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DO NOT Hire Enjoy Maids of Charlotte, NC!

Wow! DO NOT HIRE Enjoy Maids in Charlotte, NC! Employees (and friends) use the customers' homes for a hangout.... The Appointment for cleaning of the home was scheduled for 1 PM on a Friday (email documentation). Remember, 1 PM... The key was left for the cleaners since it was a work day for the homeowner and someone could not be there. The son went to pick some items up from his bedroom at approximately 10:20 PM. Yes, 10:20 PM, nearly NINE hours from the appointment time. When he and his friends arrived at the home in his vehicle, he saw two vehicles parked in the driveway. No company signs on the vehicles. Curious as to who they were, he entered the home and found a black man, black woman, and white woman inside the home on this late evening. Feeling a bit scared to find strangers in the home, he asked if they were the cleaners and why they were there so late. The man stated they had been there since 6 o'clock. If a company's employees are to arrive FIVE Hours LATE, then a client should be notified. The appointment was scheduled for 1 PM and no one from the business contacted the homeowners on the tardiness of the company employees. - The son asked if they found the tip ($30) and the man stated "no." The son advised his mother that the man hinted on asking for more money. The son then hurriedly retrieved his passport from his bedroom and departed. Immediately after he departed he contacted his mom. As unsettling as this was to have strangers in the home nearing 11 PM in the evening, the homeowner contacted the Charlotte police and the police were dispatched to the scene. The police arrived just after 11 PM but the three individuals were not on the property. The police officer called the homeowner and advised that no people were present but the back sliding door was unlocked (like they intended to come back). That sliding door is ALWAYS locked! The boyfriend of the homeowner departed the following morning to inspect the cleaning of the home. He found several areas that were clearly not even vacuumed (we have photos) and other areas Dirty. For the "claimed" nearly five hours of work, this was unsatisfactory. The homeowner is also curious if ALL three individuals in the home were actual employees of Enjoy Maids. Speculation is that one or two were not. We hereby demand to know if these three individuals are employees of Enjoy Maids. If not, no employee of Enjoy Maids should ever bring in a non-employee into someones home. This was truly a scary and unsettling event using Enjoy Maids service. Due to the nature of their unprofessionalism and lack of communication we honestly CAN NOT recommend anyone use this company! We also have to wonder (speculate) that the $30 was taken and lied about (to receive more $$). Lastly, an email arrived Saturday morning by the company (owner??) after an inquiry late Friday night and stated there was an extra bedroom creating the extra time to clean. (to vacuum..?) - You do the math, 3 employees (questionable if all were actual employees) to clean a 2400 sqft home in 5 hours?? - This is totally an excuse because a bedroom only requires vacuuming. Cost for this "Scary and Unsettling" event: $206.00.
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This is Posted by a competitor unfortunately. We pride ourselves on good business and great employees!!

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