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I had a single serving size Edy's ice cream with drumstick pieces mixed in.2 hours later, I had vomiting and diarrhea for twenty four hours. My wife had the same meals all day except for that ice cream. She was fine. It took two days to recover from the nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It was a terrible experience. It was purchased from Speedway gas station/mini market in Clarksville, Tennessee. This was an awful experience. Three days of our...
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Anonymous We 3 just, Dec 2016, ate some Edy's slow churned Vanilla ice cream. Turns out it's really ice milk ice cream, which we occasionally do eat. However, this wasn't very good h...


Anonymous Maybe you need to check with the Speedway where you bought the ice cream. Did they store it properly? Had it ever thawed and then been refrozen?

I didn't like
  • Food poisoning
I have just learned that Shop Rite is no longer carrying Eddy's brand of ice cream.I can't live this summer without Drum Stik!!!! I mean REALLY, it was always sold out. I would buy 4 at a time if they were in stock. They don't seem to understand that if a food is sold out it is because THAT Is what people want to purchase. In this case, the half the fat slow churned Drum Stik was better tasting that the regular to me. I guess I am going to go to...
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Anonymous It was Edy's decision to stop supporting ShopRite stores due to an immense lack of sales. Retailers don't make huge decisions like this for no reason.
In addition, Edy's wa...

I liked
  • Drum stick
  • Half fat slow churned ice cream