Very bad experience first awaited 2 weeks for installing t

waited 2 weeks for installing heatpump to find it wasnt going then they ordered the gas for it which took ova a week then found it wasnt going so now waitin 2 weeks for part I am really fed up. is this a joke or wat I would neva recommend them to anyone the worst company I have come across its just one delay after another. all up its taken 6 weeks for a heatpump installing and still waiting for it to go. I could hav had one installed long time ago if I had known about the runaround Im getting.
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Reason of review
Order processing issue
New Reviewer

Loan Fraud, Unpaid Commissions, Selling Bogus Warranty

I sold a deal for $60,000 and set up ESS with an ENORMOUS account. The client paid the $60K in full up front. Peter Stein's "staff" screwed up the delivery multiple times. The product was installed by 11/15/2015. So, the client paid in full AND the product was installed and Peter Stein refuses to pay me the commission. Peter also kept haggling them about paying up front for multiple properties (email documents this) so I suppose he may have stolen that commission as well. They were really turned off by this approach. Stein says I owe him an alleged debt. Well his company worked with documents saying that the alleged debt is to Universal Guardian Acceptance, LLC. So, let's get this straight: Universal Guardian paid ESS and they say I owe Universal Guardian. But, Peter says I owe ESS. Well if Universal paid Peter (as was explained) then how can I or anyone else in the same situation owe ESS? If Universal or ESS did not loan any funds of real value then this is one big scam and a fraud. If ESS created a loan via an accounting entry then it is acting as a licensed and insured bank and is in violation of numerous federal laws and statutes. I submitted FOIA requests to check on this. In fact, I submitted a Privacy Act request to ESS and UGA to determine exactly what happened and to get to the bottom of the potential loan fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, and illegally dealing and brokering in security obligations and negotiable instruments. ESS has not responded and also failed to respond to my Notice and Demand to Validate Debt Claim. I sent all requests via Certified Mail.
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Same old, same old scam artist at it again.


I wish that we never brought this distributor on board with our company. He cost us a very large account.

I personally flew up to customer to attempt straightening out a major screw-up that he made in grossly misidentifying the old lights needing replacement and completely miscounted them (more than half the lights manufactured and shipped to the customer were incorrect - costing us a fortune of money all the profit was lost in these jobs and we lost a substantial amount of money due to him. Our loss amounts to more than 5 times his commissions. More so, we lost the entire account because of him. This distributors debt to Universal Guardian Acceptance has nothing to do with us.

This was a loan that he took out with Universal Guardian to become a distributor. His completely false accusation and misguided interpretation of what really happened is the REAL ISSUE. Its a sad commentary for those distributors doing amazing jobs - making money and doing well. This distributor closed one single deal, wasted my time and my staff's time and caused us to lose a multi-million dollar account.

I personally flew up to Boston to meet with the CEO of the company we were installing lights for to help clean up the mess he made.

This distributors' ineptness and lack of any attention to detail was the real issue. I truly wish we knew better before bringing him on board with us.

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Boston, Massachusetts
  • Deception
  • Self-righteous
  • Screwing clients
Reason of review
Problems with payment
Preferred solution
certified check for $62,500

Short Review on April 08, 2016

Rip off broken promises do not trust
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Wausau, Wisconsin
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Not as described/ advertised

Review in Utility category from South Padre Island, Texas

I really wanted to give peter stein & his company a favorable review, BUT they have failed to live up to their promises and warranty. 1) it took over a year for installation, I had to pay their contracted electrician to finish the job. 2) the sales people that represented the company were let go, presumably because of the issues with this sale, there was zero on site follow up. 3) promises of replacement bulbs never materialized. I highly recommend steering clear of Peter Stein and any derivative of Energy Saving Solutions. I'm sure he will respond to this, but facts are facts and not standing behind your sales department or warranty is shameful. Mark Haggenmiller Padre Island Brewing Co.
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I worked with Stein in the '90s when he was running a failing internet company. That was after his career as a boilerroom stock broker He used to regale us with stories of how much he got out of people. He's not a person I would ever do business with again.


Not a surprise at all Peter Stein is a scam artist. He steals the commissions and keeps them for himself.

He also sells a bogus warranty that doesn't exist.

I have heard of a client that installed lights and almost half of them did not work. They called for the warranty and the warranty did not exist!


Not surprising at all. Have heard from a few sources about contractors not being paid even after services were performed.

Also heard about ESS not paying for the warranty even though it tells clients there is some type of "lifetime" warranty.

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South Padre Island, Texas
Reason of review
Poor customer service

I made $240,000 with Energy Saving Solutions

Energy Saving Solutions is an upstanding company that offers a legitimate opportunity to those that actually choose the work it. I made over $240,000 in my first year working with Energy Saving Solutions. Peter Stein is a very smart entrepreneur who has helped me - and from what understand many others with closing sales and achieving success. It is about the easiest business I have ever done. Literally - you introduce customers to zero upfront-cost LED Lighting and your customers actually put money in their pocket ( in some cases thousands of dollars per month) and they have better quality lighting than the old style lighting. Most of my customers save 65% or more from the lighting part of their electric bill. If you cant make money at this or your a complainer on here - you probably never did any proposals and have nobody to blame but yourself. This opportunity is a home run.
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Agreed - I make a six figure income with Energy Saving Solutions. Peter Stein is extremely helpful and very accessible for a busy CEO.

Energy Saving Solutions ( and in particular - Peter Stein) have helped me close some very big deals. As a distributor you have to just get out there and introduce the zero up front cost LED Lighting product to commercial customers. At least three out of ten proposals I have created end up becoming a customer.

With average commissions of $30,000+ its a great time to be in the LED lighting business.


Is he really the CEO?


Okay Peter!!! Your so full of ***!

If this is real prove it!

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Miami, Florida

Biggest Rip Off and Scam.

He took over $14,000 and his help was ziltch. Promises were all false and he is a complete fraud. All I can say is do your homework or just keep reading these posts. He is a very smooth talker and will continue ripping people off. I will def file a complaint and so should everyone on here! Please stay as far away from this crook as you can!!!!I could go on for pages but am tired of investing any more time, money or energy with it.
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Complete scam. Liar. Former employees have even shared that Stein swindled the elderly and handicapped people.