Cheated, Lied To, Manipulated, Used, Misguided, Robbed, Attacked,

I am relating this experience I have had with Eckankar and especially the study association I am a member of. This has been the worst group of people I have ever had association with. I am a high initiate and the business manager of our study group center. Our group is supposed to be studying spiritual teachings. Yet all we do is take people's money and send it to Eckankar headquarters in Chanhassen. I emptied my wife and my bank accounts during the summer to bring a man here so it would not look like he was not using eckankar to stop paying taxes. He and his wife own rental properties and use Eckankar tax status to cheat on their taxes. We have to pay out of our own pockets so high ups in the organization can cheat on their taxes. The man has a bad reputation with Eckankar so he travelled here to make a public presentation so that they would change their opinion of him all the while he uses them to cheat on his taxes. He cheats on tax as many of the higher ups do who are hidden shareholders in Eckankar. They claim tax exemption while buying personal items and claiming this is for spiritual study center use. This man bought a car and rewarded another man by giving him the car who was collecting money on his properties and cleaning it through Eckankar tax exemption in our spiritual study group. This year I was pressured by the man who was rewarded with the free car to pass our study group money through my wife's employer's account so large cash amounts would not register through our study group account and look sucpicious. The man we were forced to buy an airline ticket for has been using our study group center for years as a tax shelter and to send his money through our bank account. He profits off our center. We still have to pass money made onto Eckankar in spite of this in large sums to cover the sum we had to cover for the man. My wife is shouting at me that she wants a divorce now because I used our bank accounts to pay for the airline ticket so this man could come here for free. I do not see the point in what I am getting out of this. I am going broke and not getting any spiritual success either. Eckankar takes our money and so has this man expecting that our group cover losses made on paper. The study group advertises to the public to get money for Eckankar and this man. The man takes the public money and does not send this onto Chanhassen. We give to the man instead of sending the money to headquarters then we have to reach in our pockets to cover the loss and then send the money onto headquarters. We're does this all this end? Because it won't end good for any of us. We are being cheated by Eckankar. Eckankar is not giving anything spiritually substantial to us. Eckankar claiming they are a spiritul church. Then this man on top of it takes our money. I am stuck in the middle of having to pay for this man and to Eckankar . All the other members are disappearing now that they see things are not right with Eckankar and our study center. Ever since I got a higher initiation the higher ups have been asking me for more money to cover costs. The higher ups use our study groups to make money then send what's left to chanhassen. This is a debt made. I pay for losses from higher ups taking money themselves instead of sending to eckankar headquarters. This man and his wife live high off the hog and the rest of us are suffering to make ends meet because we give all our money away. Our new high initiates cover costs of those above them taking money to pay for perks. Years ago a woman went to meet the president. She tried to persuade him to get the tax office to look the other way while Eckankar piled up profits protected under tax exemption. While we do not have the influence to protect ourselves. I know I am being robbed blind under the guise of a religion using its tax exemption to feed off us. These hidden shareholders who own Eckankar are terrible parasites leeching away at our peace of mind and finances. Eckankar receives money from study groups that send from banks in countries that host them. The host countries pay as study associations. Chela study students get no spiritual results after years and years of study. Yet Eckankar has become bigger and stronger and we members are getting progressively weaker. We have no personal wills that are not examined and spied on by the higher ups that report our behavior if anyone is threatening. The chelas besmirch members who are singled out as threatening. Members and study group students are strung along with promises of higher initiations that they never get past the third initiation. Unless the member becomes conniving and menacing to other members. Students have to prove themselves as wicked and paranoid to get higher initiations which is useful to the hidden shareholders who own Eckankar. You literally have to become someone else and no longer your true self any longer to please those above you or get passed up for initiations. I have witnessed so many who become sick in their minds and hearts because of this and the people change in bad ways to get the higher initiations. Troublemaker chelas have not had initiations in decades because they do not alter their behavior to please hidden owner shareholders by becoming more hateful and paranoid toward any not supporting the twisted Eckankar system. Besides emptying our pockets to pay years of dues for membership, books and travel to far away seminars we members just get the same old hype with no reward except being shackeled in repression and debt. Our spiritual leader just does a Eckankar makeover to try to make what we study seem new. It is the same old story with the same nasty people manipulating us and managing our minds and wallets for us. I can't see a difference from other fraudulent religions except our religion is much more shifty and sneaky. Sophisticated at getting away with things that is never reported to the police because it is so hard to quantify in legal terms so that the wrongdoers can be prosecuted. The word is eckankar's counsel had a bad reputation even at college by his law professors as being unscrupulous and underhanded in the interpretation of the law. Eckankar's legal counsel has demonstrated a no holds barred practice of smiting with extreme vengeance and predudice those perceived with paranoia as the enemy. The hidden shareholders of Eckankar carry out their vengeance in hushed secret against chelas threatening them and misuse the law to do this if necessary. You don't know any bad things being done against you behind your back because it is all done in secret under the protective umbrella of religious confidentiality. The chelas records are securely hidden so it is difficult to access them even by the police. No higher ups in Eckankar will be honest with you if you ask about the private derogatory written, filmed and recorded records about you. The Eckankar temple and other staff shuffles chela records around all over the world to avoid legal prosecution from criminal felonies filed against them. The French government among others just gave up because they could not corner derogatory records about perceived threatening chelas. The French just had to shut Eckankar down in their country as it was obvious wrong doing was taking place. Yet the police could not corner evidence because it had been shuffled all around the world. Save yourselves from Eckankar by not joining Eckankar as they are totally dishonest people who care nothing about harming you or the people who join and become chelas. My life has been ruined by them as they have harmed my resources and peave of mind. I can only hope governments seize Eckankar computers and those who have knowledge of the vicious pety lethal actions they have assaulted people with over so many years. Paul Twitchell and Darwin Gross were small devils compared to this vicious hateful crew running their private shareholder owned company. A company that is maliciously assaulting me and our other members. Eckankar, it's higher ups and owner officers are all in it for themselves. Don't join and give them any money.
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Thank you for this I was investigating Eckankar and you helped.

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