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So now they want me to send my printer in for repair. I am sure this is something that I cold have been walked through had I been given a chance to speak to someone who knows the product. I even was passed on to a higher level of support, and was put in the SAME EXACT situation, someone reading to me out of a book. I would never send this printer in for this problem. At this point, I plan on moving away from Epson, and will seek out another...
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I liked
  • Ease of use and print quality
  • Design nice
I didn't like
  • Wasted ink
  • Longevity of product
  • Does not care about their products working for the consumer
Epson Artisan 837 Problem: "ink waste pad end of life" Complaint: Epson refuses to give you a reset key when you do your own repairs. The scanner cannot be used when this error occurs. It becomes an expensive paperweight. My profession: Pro Video/Audio Production and IT & Build my own custom computers. My Opinion: This is a "SCAM" perpetrated on consumers and it only serves to force a new printer and scanner purchase. No logical reason...
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