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My son was involved in a car accident with an Encompass policy holder, this was July 11, 2016 and still not completely settled.It was the fault of the Encompass driver, they totaled my sons car, but we have medical costs plus lost wages. I went through my medical insurance as I did not want to take a chance of getting bills that obviously are not yet settled I have emailed called the claims representative and I must say this is the worst...
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I didn't like
  • Claims rep was not helpful
  • Claim still oustanding and no resonse to emails
i was in a car accident with one of your policy holders, i was rear ended, fro day one i have had nothing but hideous excuses why it was my fault. your policy holder admitted to his mistake and still your company comes with the same excuse. i have tried over a period of years to solve this problem. you company should be put out of business and i will continue to search way to bring your company to its knees until i am compensated for my...
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I liked
  • I am not your client