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EDMdesigns, EDM Designs, lousy customer service and cheap *** jewelry - AVOID!!!

Finally, after waiting since my original order on December 10th my brooch arrived today, January 8th. When I requested information regarding the shipment (shortly after I placed the order) and was ignored after 3 emails I wrote a fourth email that was more pointed..."You have my money, where's my brooch." That finally generated a response. A condescending response stating that I should read the delivery information in the add. OK, at least I received a response albeit insulting. I was assured my piece of art jewelry should be here in time for the holidays to thrill the recipient...YUP. It didn't even make the Epiphany. The web site - that I'm supposed to pay attention to -indicated they had sent it priority mail on December 21st, but, even after I requested a tracking number - TWICE, they never sent me one. HMMM... Then, after I sent two more emails in January, I received a note saying the USPS returned the parcel to them for some unknown reason...REALLY, HMMM. If it had been sent in the first place, why no tracking number (it's promised in their shipping information on line - remember I was supposed to read that)? Why no response to my queries? Oh well, my brooch finally arrived today. To my dismay, it is a cheap trinket not worth 1/2 of what they charged. Bottom line result - insulting customer service as well as mediocre product. I ordered watchpart cufflinks from another web site and the quality was a quantum leap above this. Combine the quality of the product with the arrogant, condescending customer service and you have quite a combination. Never an apology - just 'tough luck' explanations. I'm sure the response to this feedback will be equally defensive, condescending and scathing. I'll be sure to share the experience - and web site - with all my friends.
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I hate to see all this talk about Edm Designs. Its simply not true.

I for one have purchased twice from them and had excellent experience both time. The staff was super friendly and the owner, Ricky was as kind and caring as anyone I have ever worked with. The jewelry is exceptionally beautiful and very professionally made. I was kept posted about my order and it arrived quicker than expected.

I will surely be shopping again with them. I have also recommended their work to family and friends.

I am one very happy customer. If you are considering buying gorgeous, handmade Steampunk and other Victorian style jewelry - the ONLY place to shop is Edm Designs.





Her positive feedback is mostly fake. Just take a look at how many times the term "high marks" is used in paragraph-long feedback posts. It is pretty obvious the same person is writing them.


You are right Edm Designs are very rude! I've had that experience myself with them.

I've never purchased their products so I can't speak for that part. I was selling on Etsy and received a nasy email from them saying I stole their designs! Come on it's steampunk there is only so much you can do with it. Sometimes some things are going to be alike.

I have books on how to make steampunk jewelry that all are sold in stores and the internet. That's where I got some of my ideas from.

They act like they invented steampunk. They are bullies.


TheWormsThatAteCindysBrain that left the pages of comments below, is Ricky of Edm Designs, FYI. Just read some of the negatives shes left dissatisfied customers and the commentary she left on You Though We Wouldnt Notice. The old hag has a very recognizable typing style and language.

And trying to get rid of the comments by reposting three times and double spacing, isnt going to get rid of all the hatred you created, sweet Ricky.


Edm Designs work is ***. Her customer service is ***.

75% of her sales are FAKE. All her feedback is from SUPPLY SELLERS! NOT CUSTOMERS! And she constantly tries to claim that every dissatisfied customer is Grace Acosta, which they ARENT.

Charging $195 for a ring made from components made is China and cost .75 cents is bound to get some negative responses from buyers. Couple that with charging $28 for international shipping when she DOES NOT ship registered or Priority Mail. NOPE! She ships First Class International with costs all of $2.50 and gets a 'Certificate of Mailing' which is good for nothing if the item gets lost and only costs $1.

Her attitude is HORRENDOUS and she is constantly attacking and trying to intimidate other sellers on Etsy, even going so far as saying "It would be unhealthy for you to continue selling on Etsy".

Seriously. This is a 50+ year old woman we are talking about. With kids! And she has the gall to speak this way to people?

Wheres the maturity in that? If there is any doubt as to what the author of this complaint has said, read the negative feedback Ricky writes to dissatisfied customers. Read the article on her on the website "You Thought We Wouldn't Notice." Think critically about the number of sales she has and compare that with the number of feedback that was left from customers. Ricky and her minions make fake accounts and buy items from her store and then leave PAGES of glowing FALSE feedback.

REAL customers dont usually take the time to write pages. Look at other seller's legit feedback and compare.


Below is an amazing work of art from a seller known to threaten and harass other steampunk sellers on etsy. This was in response to a buyer's negative feedback. See if you can hold down your bile...

"edmdesigns says:

This Buyer has some serious issues - have a look at the bitter tone and vulgar language used within by a supposed Adult just to express any type of dissapointment - Sad and Pathetic....Firstly, the ring base is precisely the one used to make thousands of rings in the past and used by jewelry artisans the world over - and I use them in all finishes to the delight of all my customers who have received them. They are sold by the top selling jewelry suppliers in the US, and not some cheaply made rendition coming out of the Far East. I will certainly continue to use them without any doubt in all the finishes along with my hand turned own ring base designs............Despite having a record of THREE Convos to this Buyer with Etsy, the claims are simply false - she was responded to each and every time, even if it was a few days later than she expected - she was given a full response, thus she has spoken another untruth..............But, yet again, in an effort to make this customer happy and not have her disgruntled as that is not my objective with anyone, I have offered her every option known to mankind to make her happy and all have been refused.......I ask anyone with a sensible and logical mind, WHY would you refuse a replacement, or a store credit, or a substitute of any kind and above ALL a FULL monetary refund for the purchase and send back the so called defective ring for inspection?.......Now, unless people are truly ***, one can only surmise that any of a number of issues are at play here.....Either the ring is in fact flawless and the Buyer thrives of leaving untruthful statements in an effort to tarnish a stellar reputation, the Buyer has no regard for the value of money (in which case send the money to a charity, God knows there are too many to count and select one that may carry special meaning), or the Buyer is simply mean-spirited, bitter at the world and malicious. You know the type I mean.....nothing would ever be good enough. Its sad.........Nothing else would even come close to a modicum of logic or sensibility.......Clearly an unstable individual.....It must hurt to be so miserable.....I will say a prayer that the Buyrer find peace from within to quell any demons that might be haunting.........At this juncture, all offers are recinded.......I will ask that the Buyer never come near my shop again. Buyer should be ashamed of their lies and behaviors. Sellers beware........Oh, and please don't ever use profanities and vulgarities in any communications to anyone who works here or in feedback. It will never make you righteous - it will always be an ugly trait."

The owner of this shop (Ricky) is the truly ugly one. Her history of insults, harassment, and general unpleasant behavior toward anyone on etsy she sees as a threat has been WELL documented. Grace from Rivkasmom is not the only person that has had issues with her. Ask around and you will find about 30 other sellers that she has verbally tormented.



Absolutely hilarious, Grace (AKA rivkasmom, AKA hanahsarah). You're still coming back here to talk to your audience of... Hold on a sec. while we count. Oh yes, your audience of NO ONE.

And you STILL think that people believe your nonsense. It's truly a wonder... You must think the population at large is as *** as you are.

And please, Ms. Horrible, with your lengthy fabricated complaint on Dec. 19 of 2010, where is the accompanying negative feedback you certainly would have left for this mysterious $120.00 necklace? Gosh, didn't think about that did you Grace. You fabricate a sale and complaint, but there is no actual corresponding sale to coincide with your story. A small but quickly verifiable hole in your under-medicated fantasy land.

And isn't it curious that portions of "horrible's" comments and "Michelle's" comments are identical. Not too transparent that both posts are from you, Grace, posing as "unsatisfied customers". All of this effort and you don't even bother to try and be convincing?

Ah well, for anyone who might happen across the curiosity of this site, all of the "complaints" that have been generated on this site are the pure fabrication of a competitor who is sick with jealousy and her (continued) failure.


I must say, I also have had a horrible experience with EDMDesigns. The necklace I ordered (for $120) is cheap, glued together, and isn't worth 10 bucks.

I also had horrible shipping with them... I had to e-mail them 6 times to get ONE response, and my response was 'check your spam mailbox, i've sent responses' (B.S. if you ask me. Last summer I was freaking out thinking that I was scammed (which I basicall was.) I would never tell anyone to go to them, or suggest their pieces to anyone..

It's cheap ***.

And the fact that TheWordsThatAteCindysBrain is being so immature just shows how lousy their company is.


Comments made by "TheWormsThatAteCindysBrain" is very immature. Its no surprise that he/she is a friend of the seller. This alone makes EDM Design very non professional and can't take any criticism.

There are many buyers for EDM Design who have complain poor workmanship on their jewelry. The watch movements are simply hot glued to the rings.

Another thing that many customers complained about is that the items have been shipped when actually it hasn't.

I was going to buy one of their pieces, but after reading that the watch movement is simply "Hot Glued" to the ring, it is not worth the price they are asking. It is working more like $30. Ricky even mentioned that the rings are very quick to make in one of her interviews.

If the movements are professional mounted to the ring, I would consider buying it. Its indeed an unique concept.

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