Ellembaum truck sales. Very dishonest dealer bought 2009 kw w900 from them March of 2014 in one months time I have had over 6 thousand in repairs. They changes hours and mileage on truck lied about condition. They are thieves and will take advantage of you if your fool enough to trust them. They sent annual inspection with truck done by them saying it passes DOT. Brakes bad fifth wheel bolts loose injectors bad seat belt broken headlights...
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Anonymous Was it as is? Unless there is a warranty offered to cover any or all repairs and they did not stand up to the warranty, you bought an as is truck and no one even a seasoned k...

@ located in Sebewaing, MI is very unprofessional dealer. Do not work with them! They will take your money away! Do not put trucks on hold, it is non-refundable money! They work with credit guy named Bob who lies and drags you on for weeks. Beware! They work together and are crooks! I will file a complaint with Michigan State court system. This is unbelievably the most horrible experience I've had with any dealer or credit...
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john bad bad bad trucks dont waste the time and money with this dealer he sell his trucks for top money but they are all junks beware of this dealer im also going to complain to BB...


Really bad dealer dont buy from them trust me people since i buy the truck from them im paying big money for repair

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