Bad staff and vet, negligent of a kitten

beware of carol lipari and her old staff at Econ river animal hospital. This took place in late 2015. Currently the hospital is under a new vet but this took place in 2015. During this time I had a pet who stayed at their hospital and a vet tech Catherine beak took care of him. The hospital had kittens someone brought in, and they were very cute and they ended up giving one of the females away to a couple with no problem. There was another kitten there like her and the vet techs told me that this kitten needed a lot of care and I volunteered to adopt her because I grew close to her and wanted to adopt her. I was excited to take the kitten home with me but from the beginning, the vet dr lipari seemed to not want to give her to me. Ever since I wanted that kitten it seems there was some type of campaign for them to make sure I couldn’t get her though they gave her sister away with no problem. This was a large clinic they did not have the staff necessary to take care of these kittens and they want to get rid of them as soon as possible. The vet techs there angie, catherine, jocelyn, caitlynn and another are all arrogant cold heartless b*tches who screw people over and don't take proper care of animals all the time. They gave away the sister and the other kitten needed special care because she was a runt. Dr. Lipari stated that she was my kitten but that she wasn’t ready to leave the clinic. This would be understandable if the kitten was healthy but this kitten was sick and actually needed very specialized care and round the clock feeding because she was a runt and Dr. Lipari said that to me she said that the kitten needs to be fed constantly and I explained to her that I had plenty of time at home to do it but the doctor felt that her vet techs could do it even though they would leave this kitten alone in a cage for 15 hours at night. It was a really bad situation because this kitten was not doing well and she was the runt and needed this care desperately and there is somebody willing to take her yet the doctor and others just did not want to release her to me. At this point, It was obvious that Dr. Lipari was screwing around with me and and I was constantly going to the clinic to make sure the kitten was doing well. The whole point is that, they gave her sister away to people that wanted her immediately, but didn't give her to me, and worse- this kitten was a runt and needed round the clock care and feeding which the techs there were not able to do and weren't doing. Rather than give the kitten to me-a kind loving home she decides to keep her at the clinic. Whenever they would close at the end of the day, the kitten was very scared and it was not safe for her to be kept in a cold cage for 15 hours straight. At one point I realized the kitten it was not doing well at all and I asked the really arrogant vet tech catherine beak, many times if she was doing OK and she said YES in a powertripped rude controlling way, but it was obvious the cat was very sick. She was very skinny and was not being fed properly. There was no way that clinic could handle taking care of that cat because they would leave her alone for 15 hours at night from 5:30 PM until 8 AM the next morning. She was very worried and her self the kitten was just very upset being left alone in a cage and most cats can do well but because she was the runt she needed that specialized feeding. The worst part was that the doctor said that she was my kitten but would not let me take her home where she would’ve been fed constantly and had received the proper care she needed. she wanted to keep her at the clinic where the cat was in a very bad condition. The vet tech Catherine beak rudely Assured me the kitten was ok many times when it was obvious she wasn't. I felt helpless and wanted so badly to take her home where she would have had a loving place and people that cared about her well being. I was extremely worried about this kitten so I was going to the clinic often, hoping she was still alive. Rather then just give her to me the person who supposed to be owning her they wanted to keep her there and keep her away from me. I think even the kitten knew she wasn’t going to survive. They gave her sister away right away to somebody that wanted her but decided to not let me take her. The doctor constantly kept saying to me she needs care all the time and I told the doctor that I work from home and I had plenty of time to give her tons of care but a few vet techs at a clinic did not have that time. The worst part was- she was NOT receiving that care at all- she seemed skinny and like she was not doing well. well one terrible day I was told that the kitten died. Dr. Lipari was not even at the clinic she was too busy building her bed and breakfast in another state and decided that she was going to just keep the kitten in the care of these careless negligent vet techs. They all knew what was going on and they knew how worried I was about this cat and how worried I was and rather than just give her to me they all kept her away from me on purpose towards the end all the vet techs are taking her home at night not letting me take her home but they were taking her home to rub it in my face. For me it was just sheer torment because I loved this cat so much and I wanted to take her home and actually save her and I could’ve saved her easily. She died in the negligent care of the sick clinic and the stupid veterinary technicians. They left her alone in a Cage 15 hours at night and although her siblings were fine she was in a different situation than them she was not doing well and she needed care and she was out of that clinic and they did not give her this care and they did not give her to me so I could care for her they just wanted to take control of her and she ended up dying. You would say that may be a vet clinic wants to keep the cat make sure they release the cat when it’s healthy but the problem is that they released her sister easily to people without even questioning the situation or caring and they just want to get rid of kittens most of the time when they have them. In the end when the technician told me the kitten died I was devastated and then she started saying things like the kitten had different diseases and I’m so lucky I didn’t take her home with me and my thoughts are she’s at a clinic with diseases and they didn’t even test her Or care for her??? I said this many times to Catherine and she laughed and said oh yeah next time we’ll just test the cats and I’m thinking what the heck is going on here. She didn't care at all that the kitten was sick or was taking care of her. This was a terrible thing. When I went to the clinic, none of the rude techs even said sorry about the kitten knowing that I spent weeks worried about her well-being- even that behavior was surprising and shocking- what horrible people that no one said a thing to me about this kitten knowing she was mine. These jerks at this clinic did not care about that cat at all all they wanted to do was make sure to keep her away from me for some sick reason and they were messing with me badly because they knew that I was coming to that clinic every other day freaking out over this cat because I knew that she was not going to make it and I knew that she was not being properly taken care of. Although the clinic was not bad, what they did to me was just terrible and the kitten that was mine that I was adopting, they kept there carelessly and were negligent in her health and they were not taking good care of her at all. I just wanted to be able to take her home and get her the care she needed. This was a horrible situation and these jerks along with the vet were terrible people.
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Poor customer service

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