what this stuff is. Its NOT even ENGLISH. I live in Toronto Canada & also a SENIOR. I do NOT order anything from the USA.

I actually do not order anything by mail. What the heck is this ***???


My Brother-in-law asked me to help him with a bill from Logia Recondita telling him he owed them $49.50 for his membership in this organization. He is beside himself with worry over his credit history as they say it will now be sent to a collection agency if he does not pay.

I told him I will handle this for him.

Thanks to all of you for supplying me with all the alias names and company names this *** has used in the past. Hopefully his scam will no longer be a money source for him and he will stop.


I received a letter from Logia Reondita Lodge too but $29 was requested. Thank you everyone here for posting; we have to take care of ourselves in this greedy world.

Everyone wants their piece of the pie and I like you don't have it. Blessings to those who posted.


Be careful Mr. Von Jalan is also going by Hermes A.

Jansson. With a letter from the Logia Recondita for you to join a secret society. Everything is free until you get to the letter you are supposed to return with $27.00. He has already made it through parts of Germany with this letter.

As the only web sites that mention the Logia Recondita are in German.

I get slammed with 3 or 4 of these a month and I am not a senior yet. Everyone take care and watch out for those scammers.

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