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The worst contractor I have ever come across

Update by user Apr 10, 2018

Another violation of the law. I was supposed to be given, in addition to the contract I never got, a written two year warranty on all work and materials.

Update by user Mar 21, 2018

I have just discovered that in New York State it is the law that any home improvement contactor must supply a written contract which specifies the cost of the entire job, from materials to labor, and the manufacturer of all materials must be listed. There must also be a time frame for the job to be completed.

I never got a contract, and the people I know you have also had work done by them never got contracts from them either. They simply kept giving them checks for marials used and time worked. In addition, I was supposed to receive a two year written warranty on all materials and labor.

I never got that either. So, they are totally out of compliance with the law.

Update by user Jan 10, 2018

After writing to me and telling me they would refund my deposit for the countertops and the money I paid for the labor associated with the counters, they have now rescinded their "offer", as they put it, and are suing me for the balance of the countertops which they never provided and the labor they never performed. In addition, after insisting to me that I had signed a contract for materials and man hours ( which I knew I never did), they have now posted on Angieslist that I refused to sign a contract with them, along with a good number of other lies. This company really takes the cake.

Update by user Dec 20, 2017

Finally got a new contractor to install counters and hook up sink and faucet. The sink and faucet had been purchased for me by Elite Kitchen and Bath.

Turns out the faucet is defective, and may not even have been new.

There was no paperwork in the box at all. I ordered a new one for $200.00 less than Elite charged me for it, and I will be sending this one back to him along with an invoice.

Original review posted by user Dec 11, 2017
I don’t even know where to start. I don’t know if I will have enough room to list everything that went wrong. Elite kitchen and Bath/Express Contracting are two business arms of the same company. Elite sells you the materials, and you pay Express ( by the man hour) for labor. You wind up paying checks out to both companies, and in all actuality, I also wound up paying over $11,000 to the father of the owner, David, who may or may not still be part of the business, but my check sure as heck was not written out to a business. Express is apparently not licensed as I write ( it was) and Elite has never been licensed. The Dept of Consumer Affairs told me that any retail business which refers, recommends, uses- any entity which does home improvement work must also be licensed, so Elite is in violation of licensing law. I was also supposed to be given a contract with all the details and the cost of the job, both labor and materials, but no, I never got one. All contractors know what a job is going to cost, but this one just shows up every week or two, like a rent collector, to get a check for the “work” which was done over the past two week period. After a while you do not even know how many hours the guys worked, on which jobs, and how much you are even paying. They are also not listed with the Better Business Bureau, and according the the BBB site, they never gave them the information requested in order to list them. I hired Elite to put down a tile floor in my basement, and new ceiling tiles as well. I also hired them to do part of my kitchen, mainly replacing the island with a new one, the countertops on both the L-shape part and the new island, and to purchase and install a new wall oven, microwave, dishwasher, and eventually a sink and cooktop on the new counter. They also did some other minor jobs for me which I will mention later. The guy who did the basement floor spent over three weeks, ten hours a day, putting down that floor. It is a very small basement, and should have taken a third of the time. At $70 an hour labor to Express Contracting, that puts an awful lot of money in their pockets. They claim they purchased over nine hundred very large floor riles - roughly 9” X 34”, but I have no information on manufacturer, color, where they came from, and there is not even one small piece left over, and I have no warranty on the floor. After almost six months, they were dragging their feet; things should have been finished in half the time. They also purchased and installed a storm door for me, which was costly, installed it incorrectly, and it is going to have to be removed. They took my entrance door off to install new weatherstrip on the bottom, and now it is difficult to open and close the door - it drags. The guy insists that’s the way it should be. No, not true. He brought in a painter he sub-contracts to for painting a kitchen with very little wall and trim, laundry room, powder room and basement, to the tune of over $11,000. The guy did not repair or sand anything, but merely painted over all the damage. According to David Sharbani, if things needed repair, they should have just been ripped off and replaced with new trim. Sorry, that is not what I do. The guy also got paint on the floors, windows, doorknobs, and ore. I am still scraping it. IN addition, he was supposed to cut out and replace a piece of sheetrock which had mold on it, and he simply painted right over it. I now have to pay someone to do that job. There were thousands of dollars of items listed as having been purchased from places like Home depot, a lumber yard, a plumbing supply place. Nothing was itemized, no names of actual items purchased. There was no way in *** that the amount of supposed purchases were used in this house. They left black rut marks all over my patio with their equipment, and I had just spent a fortune having it power washed. His guys insisted on storing things in my garage, and even though I watched like a hawk, and stopped them from cutting wood and mixing grout near my car, they succeeded in damaging the car and I had to take it in for bodywork. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the day the men finally arrived with the countertops, right after breaking up and removing what was here, along with my sink, cooktop, turning off the gas supply to the cooktop and all my plumbing in the kitchen. They showed up with the wrong color and pattern, and then the owner insisted it’s what I ordered. I know darn well what I ordered, and when I told him we had discussed my order being based on blending in with a few small counter areas which were to remain, he did not remember that discussion, nor did he remember bringing the sample I picked out, but somehow he did remember the wrong pattern he ordered. He attempted to paint me as inept and doddering. He was more than willing to order a new counter, and charge me “his cost”. Was not going to happen. I had to hire someone else for the counters, and to install the appliances and sink, so I am without a kitchen for weeks now, and living mostly elsewhere, coming back to the house when necessary. He owes me money as well, which he has not produced. He owes for the countertops, the sink drain and bottom grid, all of which he got paid for. All in all he owes me about $5000.00 and Express owes me for $12 00.00 worth of work of installing the new counters and hooking everything up. I probably have to go to court to recoup my losses. He also should pay for the damage to my entrance door and the abominable storm door, as well as a new painter to undo the damage his guy did. Paid these guys over $70,000 and the jobs probably could have been done, and done better and more efficiently at almost half the price. After almost fifty years of using contractors and being my own contractor at times, you would think I knew better, but he was strongly recommended by someone I knew, and the referral was seconded by someone who lives in my neighborhood. Could they be so clueless, or is it that David figured he could con a widowed senior citizen??
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Response to Complaint authored by Leslie of Great Neck (Also known as Laurie W. on Yelp and dakota2015 on this site)

After you review our response, please check the rest of Leslie's reviews (dakota2015) on this site and (Laurie W.) on Yelp.


We own (2) businesses - Elite Kitchen & Bath and Express Contracting. Mrs. Weinberg hired Express Contracting to do her work, not Elite K&B. In 34 years, we have never had a complaint filed.

All checks received are recorded on our company books properly.

2. Express has been, and still is licensed for 34 years.


We give every client a contract. We gave Mrs. Weinberg a quote and she failed to sign our contract. We did not push her to sign it and we regret this.


We work on time & material basis as explained to Mrs. Weinberg. She received detailed bills for both labor and materials purchased on a consistent basis. 5.

We did not exceed the quotes we gave her. 6. We are not listed under the BBB. We don't know what you need to be listed 7.

She hired Express to do the contracting work. 8. The kitchen island and countertop were purchased through Elite 9. We do not sell appliances so we are not sure why she said she purchased a new wall oven, microwave, and dishwasher and cook top from us.

We did sell her a sink 10. Basement floor was completed according to budget that client was supplied 11. Floor tiles - Client never asked us for manufacture, warranty, or any other details. Material name and color was listed on invoice 12.

Express Contracting worked on and off at residence over the last 6 months. We started with basement work, then she wanted a break from work, then painting was done approx. a month later. Cabinets were ordered at the beginning of job, and there was a 12 week lead time to receive, which client was informed about 13.

Storm Door - Was a custom mahogany door that we manufactured and installed. The door closing mechanism needed to be replaced with a heavier duty mechanism. It was dropped off at residence, but client refused to let us install. 14.

Entrance Door - Weather stripping was replaced since worn, and door needed more force now to close since weather stripping is new. 15. Painter - Was hired to paint kitchen, eat-in area, powder room, laundry, hallway, and exterior garage door, and front door and exterior trims. He was hired to paint, not to repair existing dents.

16. Sheetrock with mold - Sheetrock was removed and replaced. 17. Purchases - Client never requested copies of all individual material invoices.

All material was used for clients home, and was within provided budget. 18. We never leave a client's house with black or any marks as she claims. We are careful not to drag equipment.

We put down cloths and respect every client's home -inside and out. 19. We did not damage her car, when client went to look to show me damage she could not even find a scratch 20. Mrs.

Weinberg chose a new quartz counter-top based on a 12" x 12" sample. When she saw the top in its full size, she claimed it was not the material she had chosen. She was furnished with invoice that indicated this material as well as copy of email with material selection that was emailed from her home. Mrs.

Weinberg only paid a 50% deposit on the countertop. 21. Since we work on time & material, we did not charge her for work we did not do as she claims. 22.

She did pay for the sink drain and grid which were on back order. We credited her for these two items. 23. If you review the over 150 emails she sent in a 2 week period (Including Thanksgiving and when I had to rush to Florida when my Mom got sick), you can see that since she kept up a hostile, harassing and threatening tone, we were willing to "eat" the countertop cost just to make this situation end.

We told her time & time again we wanted to resolve this. As you can see, she declined the monetary offer. As she said, she wants to "get even". We have now rescinded our offer to pay for the countertop she did not like.

24. Mrs. Weinberg was also hostile and nasty to our workers. These workers are legal immigrants on salary & insured.

My Dad and I continue to suffer many sleepless nights due to her constant threats and harassment. She is slandering us on line and to our vendors. This defamation of character is unwarranted. 25.

Before she hired us, she did say she worked with contractors all her life. She also said every single one of them was terrible. That should have been a clue. Why would she hire us if she has such vast experience with contractors for over 50 years?

26. She is correct - we are highly recommended because of our great workmanship. 27. My father is a senior citizen, 80 years old.

We both run the businesses & have a great respect for all people, including senior citizens. Another slander on her part to accuse us of conning a senior citizen. We are a reputable firm and have been for 34 years.

28. Client mentioned appliances which were purchased from another company - Hampton Appliance in Garden City


All nonsense, and I won't bother addressing this point by point. This man, David Sharbani, never gave me a contract, then insisted I had signed one and he would provide a copy ( which was impossible, since it did not exist) and now says I refused to sign one.

I never got a detailed proposal on any of the work. What I got was a "ballpark" price on what I wanted done here, and what I paid was almost one third more at this point. I did not hire Express Contracting, I hired Elite. I did not even know there was an "Express" until Mr.

Sharbani had me write out checks to them. I also wrote out over $11,000 to his father, Yeheskel Sharbani, which means that money is not being credited toward the business. Elite is not licensed, which is probably why Mr. Sharbani insists I hired Express, which is licensed.

It does not take almost two hundred hours at $70.00 an hour, to put down a ceramic tile floor in a seven hundred fifty square foot basement. I was soaked on that. The storm door has to be removed and discarded after I paid thousands in materials and labor. No, it is not the closer, and even the foreman on his job said the door was put on with not enough air being allowed to circulate, forming a vacuum.

The terrible weatherstripping job on the front door was a given, considering that after it was applied, you had to open and close the door with two hands, because it dragged. It has now ripped off, but I still have problems with the door because they removed all the weatherstripping on the sides as well and did not put it back properly. I never even discussed previous contractors with him, so his comment that I said they were all terrible is a lie, and I consider it libelous. The few contractors I used over the years have either retired or died, or yes, I would have used one of them.

When you hire a painter, you expect cracks, holes, etc., to be repaired and painted. The guy he sent here simply slapped a coat of paint over damaged wood. No, that is not what a painter is hired for and his comment that he was hired to paint and not repair is so ludicrous I have to wonder about his thinking process. Elite does not have all great reviews, except on Houzz, which they advertise on, and the reviews there all appear to be relatively similar, with no actual names of reviewers.

Elsewhere, he does have negative reviews. I have emails between us attesting to the color of countertop material he was supposed to being me samples of, which was mostly white with a hint of gray threading, to blend in with the few pieces of marble counter which were staying in the kitchen, so that it would not look as though I had different counter materials in different places. All of the original counters were white marble with just a hint of gray. I picked out a sample he brought me which was perfect.

What they showed up with weeks later was a dark charcoal gray and black mottled pattern which a couple of my friends labeled as looking like "vomit". Had he admitted to the error and agreed to rectify it, that would have been the end of it, despite all the other things which went wrong here. I simply wanted him and his men gone at that point, and I would have chalked up my whole experience with him as a lesson learned. Instead, he tried to blame he, telling me I had ordered what was brought, and more than insinuated that I was "losing it".

He said he would order the correct material but that I would have to pay for it all over again. That was when I fired him. I paid this man over $70,000 without the appliances, which, BTW, I never said I bought FROM him. He ordered them and had them delivered and I wrote out the checks to the appliance place.

I have invoices here totaling over $10,000 which are supposedly for "materials" from Home Depot. There is no way there were materials purchased for this job for anywhere near that ludicrous total, since everything purchased is itemized elsewhere. If this is for grout, nails and screws, etc., those are very expensive items.

All in all, I was taken for quite a bit of money, and in some cases, very poor workmanship and total lack of professionalism. He was very quick to mention above that his workers are legal, so now I have to question why he even has to state that.

we never discussed the legality of his workers, so now this is another avenue to pursue.

I never treated his workers badly, and his so-called "sleepless nights" are a joke. Threaten him? With what? Harass?

I simply asked for the return of money paid to him which is owed to me. He sent an email stating it would be returned, and copies of checks they would issue to me, but they wanted me to sign a release that I would not hold them accountable for any other problems. When I said I did not need to sign a release for the money which is owed to me ( they were hardly doing me a favor by returning what is rightly mine) they decided not to return my money and instead want to sue me for the balances on the countertops and labor associated with them which would have been due had they completed the work. Although he claims above they would have absorbed the cost of the entire countertop, they now intend to keep my deposit and sue me for the balance of it.

Actually, they are suing for even more than the balances which would have been due upon delivery of materials and completion of work. Their emails attest to what they were supposed to return and that the balances would be null and void. Just the fact that they wanted a release points to the fact that he knows darn well how many things they screwed up here.

Slandering him? It is hardly slander to provide a true and accurate report of what was done, and what was wrong with their work and all of it has proof.

Vendors? What vendors?????

If citing poor workmanship, inability to provide the correct items are what he considers slander, he needs a vocabulary lesson.

He is the one who slandered me by claiming I didn't know what I was doing, and ordered the wrong item. Elite needs to learn how to treat customers.


Update. Not only has Elite refused to refund my money, but they are suing me for the balance of the materials never provided and the labor never done.


This was an error in posting. I have updated my review.

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