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What can i say other than the fact that eric will be the nicest person youve delt with until he gets your money, then you find out that nothing is what it should be. In the end you have to have the vehicle he sold you hauled off and your money is gone.

I found out his vehicles dont pass inspection and it cost more to fix than what its worth. Hes not a good person.

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Poor customer service
map-marker Arlington, Texas

Will rip you off and lie to you, DO NOT TRUST!

I bought a truck from them, and said they would mail me the title because he just bought it at an auction. 8 months later I was able to get the title because I went to a lawyer.

They never paid for the truck at the auction. Eric kept telling me he would get the title in the mail to me each week, which he couldn't because he didn't have it. I had to pay to get the title, and all my late fees to get it tagged.

Bad business, terrible inventory and not trustworthy. Do not buy from Eric, he will lie to you!

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Cecillia Btn
map-marker Taylorsville, Georgia


Updated by user Aug 07, 2013

not sure why this showed up taylorsville georgia...but Elite Autosports is located in ARLINGTON, TX...

Original review Aug 07, 2013

I drove two hours to this dealership after the OWNER giving me his "honest" word that it was worth my drive and he didnt "have junk" on his lot. test drove the truck ran pretty smooth other than being an 05 with higher mileage, steering seem kind of loose, needed new tires and interior had multiple cigarette burns in the seats and headliner evethough i specifically asked if it was a NON SMOKER truck and was told "yes".

figured the truck seemed pretty solid and just needed some TLC. I WAS SO WRONG! before i even got it back home my check engine light came on and the steering was very very loose. dash was warning me low oil pressure also.

took the truck to my mechanic and i was told "i'm lucky i didnt kill myself or anbody else having this thing on the highway" b/c my center link was broken...fixed that then checked the oil. the owner told me he was using 20-50 oil which i have never heard of but whatever. oil was DIRRRTTTYYY and so was filter he never even changed the oil?! so changed everything out and switched to 5W-30 like iv always used...

Thinking i was in the clear i drove the truck home to ohio for my fiance's pre deployment leave and just into Ohio the entire rear end goes out and i had to switch to 4WD to get it to a garage where i then spent over $800 for a new rear end. my check engine light, 3 months later, is yet to be turned off and every diagnostic gives me a O2 sensor code, defective fuel pump code and knock sensor code... so now im just keeping the tank half full waiting to see what actually fails next! contacted the owner so upset multiple times he argued that nothing was wrong with the truck and i was exaggerating and obviously nothing he could do was gonna make me happy.

so $1400 later and only 3 finance payments into this purchase here we are still trying to fix the truck!!

ON TOP OF IT ALL i drove my old truck to his dealership and my AAA membership was supposed to tow the old truck the 2 hours back home the next morning. well AAA had a misunderstanding and said they couldnt tow it. when i notified the owner of my issue he told me no worries i was welcome to leave my truck on HIS lot where he had me park it his self for as long as i needed until i figured out the tow issues.

i called a couple times and everything was fine as i was appealing the issue with AAA. two weeks later i called the owner to tell him i was on my way to pick up my old truck...he though i was joking and told me he'd call me back he had to "find my truck" calls me back and said it was towed this is where its at better get their quick they had been charging me storage fees for over a week! but bc he is such a wholesome business owner he was willing to help me out and pay $200 of the tow bill....which totalled to be $458!!! by now im livid with this man he asked for my address to send me this $200 check.

i paid the tow bill picked up the old truck now have driven 8 hours out of my way for garbage and waited for the check in the mail...Im still waiting to this day and have never gotten any type of further response from the owner of elite auto sports!!! PLEASE LET EVERYBODY KNOW ABOUT ERIC FROM ELITE AUTO SPORTS!! he says he can't help it he's a small business owner he can only do so much...every small business owner i know knows that you take care of your customers they take care of you...or so i thought....


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Claudene Lzh

Ok this is not accurate at all. This truck was a higher mileage truck and I was very accurate with the description along with very good pictures (34).

The customer drove it and was happy with it and took it back home. Customer said she was gonna pick her car up in a few days and it was here for weeks. I called to verify it was them that picked it up and she didnt know what I was talking about. It was towed because it hadnt moved in so long, it wasnt even parked at my lot.

I tried to go get it from impound to keep from getting charged more but they didnt have the documentation showing it was theres so I couldnt get it. I do everything I can for everyone, but when a mechanic tells someone that a truck needs all kinds of things that it doesnt, I cant pay for a bunch of non sense. My trucks are all checked out by a mechanic before they are sold.

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks -Eric- 682-232-****

map-marker Arlington, Texas

3 week old truck needs new engine

I bought the truck 1/29. It broke down 1/31. I had it towed back to Elite after speaking with owner, Eric, who claimed he would fix it. It sat for 4 days and he comes back and says I have bad fuel. So I called my insurance to come pick it up and it be towed to a Ford dealership if that is the case. $1,163.66 later, the truck still won't start. Come to find out from a full diagnostic of the engine, an injector wasn't seated correctly, it eventually burned up a cylinder and stripped the bearings in the crankshaft. My new engine is $17,642.90.

This guy does not check out his trucks. He makes false claims that he will fix it if it breaks down. The guy didn't even inspect the truck I traded in. I wouldn't ever send anybody to this dealership or any repair shop he suggests (Kwality Auto in Mansfield).

The monetary value of the loss does not include what I paid for the truck.

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The truck was an F250, Lariat. Great looking truck.

A fuel analysis through Karl Klement Ford in Decatur showed that the tank contained water in the system, not gasoline. Further investigation of the engine block revealed that an injector was not seated correctly and when the block was rolled over on the stand, that injector just fell out. that cylinder turned out to have frozen up. I do still have the receipt showing that Kwality Auto had done some injector work on the truck for Eric, so put 2 and 2 together and Eric's favorite mechanic missed a step.

The dodge that was traded in had a dent on the side, and nothing else wrong with it.

Typically when you trade in to any dealer, they look for every little thing to make sure they give you less money.

Little did I know, it was just coming off the other end in what would have to be done to the new one.

Claudene Lzh

This truck ran perfect when he picked it up until he put gasoline in a DIESEL truck. He traded in a patched up junk dodge that he lied about.

When he called and said the truck had issues I had it towed at my expense to my Diesel mechanic to have it looked at. He fried the starter so I bought another one. When we figured out he put gas in a diesel I told him it would cost 400.00 to have it fixed and because it was his fault, it would be at his cost along with towing. He insisted on taking it back to the Ford Dealership and would pay for towing and the starter and he wrote me a HOT check and picked up the truck.

Ive never heard from him again and did NOT pursue the hot check.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to call me anytime. Thanks -Eric- 682-232-****


What kind of truck was it?

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map-marker Dallas, Texas

Elite Autosports Arlington TX

These guys will rip you off and lie to you time after time. They do not check the vehicles.

I bought a truck there and they knew there were issues but disguised them and told me if i had an issue to let them know and it would be corrected. Informed them of the problems and got a basic bs answer for every issue. Dont touch with a ten foot pole.

I went ahead and fixed the issues myself as they were dangers to passengers as well as everyone around in traffic. An agreement between two people no longer exists

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Claudene Lzh

I have no idea who or what this vehicle is. Elite Autosports along with every other dealer buys cars from auctions and doesnt know alot of history.

I buy quality cars that dont need repair and I have them checked out at my mechanic, if they need something then I have it repaired. I tell everyone if something happens please call me. I have never not taken care of things, and lost money on a few trucks. People sometimes forget these are not brand new trucks, they are USED.

I do everything I can to help out every customer. Unfortunately people dont post when they have a good experience, only the people who have a bad experience. I sell alot of trucks and only have a few complaints and not one of them is legit.

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks -Eric- 682-232-****

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