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To:- DG FIA Sir I am a retired defence person and victim of Elixir group of company, I have invested 6 lacs from my pension commutation, my 29 years services' money dumped.

To:- DG FIA Dear Sir, with deep sorrow, I stated that I am a retired ranker defence person, I invested 6 lac from my pension commutation. I have served 29 years respectable service in my lovely and honorable defence service. Sir my 6 Lac of my Hallal Rizq is being Ghirq in River by the This Elixir Group of Company. I am very much disturbed and being mentally psycho patient about my whole life saving which is buried in the grave of Elixir Group of Company. Sir please help me in this crucial time. Shabbir Hussain s/o Abdul Rahman (Tel 0322-854**** my brother's cel)
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uh yeah when you learn to type in english and make sense maybe someone can then direct you to contact whoever the *** it is you were trying to contact in the first place rather then putting that complete waste of nonsense you typed there.

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Elixir Interactive - Total Scam

Elixir Interactive is the most deceiving and crooked company I've ever had to deal with, I am warning everyone thinking of using them to stay away at all costs. My experience with them cost me over $8000 and a whole lot of stress.. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! (hopefully my story below will stop a few people getting taken in by their scam) I first came into contact with Elixir Interactive in March 2010 when I asked for a quote for some SEO work, the lady I talked to on the phone (fionn) seemed really knowledgeable and told me they could get my site to rank for competitive terms without much trouble. after talking to her for about 30 minutes and going over everything I was convinced they would be a great fit. I started a contract with them a couple days later for $x,xxx/month. they said I could cancel anytime if I wasnt happy with the results. The first few weeks I would get a call from Elixir Interactive every 2-3 days saying they were doing "research" and analysing my site for how it could be optimized better for search, they said they were changing some of the code of my site (i gave them FTP access) to improve its visibility in search engines, although i didn't understand most of what they were talking about I trusted they were working hard and doing good work. About 10 weeks in there was still no difference in the ranking of my site and i was starting to get suspicious that they werent really doing much. When I called up Fionn and demanded them to give a report of the work they had done, they told me everything was "trade secrets" and they couldnt reveal their SEO methods. I told her I wanted proof of work done NOW, after continually haggling her she told me they would put together a report and email it to me. It was only when i got the report of work done about a week later that I realized for sure I had been ripped off this whole time. in TEN WHOLE WEEKS and thousands of dollars in fees all they had to show as proof of work was a bunch of directory submissions, some social bookmarking and blog commenting, maybe about 15-20 hours' worth of work in total, if that.....and its just basic SEO stuff. I sure wonder what their "trade secrets" *** is. I couldve hired someone to do this work for about 5% of the price Elixir Interactive charged me. the pathetic part was when I called them up obviously really angry, they suggested that I should go on a "larger plan" where they could devote more time working on my site. Of course this didnt go down well with me, I told them to go F themselves and the person hanged up on me. I havent been able to get through to them for a refund since. bottom line: DO NOT GET TAKEN IN BY ELIXIR INTERACTIVES FANCY CLAIMS. they will try to make you keep paying their fees for as long as possible before you realize they are stealing your money.
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I have to agree with Elixir Interactive lol on this one. If they are in the business of Online Rep Mgmt.

why can't they even remove their own complaints.

I know that the originator of this post maybe gaming the system to keep the post ranking, but would think if you are an authority on this subject you can get the post removed. Definitely will NOT be doing business with Elixir in the future that is for sure.


Elixir Interactive is exactly the kind of snake oil agency that is common in the SEO/reputation management industry - they'll do almost anything to get you to sign a contract, but once you hire them, they pretty much forget about you and make up all kinds of *** about why you're not getting results. They prey on those who are ignorant about SEO and don't seem to mind making up all kinds of lies to try to impress you.

Before signing a contract with Elixir I think this person should have been asking a lot more questions getting into the specifics of what they were actually going to be doing and how they were going to be doing it. Also, I'd want to know why their own company website (elixirinteractivedotcom) doesn't rank for anything in Google LOL


Honestly I believe Elixir Interactive one of most devoted company. They helped many ways to online users, clients.

I went through their brand they are active online to help users. This is something degrading someone. And this client I think looks so funny and ***, he don't know patience is most important in online marketing. How he ruthlessly degrade a good company.

If he shows his website here I will agree with him. How can public believe on him that he has really faced fraud.

Again kind request to admin of this site to remove this post. I am not part of any company as a online reader I want help Elixir Interactive, they are really royal in their work and they are doing fantastic job.

And request to take always proofs from consumers from that they really faced problems. If there are proofs show here please.


I don't think Elixir Interactive is a scam, but it seems they are not nearly as effective as they would like people to believe.


this posting is fake, its a competitior of the company in question. be advised this is a negative posting for someone who needs to get some.


@ Ms. Ironic's comment on Elixir Interactive, I couldn't agree more!

If you Google Elixir Interactive you see this complaint ranking on page one, yet Elixir Interactive are suddenly 'experts' in online reputation management. If they can't even get rid of this listing for their own company name then how are they going to help Elixir Interactive's client's. Elixir Interactive's CEO, Fionn Downhill, is running around speaking at conferences around the country cause now she is an expert in SERM lol they only started marketing SERM services to Elixir Interactive client's about 6 months ago.

Snake oil companies like Elixir Interactive is what gives real SEO companies a bad name. I'd stay away from companies like Elixir Interactive that can't even clean up their own online reputation.

Just search for Elixir Interactive


"Isildurrr", you or whoever you are now paying for SEO services dumped 13 spam comments on my blog in less than an hour today, all linking back to this posting, all using garbage emails, all from the same IP cluster, and all unrelated to the content on my blog. Slamming blogs with auto-posted spam by the boatload in order to promote your gripe against an SEO company causes me to question your credibility.


I have worked first-hand with Elixir and you won't find a more trustworthy SEO company out there. If a company EVER guarantees a client that their site WILL rank, that company is doing fishy things that the search engines will catch onto and it will hurt your site's rankings.

Elixir does things the way the search engines want. Of course they aren't going to tell a client their trade secrets. I can almost guarantee that they did keyword research and analysis, which takes a while. I bet they also helped this client to get authoritative links to the site in question and they did the on-site optimization that was needed.

My experience with Elixir was that Fionn is honest and hard working. It sounds like this person really just wanted a miracle and can't accept that quality takes time.


I find it interesting that Elixor-Interactive provides online reputation management for clients. This posting on Pissed Consumer is ranking the middle of page 1.

Do the cobbler's kids have no shoes?? :roll

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map-marker Bucharest, Bucharest Marketing Stole my money. elixirinteractive Scam company used telemarketing to contact our company and used high pressure sales to get us to spend over $5000 and a fake GURANTEEED first page ranking above some negative listings that we had, DO NOT LISTEN. They are scammers, they literary stole $2750 from us for 2 months! Do not be a victim, if it is too good to be true, IT IS. We are seeking legal advise against this company and hopefully will put them out of business and in jail soon so they will not be able to make any other victims. Elixir interactive did no work that I can even see and I almost got fired for hiring them.
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