Catherine B Zvu

If you are disabled and have a service dog....WATCH OUT!

I have to go to the library a lot lately to use their computers to write legal briefs. Every single day the staff harass me. My service dog is little, a white toy poodle and she sleeps on the desk by the computer in a small carrier that is clean. She never touches the desk. Every single day the unhappy staff members approach me and ask very loudly, what duties does your service dog provide? Why do you have a service dog? You have to have your dog on the floor, she cannot be on your desk. I even gave one mean-spirited woman a letter from my doctor and she lamented loudly, "doesn't say anything about a dog here," how insensitive. Then she took my letter and didn't return it to show everyone I guess my entire medical history. I can see asking once or twice, but the same people hassling me everyday gets old. They don't whisper either, they keep walking by causing a scene. It's a shame that others feel the need to project their self-loathing on the disabled and unfortunate that are minding their own business.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Dogs aren't allowed inside. Only actual service animals are. It sounds to me like they're being relatively understanding.


Good they are finally doing something.

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Smantha Byq

Encinitas Public Library is a Homeless Shelter

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Encinitas Library - Encinitas Public Library is a Homeless Shelter
Encinitas Library - Encinitas Public Library is a Homeless Shelter - Image 2
Encinitas Library - Encinitas Public Library is a Homeless Shelter - Image 3
Encinitas Library - Encinitas Public Library is a Homeless Shelter - Image 4
Encinitas Library - Encinitas Public Library is a Homeless Shelter - Image 5
I have addressed several times the homeless people who come into the library and camp out all day from open to close. Sleeping in the library, dressing in the bathroom stalls or doing laundry in the restroom sink that is not allowed and they will do nothing about it. People bring in their dogs and they won't ask them if it is a service dog because; they say they are not legally allow to asked so you get a dog that grows at you when you walk by the owner looking for a book or a video. Service dogs are required to wear a vest saying they are a service dog. I had gone to one security office to report people sleeping after I reported to the librarian and he did nothing about it. He asked one man he knew by name if he was a wake and he got no repose because he was sleeping (See Photo). When I got no support from the staff, I took my complaint to the administrative office of the San Diego Public Library and they did nothing about it. In stead of cleaning the place up, they hate the truth that the public library has become a homeless and animal shelter and disrespect my 1st amendment rights having my review and photo removed off google.
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  • Rude and unresponsive staff
Reason of review:
Homless and pet shelter during operational hours when it is a library

You should learn more about why homeless people stay in libraries. Its the only place where they can sit inside like they would if they had a home!

Their shelter kicks them out from 7am to 5pm. Thank goodness libraries by law understand their role as mediator in the community. If our country wasnt in such debt these people once worked as waitresses and repair people.

Where would you go if you were homeless? That dog is a service animal to help guard the owner after dark.

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Prove the dog is a service animal by putting on the service vest and had your papers ready.


Unfortunately the homeless use public libraries as a shelter. This seems to be an issue in warm climate states.

Visiting relatives in California I stopped in at the Ojai public library - the odor of urine and unwashed bodies was overwhelming. Obviously homeless persons were sleeping in all the chairs and their belongings were everywhere. Didn't see any dogs.

There has to be a balance - I should be able to visit and enjoy a public library without smelling dirty unwashed bodies and have a place to sit.

Homeless should have a safe place to go - but it isn't a public library.

Libraries are not equipped to house people- that is not their purpose.

Aren't there homeless shelters where they can congregate and take care of their needs?


Really? Maybe you should help them improve their lives instead of complaining about their existence. You're vile.

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Why don't you make their lives better and let them stay with you. Oh thought so, you won't. ***

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Why don't you let them stay with you Asshat/Anonymous person instead of insulting others.


I agree with the other comment down here. Leave the people be.

That dog is not even paying you attention so not "growling"at anyone.

Do not like it do not go there. You re so above others I am sure you can drive yourself to a different library.

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3 likes, no dislikes, OP obviously hasn't made it over here in time to dislike this one but just you wait until pilates class gets out

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"do not go there"

"drive yourself to a different library"

Wrong, Liberal Loon. It's a "public" library - anyone can go there, taxpayer and "homeless" alike.

You can't discriminate against either one, despite your bias. What you *can* do is pass rules regarding proper use of the library and... ohhhh, look L.L., that's already been done, and trashing the library is not allowed. Imagine that.

That means it's *the homeless goon* that has to "not go there." Looks like you were backing the wrong side... again...


Wow..I sure hope you or your kids, loved ones ever have to live life like the ....if they are not hurting you, leave them be!!! It has to be a ruff life for these people..maybe you can try to hve a little empathy. .sometimes they might not have a place to go during the day as I've heard shelters have designated hours someone can be there...have some compassion, and if anything, maybe you could stop and get a coffee, a 1.00 or two hamburgers there to give them...I cn not believe people re so judgmental and so entitled..I ure hope your do not have childern or when you do, you grow up a bit to teach them some compassion

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