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Visited my girlfriend and she had uninvited guest at her place

Well ,supposedly they have a pest control company ,that goes who knows how often , But my girlfriend says the only issue is the roaches, EVERY day she has to kill 2 or 3. After paying that much rent it SHOuld not even be no germs there. (Just kidding) you know what I mean. If someone is allergic to roaches they will die there. They really need to do something about it. I have moved a lot (retired military) and I have never seen anything like this. They really have to do it on every apartment at least once a month
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M.jep what building should we request?


I have lived there for going on 2 years and have only had 2 total. Must be that building.

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Bronson Zjz

Parking Wars

Every night when i come home from the bar, which is usually around 230- or 330 (because i have a night job unloading freight a the local Home Depot off of spid) -- I CONSTANTLY get into parking battles with scandalous strippers and other creatures of the night that CONSTANTLY park next to my building!!! i don't even really think they live there. I pay GOOD MONEY to live here only to see these hussies gallivant through the night through my luxurious Apartment Homes. To be honest, i KNOW the homes that they go into. And i KNOW the men that live there while their poor wives or kids are away! What type of SICK INDIVIDUALS we have living in my beloved apartment. Aside from the only problem i seem to have with our somewhat-reliable maintenance crew (aside from snatching my used underwear from my own *** apartment, when all i wanted was the dishwasher fixed!) that seems to be the only issue with the place. Other than that - if you do plan to live here, come prepared. The smell of body lotions and trail of glitter will easily identify which hussies are going where. Don't Say You Haven t Been Warned.
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gerald claude

Address of this hole would help.

Kathy R Nkh
map-marker Atlanta, Georgia

Encore Crossing Apts. Corpus Christi ripoff

Encore Crossing in CC is horrible. For the $1000 plus per month you can not even get a parking space within 3 buildings of where you live. Try waling the parking lot at night as a single women, or carring bags of groceries and a case of water from 3 buildings away. It cost me over $1200. to live here and have NO Freaking parking space. Management was contacted and in a nut shell they said sorry we do not give a ***. Once you there and they have you locked in, you suddenly are a piece of trash under the feet! DO NOT LIVE THERE!
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This place is ridiculous. They advertise the pool then turn around and say u can only have two people were tenant there.

Funny maybe that's why ya always so empty. I am not from corpus and have zero family here and when the holidays come around we can't even enjoy the pool cause my family consists of a brother sister and both parents. Also parking sucks terribly! For as much as we already pay parking shouldn't be a problem.

Oh and they will put notices on your door reminding u almost weekly about how your trash can needs to be out away and your dogs need to be walked outside the community but fail to mention the cars that were being broken in to!! The cop that lives on site stopped me one day when I HAD to park in the back against the fence and advised I move due to the break ins!! They failed to let anyone know about that but yet harass for people smoking at the pool, pets being walked inside, guests, and the list goes on.

Horrible place. Felt like I lived in a *** dorm.


I live there right now and have been since July 2012. I have not had any problems, if I do we let the office know nicely (its amazing what time of voice and body language gets you) and they take care of it.

The price is a little high but its better than living in the cheap ones in the ghettos. If you actually read your apt contract it tells you everything you can and cant do... rules are rules. I always follow them so I have never had a problem.

Yes parking is not the best over by my area but that is why I am willing to pay for my spot and my husbands. If you dont like it move out and find somewhere else to live. If you dont like following rules go buy a house so you can set your own rules.

Rules are what come with renting.


RUDE RUDE very rude people..don't invite friends over they will tow thier car.

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"they" dont tow your car, the person who pays every month to have a reserved spot does. I have people towed from my spot all the time. I have only seen people get towed from parking against the fire lane, handicap or reserved covered parking.



In a nut shell.

We signed a lease at close of business one day, 5 minutes later, found out the close on our house fell through. Went back to the office immediately, everyone was already gone!!!! Then went first thing in the morning the very next day to explain the situation. Mercy (which by the way has none) offered to work with us by charging a total of $1500 to release us from the contract.

We were not even in the system yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever... when does common sense and decency take precedent over the Almight Dollar!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow that is crazy.


THEY *** US!!! My husband got his orders two weeks out from his report date...they are still making us pay for the extra three weeks that we won't even be here.

They do not honor the military clause, they still charge you the full 30 days as in a normal lease termination without the extra termination fee.

Also, one side of the parking lot is completely black at night, there is no lighting (which we have suggested they put in) and one evening a bunch of cars got smashed up and broken into. It cost us over $600 to fix PLUS the things that were stolen.

Others had the same, if not more damage. The management didn't bat an eye at the problem (which is in the lease agreement, they aren't responsible for cars, they could have been a little more civil and apologetic about it though) and lighting on that side of the parking lot.


I currently live in Encore Crossing and management is just the worst I have ever experienced. Mercy is exceptional, it is Michelle and Eileen that are incompetent.

The apartment itself is pricey but that isn't what annoys me nor does the parking. If I could I would fire those two ladies, especially Michelle. I do not understand how she works and lives in this complex. It shows, in my opinion the possibility of favoritism and abuse she may excuse or allow access to herself by which we are all not given.

What annoyed me on the day of signing my lease she mentioned not to hand our rents if we were to see her at the grocery store (which I totally understand and agree, almost laughed at people actually doing this) but then said we are not allowed to leave trash by the door (which I am ok with) or else she would take a picture of it and tape the photo with a fine to your door. At fist I found this funny but then hypocritical of her, which she mentioned she would do at anytime of the day..hmmm..I guess she needs to take those checks since she seems to be working all hours of the day. I have only lived here for 3 weeks and maintenance has not fixed all the problems I had on the first day of moving in. I had to call and stop at the office a few times by which Michelle has the nerve to ask (almost every time I went in to ask her a question) "do you need it now?" After a few times of saying "No rush" I decided to say just the opposite "Yes, I do actually" she replied "Oh, I just have to finish this", it's been 3 days.

This place is becoming a nuisance.

If Michelle can't get herself together quick, I am afraid there will be only a few things to find positive in this place. Yes, it is true one bad egg can actually make the rest stink.

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I recently visited Encore Crossing Apartments and I am very surprised to see how someone who just moved in is so unhappy. My experienced was amazing I felt so welcomed by the staff.

I decided to do more research about the complex before making my decision. I will say that I will not let this comment effect my decision because I have lived in apartments for years and not just in Corpus Christi. I have seen bad customer service and poorly managed apartments.

I think some people need to understand that only so much can be done and I am actually looking forward to living at Encore. Glad I don't let any bad eggs ruin my opinion on ANYTHING.

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@ "there is hope". It seems to me that some people now these days think that we live in a "its all about me" generation.

First of all, your comment on why she shpuld b allowed to live here is complete rubbish!! You have only been here 3 weeks, ive lived here for 2 years! Ive never seen her excuse any abuse. I have seen her address it, though.

As far as allowing herself access after hours to areas that other residents dont have, what areas would that b? There is no secret as to where she lives. She really doesnt need in the computer room because we see her on the patio with a laptop all the time, and i doubt she wants to watch tv up there haha. I do have to say that i have never seen here at the pool area and that is locked at 10 pm.

She has neighboraddressed a couple of issues after hours for us regarding a noisy neighbor. Also, u shouldnt b annoyed at the fact she told u not to give your rent at the grocery store. If you dont do it then u shouldnt b annoyed by it. If you have any questions about their operations and practices, then why dont u ask them about it?

You mentioned that you turned in work orders, however you never mentioned what they were. There are other apts. Besides just yours! I honestly dont want to live nxt to someone who leaves trash at their door.

Yuck! Honestly u should just call them and ask questions. Leaving a comment on the internet is very childish and shows really should b more detailed in your comments. At the end up your complaint, you said that she really needs to get it together.

My question is what exactly does she need to get together? I doubt very seriously that she or eileen talked to you that way. I have been here for alot longer than u and have never had anything but good experiences here and with them. This is honestly how ugly rumors get started and u show the rest of us the type of person to start those rumors.

Maybe you have just a little too much time on your hands to s :eek earch for a website to put a complaint on. It wouldve prob taken less time to go to the office and let them know how you feel. Haha. Just sayin.

I say keep up the good work michelle and eilene! You got my vote and you are by far from inconpetent

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