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Poor craftsmanship - Poor customer service - Poor quality product

Elk Creek Trailers - Poor craftsmanship - Poor customer service - Poor quality product
Elk Creek Trailers - Poor craftsmanship - Poor customer service - Poor quality product
Elk Creek Trailers - Poor craftsmanship - Poor customer service - Poor quality product
Buyer Beware! Elk Creek Builders/Trailers & Blue Dog Ranch LLC is Incompetent. Elk Creek Trailers (aka Elk Creek Builders, Blue Dog Ranch LLC) promised in writing to fabricate a unique trailer to written specifications by a defined date. The order was placed months in advance. After much prodding and frustration, we received our trailer WEEKS after the defined date. And boy was it special. We drove thousands of miles upon Russ telling us the trailer was complete for pick-up and showed up on-site. The trailer was a metal trailer frame no housing, no working mechanisms, etc.. It was no where near complete. Did they respect us or our business enough to communicate the current status? No. Each day I had to drive to their shop and pressure them to get an actual update. Oh it will be done tomorrow. Days later we finally were able to do a final inspection. It was road worthy and we could tell these jokers were as unprofessional as it gets. Upon arrival at our shop, we started going through the trailer with a fine-toothed comb, as they should have before releasing it to us. Here is what we found: The connection from the water tank to the piping was cut too large and Elk Creeks "fix" was to goob silicone around the pipe. The silicone failed and we had to fix the leaking tank ourselves. Poor craftsmanship. From here on out youll notice that trend. Poor weatherproofing (e.g. gaps in the floor where one can see outside, sink hatches leak, etc.), did not install pressure relief valve as required by the hot water heater installation manual, exterior wall panel is not sealed as adhesive is failing, leaks in the plumbing surrounding the pump, no fuses installed on the 12v system, no breakers used for the AC wiring, door hinges are already rusting, cabin door is not square - it won't latch shut or stay shut, the lowest quality components used, no insulation installed like in specs, incorrectly labeled volume on bladder bags, ball & chain used to attach the drain plug to the trailer is NOT made from stainless steel so it is rusting, a propane leak was found because of a crack in the connection. This was either installed with a crack or cracked due to overtightening. We spent 100+ hours and an estimated thousands of dollars to right the piece of junk we paid $50k for. What a crock! I very strongly recommend NOT using this unprofessional, shotty company to do work for you.
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Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Find a different fabricator - Do NOT do business with Elk Creek Trailers


We had the same experience!! If you are interested in maybe getting enough people for a class action lawsuit, let me know. 520-221-****

@Allina Inj

I had the same experience. I had a wheel cone off the axle on my v trailer and it took months to get ahold of anyone.

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