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They said they would kill all termites and they did not,charged me $1,800

Ecola termite ventura ca. charged me $1,800 for alternitive treatment of drywood termites.They said their electro gun would kill all termites in my home. Not only was that a lie! But the service was so poor it was shocking.I had damage to my home,people be rude to me on the phone,workers not showing up or calling ect. I have asked for a refund and the owner said because of the economy that she can't afford it.This is by far the worst company I have ever done business with in my life!
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You have posted this same complaint on other sites. That seems unusual to me?

How do I know you're not a competitor or an ex spouse? You're the only one complaining?


You got me. I am a competitor. Lol


i have been a ecola termite customer for six years. the inspector,annual inspector,and techs are very knowledgeable.

also very professional and curtious. if you want a thurough inspection, request orange county inspectors there great!

they will tell you what kind of treatment you need for spacific areas of the home.they did a foam treatment in my batroom window and wall frame,also patched any holes they made.cleaned up after the treatment was done. im very happy with the service.

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