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ECMC: I got you paystubs and they made made you payment got up to "X" dollars due on the 20th of each month. Your next payment would be on 12.20.16 if you agree to this you can forward to my and replay I Agree ME: Wait. Is the total "X" dollars or is it "X" dollars? ECMC: "X" dollars a month due on the 20th of each month Me: So if I understand this right ECMC will be increasing my payment plan an additional "X" from what I am paying now. ECMC:...
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Sallie Mae claimed $37k, and ECMC filed a $10k claim. I paid it all off over 5 years. Immediately after receiving my discharge papers, I start getting calls from ECMC saying I'm in default by $55k. They show they got payments on their claim from the trustee, but showed $45k + $10k in collections. They showed the loans all came from Sallie Mae. They immediately threatened me with garnishment. I keep telling them that I paid Sallie Mae via the...
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Anonymous I am going through the same thing right now. My bankruptcy was discharged Nov. 2016 and shorty afterwards I started getting the calls. My initial balance was $36,000, the bank...