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Well Epson has lost yet another customer as not everyone is up Microsoft's rear end. Some people would prefer to use LINUX and I for one will never purchased anything from Epson as I have a Workforce WF-2630, which refuses to work alongside my Linux mint software so off to the dustbin with the Epson printer and I will buy myself an HP printer as they are compatible with Linux. YOU see Foresight in the Business world is a great thing. Epson...
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Anonymous Sorry Epson. I also do not want to use "wine" to try and run your printers. Open Source your drivers and let programers write Linux applications for you.
Brother also ...

Hi, We purchased 4 3640's for the office. All of them have broken after a short period but after the return time frame. So much for Leo's advice on the workforce...... We will not ever (ever) buy another one. After a while the print lines start breaking up. so then it's a loop of changing to a new cartridge and still no sucess. Then most of the cartridges will work however one won't. More than likely it shows as being full and ready to go. ...
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