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El Tango Reception Hall - Expensive Service Review from Augusta, Georgia

Reading the previous review reminded me of the experience we had with that particular hall, el tango. In fact we were one of their first clients after they built the facility. The owners are terrible. They are just looking for ways to charge you for fees. With us he charged the full price of a stall door in a restroom just because it had very slight indentation , smaller than a 1/4 inch and the dent was almost invisible . That cost us about 600 dollars.We were so upset about that we made him give us the existing door. He took over two months to return our deposit . We also left the kitchen immaculate yet he still charged cleaning. Their business practices are not very honorable, stay away from them and save yourself a headache and from spending a lot more than what you expected.
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El Tango Reception Hall, Bakersfield, CA 93313 -ripped off

don't rent this place for your event! 1.Not to mention being charged 6,000 dollars for the reception. We were being charged (800$)for the tile because we danced on it and left shoe marks!!!wtf >do they want us to wear slippers or socks to a formal party?!? >or maybe they should have had a sign outside that said to fly around the hall, and not stepp on their floors DON'T GET RIPPED OF FOR WHAT YOU SEE, YES ITS BEAUTIFUL BUT YOU'LL END UP IN A CRISIS!!! 2.they make you pick up your own trash(not tripping) bu tthey charge you 80$ to throw it in their dumpster! 3.They are two-faced=when you go take a tour at their hall, they are all wanting to practically''kiss your feet''but once you've paid them , they treat you like a dog!!! >at the party they are just loking to see what you ar edoing, the security guards go through your food and alcoholic beverages and drink your beer. >They charge you for brokenbathroom toilets who were broken before you even got there, leaks from the fridge, and they will not give you your deposit back( 1,500-2,000 ). .:PLEASe READ THE CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN IT!!! .:LOOKS DO SAY SOMETHING DIFFERTTHEN WHAT IT IS. .:TAKE PICTURES OF THE HALL, BEFORE YOUR PARTY, EVEN IF HE SAYS HE KNOWS ITS THERE, .:BECAUSE I ASURE YOU THAT HE WILLCHARGE YOU i just wish someone would have told me, efor ei nrented it:(
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I came across this review and had to comment on my experience with El Tango Reception Hall.

I had my wedding reception at this beautiful venue and my experience was wonderful! Diane was such a great help with so many ideas!

The contract is nothing out of this world. They tell you to take your time and read it. They do not rush you whatsoever. Any questions you have they answer them. Trust me, I had a lot of questions and they were all answered with honesty.

They are always adding to the hall and maintain it so well! So many halls in Bakersfield are old and/or not maintained at all. I don't know how they do it, but this hall always smells so good! The location is great and easy to get to.

Everything about this hall is beautiful!

I have nothing but great things to say about El Tango and the staff! If negative reviews have you uneasy, just ask Diane or any staff member. They are always happy to answer questions and help with anything you need.

Thank you El Tango!


How do we know this is not the owner who is saying this? Finally somebody aside from my family spoke up about their unjust ways.. SMH

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