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We've had the system for about a month now and we love it. Our cloths are cleaner and I have the satisfaction of knowing my kids wont be bathing in chlorine.

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If you are going to buy the system ,the employee will happy to help you. If you already had a syetem, they will keep on telling you what is wrong with the old system and telling you to get a new one. This is how this company do their business. I will never buy from this company.

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I have had an ecowater water softener system for over five years now and love my on demand system. Before that, I had owned a Culligan system and this ecowater softener out performs the Culligan softener and is virtually problem free except for every few years, we clean a filter and it is fine. We have a lot of iron in our water here. I would rent or purchase this brand over the rest if I needed a new one. There service has been great too. The... Read more

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I recently called their service dept to come out and test the water and they wsnted to charge 110.00 dollars. I would strongly recommend if you are thinking of a water system such as this. Do not.

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After being two months late delivering salt, the serviceman told me I needed a new water softener instead. The cost was in the mid-three thousand dollar range. I found a great replacement from another company, though, for over a thousand dollars less. Ecowater was infuriated I would not buy from them. They trashed the integrity of the competition, and basically explained how *** I am to not buy from them. Then the guy called back and said he's... Read more

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After being 2 months late delivering salt, Ecowater tried to sell me a new water softener for almost $4000.00. They didn't leave any salt, therefore. In obvious anger that I went and found a better, cheaper water softener elsewhere, Charles called me to tell me he's sending me a bill for the service call at which no service was given. I imagine it, too, will be exhorbitant. If money is no object, and if you don't mind being insulted, Ecowater is... Read more

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Had to wait for over a month to get product and when it arrived the box it came in had an empty cheetos bag in it. Horrrible coustomer service and Horrible managment all around a bad company. Take your buisness elsewhere. After purchasing the product did not preform how it was advertized and I ended up having to replace it because it started to leak after less than a week of use. When I called to try to resolve this issue they suggested I... Read more

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I have had my Eco Water System for over 10 years and couldn't be happier! I have experienced so many benefits, savings, and most importantly peace of mind. They have always been there when I had questions or service. I would recommend it to anyone looking for pure,clean, peice of mind water!

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I can't speak about the quality of the product because I suppose even the best stuff needs maintenance and repairs at times, but at what I am appalled is the customer service and complete rogue lack of oversight or professionalism among those this company hires to represent them locally. And I don't respect a 'company' that won't take any responsibility for their customers. I don't have a business degree and my only business experience is as a... Read more

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The sale representative Van was very pleasant and tried her best to get me a best deal as possible. The installer Mike was very knowledgeable and very efficient. My install was complicated for both the salt tank/big blue and the RO system in the kitchen but Mike took his time and paid attention to detail and took pride on his work. i am very satisfied with his work. I don't know how well the system will work but so far so good. Van was very... Read more

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