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I bought an Electrolux dishwasher (Model: EI 24I D50QS4B) in March 2016. In June 2016 (yes, less than 90 days after I purchased it), the dishwasher stopped half through the cycle. I used a vacuum shop to empty the water; removed the dishes and called Electrolux warranty people. I was asked to call their authorized repair in my city which I did. A technician showed up 3 days later. It was so obvious that this gentleman had never seen a machine...
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The controls would change from the setting you put in. The dishwasher would start up without any input as the control panel would turn back on and when you shut the door it would start up. NO heat dry cycle. Uses super heated water to dry dishes. (How does that save energy) Dishes always wet. I wanted to by Made in USA or Canada and this is the JUNK I get. By Samsung or LG or any other brand. Stay away from ELECTROLUX or brands made by the...
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I liked
  • Throwing money away
I didn't like
  • Not reliable
  • Poor design